Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi there Bloggy friends, I am making the move from blogspot to my very own Blog. I am going to try really hard to do this blogging thing for some extra income. First step is to get my site up and running and people reading it, then try and round up some sponsers. So if you would please update your blogrolls to reflect my new site I would really appreciate it. For those of you who do a blogpost introducing my site I will send you a special gift in the mail (some food items), just please leave me a comment that you did so.


Also - I am going to move my blogroll over, if for some reason you don't want to be on it, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Monday, December 7, 2009

Clean it up Day 2/14 - Dec 7th

Good morning Bloggy friends, it's looking to be cold and clear here in Cleveland today, but the snow is coming soon. Ugh. It stinks for me when it gets cold out b/c the dogs are going to want their walk and it will be getting too cold to take Harper. How cold is too cold? I have a snowsuit for her, so I don't worry about her body, but her little face gets so red. I put her in the baby car seat and zip the bundle me around her too, I feel that is more protection than just hanging out in the jogging stroller. Anyone else walk their dogs with the baby everyday? I could just wait until G gets home of course, but it is dark by then. On the agenda for today is Beamfit class at the gym, followed by Hard Core class. Then I need to get a few things at the grocery store and maybe head to TJ Maxx to finally finish up the Xmas shopping. Just a few more things to get. Maybe I'll be really ambitious and start wrapping today, although something tells me that may be a task better suited once grabhands Harper goes to bed...

Breakfast - 1/4 cup ricotta cheese mixed with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice, coffee with 1 stevia and soy creamer , cliff Z bar on way to gym
1 hour Beamfit & hard core class
Snack - Raw Revolution Live food bar (I had the hazelnut one and it tasty and had a nice moist almost brownie like texture) & golden delicious apple
Lunch - cup of pumpkin curry soup from whole foods food bar & Quorn Guyere "chickn" cutlet
Snack - Wallaby down under yogurt & a piece of toast with smuckers premium tart cherry jam
Dinner - Chicken breast simmered in curry sauce, 1/2 cup Quiona w/celery & carrots, beets soaked in balsamic vinegar
Have you ever had Quorn products? They are made of fungus. I like them more than soy chicken products. They are low calorie and have a good amount of protein. I like the plain ones with ketchup on them, I like ketchup on pretty much anything though. Today was the first time I tried the Gruyere cutlets and they were delicious!
Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prepare to be bored - 12/6

In an effort to shame myself into not eating huge quantities of cereal and wendy's frosties on a daily basis I am going to start making a daily post about what I ate today. Not much is going to be off limits except for cereal and true junk food. Why cereal you may ask? Because I eat it 2-3 times a day, for real, small bowls usually, but still I want to completely give up cereal and have it out of my life. Years ago I never ever ate cereal, I picked up the habit when I was pregnant. I am going to post a food log for at least 14 days to try and make myself more conscious of the worthless food I put into my body. Not worried about calories at all, just about putting nutritious, clean fuel in. I get sick too much, maybe if I ate a little better that wouldn't be the case.

Breakfast (pre run) -
1 packet quaker high fiber oatmeal and 1/2 packet quaker simple harvest oatmeal, coffee with 1 stevia and silk soy creamer
8.15 miles run
Snack -
Cliff Z bar & banana
1 hour power yoga
Lunch -
1/2 cup quinoa prepared with chicken broth, carrots, celery & craisins, garden salad w/radishes, beets, chickpeas, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette
Snack: True North pistachio crisps (yummy cracker alternative, check them out) & 2 slices of very holey deli swiss cheese, big pear
Dinner: 2 tilapia loins sauteed in orange juice and rosemary & green giant frozen veggie mix that had cauliflower, carrots and cranberries in a light butter sauce
Snack: newmans own simply salted popcorn & carnation instant breakfast (was craving chocolate) made with skim milk

I haven't had the popcorn yet, but that is my plan in a few hours. I need some sort of after dinner snack around 8, that's just how it is, usually its cereal. I would give today a B, I overdid it a bit with the true north crisps, but then again I excercised a lot. If you've never tried the True North products you are missing out, they are all really yummy. Target usually has them. You can get a $1 coupon on their website. Time to put Harper to bed!
Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reindeer Run 5K - 12/5

Well no PR today, but close, I ran it in 25:45 , and the best I ever ran was 25:23 at that same race 2 years ago. But for me any race where I maintain under a 9:00 pace the whole run is a big success to me. I really didn't feel well out there today, I felt nauseous and really couldn't seem to push myself. One of these days I will feel great and get below 25, its coming soon I know it. Maintaining 8 and 7 something miles is getting easier for me and I really think a lot of it has to do with running with Fonzie. I got to do a little warm up with the super fast Salty and Eva who still beat me even though they are over 20 weeks pregnant, lol. Oh well they were twice as fast as me not pregnant, so it makes sense. Espeed had a PR and got 1st for females. So happy that everyone had a good day out there today. Afterwards we hit up the Original Pancake House and I ate as if I had just run a marathon. I can't pass up pumpkin pancakes, just can't do it. In the pic everyone is pregnant except for me (black hat/vest, Espeed in the front on the right and Christina, teeny one in back row all the way to right). There is something in the water around here!' In total I ran about 5.5 miles today and tomorrow I have 8-9 planned and power yoga.

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen next to Harp in her high chair and she is trying desperately to feed herself puffs, but just can't quite get it. Too cute. G is playing golf, when he gets back we are going to go see Santa at the mall, should be interesting!
Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, Dec 4

I have a 5K in the morning. I am a little nervous. It is my last race of the year (out of 4 total, wowza ) and I really hope to have a good PR. It would be a nice way to finish out the year. After the race I get to have some breakfast with some other ladies I know from tris/running/blogging and I am really looking forward to it. 5 of them are pregnant right now, 2 with their seconds. I guess they're all drinking the same water, I better watch out. My goal was to run 4 days a week and with the 5K tomorrow I will reach it, I ran with Fonzie on Sun, then on the treadmill due to rain/cold on Wed & Thurs. I also hit up a weight lifting class and balance/pilates class. Tomorrow we are going to take Haper to get her santa photo...should be interesting.

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