Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a few of my favorite things

I have been pretty negative lately, so I think it's time for some positivity. Here are some of my favorite things as of late. Thanks to these lovely items I am able to deal with the last month of pregnancy uggo.

  1. Lemon Zinger Tea or Yogi Tea in Lemon Ginger - yum
  2. McDonalds Decaf coffee - I swear their coffee is better than any fancy coffee shop and don't worry I don't have it everyday and doc said decaf is a-okay\
  3. Rachel's cottage cheese - if they carry this in your grocery you must try it, it is in little containers like yogurt, super yum to the tum. I especially like the cucumber dill flavor.
  4. Arrested Development and How I Met Your Mother reruns - oooh DVR how I love thee (also taping Blind Date, Bringing Home Baby and Planet Earth!)
  5. The glider in the nursery - I love that chair, love to sit in it and rock, can't wait to have the baby there with me
  6. My nursery - I love love love the mural and owls my sister did and can't get enough of going in there and looking at it and just organizing the nursery in general, lots of fun baby items to go through
  7. Mushi - spooning with him when feeling cruddy is pretty much the best thing
  8. Baby 411- great book that is teaching me alll the stuff I need to know for once she is here
  9. Making lists - oooh the lists I have going, names, things to do around house before baby gets here, numbers to call when labor starts, things to buy while we still have 2 paychecks and on and on
  10. Walking - thank goodness for the dogs, it makes me go out and walk when I really don't want to
  11. Gary of course - he makes me calm down when I get irrational and pissy which is a lot lately


justjoshfunk1 said...

I love Rachel's Cottage Cheese too, but we don't get it because Alan prefers Horizons. Picky Polly!

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