Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Old wrinkled white men

Wow I am having a bad day people. Bad day. It started off normal enough – you know I over slept and skipped my work out, nothing new there. But then I got to work and the first call out of the gate was a doozy with a really annoying, unhappy client. Then I needed to go find out a bunch of things for that unhappy client and no one was here yet to deal with the issues and so on. Just a bad way to start the day, now I am all flustered, need to shake and bake it out.

I was watching my fav show – Biggest Loser – last night and they kept on interrupting it with election 08 news. Argh. If I want updates on what is going on, I’ll check the internet or Howard Stern will tell me on my way to work. I want to sit here and relax and watch fat people lose weights and miraculously change their lives, not watch old wrinkled men sit in chairs and talk about what may or may not happen in New Hampshire. Give me a break. I know I should care, it’s the president, but you know what, I just don’t. Don’t worry, I vote and I will read up on the issues and make an informed choice, but it’s not something I want to think about right now and I don’t need interrupting play by plays of every little thing that happens during the cockus or whatever they call us. I know I spelled that wrong, but my spelling makes more sense and it’s worth more points in scrabble.

On the triathlon front! I didn’t swim this morning and that is bad b/c I really don’t have another time until this weekend that I can. Tonight I have a client dinner, tomorrow morning is a 6 mile run, Thurs night is happy hour with some friends, Friday morning is spinning and Fri the gym closes at 5. Boo. I have got to make swimming more of a priority. I just HATE it right now. Maybe after I have a few lessons it will be better.

This weekend Tracie and I are taking a class on bike maintenance, which will be good, b/c as bad as I feel saying it – I have no idea how to patch a tire or even blow my tires up! Seriously, they require something special to blow up and I know not what it is!! Yes, I did one 150 mile bike ride and one other century ride, not to mentions 100s of miles in training, all the time never knowing how to blow my tires up! Shocking I know.


cdnhollywood said...

I'm not sure what your race schedule is, but hey, if you missed a workout, big deal! You can't get them all - life happens. What's key is that you still are working towards it, and still looking to fill your key workouts for the week. I find that during my week, if I've got 5 or 6 workouts planned, I pick 2 or 3 as the "A" sets and those are the ones that *must* be done. The others are like gravy.

Hang in there! The day will get better!

tracie said...

2 more hours and counting!!!! You'll make it! :)

I'm sooooo glad we signed up for that class. Should be a good, informational time.

Joshua Middleton said...

I know what you mean. They interrupted the whole first half hour of The View the other morning so we could watch our new mayor getting sworn in - like I care, I want my Whoopi!!!

Sorry your day started off poorly. You can make up for it tonight with some naked cockus yoga!!


chris and sarah said...

I really do enjoy watching fat people lose weight. Its entertaining and enthralling. I do enjoy the Biggest Loser to the nth degree.

IM sorry you had a bad start to the morning. I had that yesterday and I got rid of my frustrations running.

I do hope that the rest of your week slides out on an up note.

chris and sarah said...

I do understand what you are saying. I think at the weigh in, Phil felt REALLY bad about eating the 900 calories. He felt bad for his wife and I think it struck a chord with him. I almost felt sick to my stomach watching him eat that corndog.

Charlie said...

Bike maintenance is so important. The class is a good plan.

triguyjt said...

its great your getting that class on bike maintenance.
stuff happens...
hey..just think how tough your work day would have gone if you were not working out alot to relieve the stress????

I'll never view a caucus the same way from now on now that you gave it your own

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