Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 11/84

Ooooh I signed up for my first tri of the year, first tri of the EVER! It's next Sunday. I am nervous. I was going to wait until June 21 and make Summi my first tri, but my friend Beth told me about this NEO tri and the swim takes place in a manmade lake that is shallow and gets really warm. Plus, it's a small crowd, only like 20-30 women last year, so it should be a good tri introduction. I cannot wait. I need to practice getting in and out of my wetsuit. Before you even bother commenting, yes I know most people don't wear wetsuits for sprints. I don't give a flying F, I am not a strong swimmer and want the security blanket. Besides my friend said she'll be wearing one too and I am not concerned about the 1 min it will cost me in transition. If I can do the whole thing in under 2 hours I will be happy. Well, I'll be happy just to finish. It's 500 yard swim, 13 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Should be a good learning experience. I am so pumped. Now I really need to find a olympic race in June or July, any suggestions? I unfortunately can't do the MiltonMan tri b/c I am having a party the night before. So, July 13th weekend is out. I looked on Tri find, but couldn't find anything.

Last night after work, Gary, Natalie, Joy, Beth and I headed out for a 22 mile bike. I didn't have a very good ride. I was slow, my bike I can't explain it, but I feel like I am leaning/floating to the right. Not like my bike is pulling off to one side, but just unstable, like the right side is lower. Does this make sense to anyone? We examined my bike and everything looks okay, my seat isn't crooked or anything. The handlebars are straight. I had this feeling all weekend in LP, but I just thought it was b/c the roads were slanted. But I guess that is not the culprit. Bloggy friends what could it be!!!! Had one little fall at the top of a hill that resulted in a good size gash on my leg. Beth tumbled b/c her chain fell off at the top of the hill and when she went down, I moved to help her and was of course still attached, so there we both lay in the middle of a busy intersection! Luckily we were both unscathed. The whole ride though was just a tough one for me, I could never seem to get my legs going. I am of course not going to beat mysel up as my legs had a Big weekend. But it was a nice ride nonetheless. We rode up Shaker and down to Chagrin River Road and then back up.

This morning I managed to get my butt out of bed at 5:30, it’s been awhile since I have done that. It only took 2 mins before I felt awake. I have got to remember that when I feel like it’s a better idea to turn off my alarm. I met Brock at 6 and we jogged up to University School and then used their track for some speed work. It was about 1.2 miles to get there. We decided to just do 1 mile since it was our first time doing speedwork. We basically ran 400 hard, then walked/jogged to recover and did another 400 hard when we got back to the starting line. There are 2 starting lines on the track, so the recovery is only 200. Then we ran home, so 4.5 miles total. This Thursday morning run is not on my plan, but I am including it anyway. I don’t want to only be running 8-11 miles a week which is what my plan calls for. Tonight I have a 45 min ride w/15 min run afterwards.

The weight loss is going pretty well. I am down a few lbs. Not a lot, but I know it’s going to come off slowly anyway. Is it Friday yet?
Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Good morning Bloggy friends. I am in a good mood today, how about you? It’s not often that I am happy and smiley at work. Usually I walk in and my mood instantly turns around, not today though! It’s sunny and bright, even if it is a little cold and I’ve had 3 good workouts in the last 15 hours! I got home from work yesterday and set out for a slow 30 min run. I’m not going to lie, it hurt a bit, my legs felt sluggish, but I was running between 9:30 and 10 mins the whole time. Although I did take 2 mini walk breaks. It was really nice out and I tried to just slow down and enjoy the run. Too often I find myself focusing on being done when I am running, instead of settling in and enjoying it. After the run, Gary and I walked the dogs and then headed to the gym. I did a short 1200 yard workout. I wanted to go longer, but the water was 84 degrees people. 84 degrees! It was like swimming in a hot tub. I find it hard to get my breath in water that warm. I felt pretty decent the entire swim even though it’s been over a week since the last time I swam. Bad monica. I should have gone longer, but it was already late in the day and I was hungry! So, I got out of the tub and headed home where we had some yummy chicken breast salads. It was already after 8 at this point. I hate eating dinner that late! It was also trash day and G had done a ton of yard work so we had about 12 big bags of yard refuse to drag to the curb, that was a workout in itself.

This morning I had my alarm set for 5:30 so I could go to the gym and lift, but I didn’t get up! Boooo. But I did manage to peel myself out of bed at 6:30 thanks to Tai’s incessant whining. He had to poo. I thought about blowing off my workout and just getting to work early. But instead I turned on VH1 and did my weights workout at home! So, glad I did. Tonight I have plans to bike with N & J. I met them the time I biked with the Shaker group. It’ll be interesting to see how I do. My legs are still pretty tired from this weekend. We’ll just do a 20 mile loop that is full of rolling hills. They will seem like bumps after Lake Placid.

Have a great day everyone.
Sunday, May 25, 2008

For Shiz? Another Hill? You have to be kidding.

Go to this link - and check out the comparison of the Lake Placid bike course compared to any of the other IMs. Seriously, my hat goes off to anyone who can pull off LP. The bike course is B-R-U-T-A-L. But I made it home alive, so that is saying something.
I left work on Thursday around 1 and headed to Rochester to stay the night with my friend Kim who was taking me along on her coach's training camp. Kim is training for GCT, but her coach has many people under her wing who are training for LP. Kim and I took a nice 3 mile run and then headed to dinner, where we had some dessert! As you can tell by Kim's big smile, it was really good! If you're ever in Rochester, check out Tasteology. Anyway, we hit the hay after dinner and got up bright and early on Friday to head to LP. It was about a 5 hour drive. Part highway, part backroads. Once you get into the mountains, the roads are very windy and the towns you drive through are very poverty stricken. The whole way to LP, it was overcast and sprinkled. Every time the sun would come out, we would get excited and hope that the rain was going to stop! We arrived in Lake Placid and the first order of business was to find out hotel. We knew it was called Apline Lodge and we had the address. We drove through town (which is mostly 1 cute street of stores), but couldn't find the address. We saw one hotel that was called Alpine Air, but we were just sure it wasn't our hotel b/c it looked like this:

But we were wrong, that was out hotel! It was nasty, but it would suffice. Just wish the pillow cases had been a little cleaner and the towels a little thicker than a paper towel. After checking into the hotel we decided to go into town and do a little sight seeing. We went into a few stores and drove around mirror lake. It had stoped raining, but was only like 58 degrees out, there were actually about 20 crazies practicing running in and out of the water. It was so cold! Around 3 we decided to get back to the hotel and see if everyone else was there yet. About 12 people came who were training with Kim's coach. We were all supposed to ride 2 hours, but at this point it was pouring. The coach had tasked us with riding the last 11 miles of the course. For those of you who don't know the IM course in 2 loops of 23 miles. The loops is a large loop with one 14 mile dog leg off of it. If you google a map you can see it. The last 11 miles are a huge climb uphill, we were to go down it and then turn around and come back up. I was scared...shitless. But I didn't want to be the only one not riding, so I decided to give it a try. I really kind of wish I hadn't now, but I made it. Like I said it was pouring and we had to ride down a huge descent. I suck at descents, they scare me, I don't like to go fast. I am getting sweaty now just thinking about the ride. So, it's rainy, it's downhill and cars are flying past us and you just have a little shoulder to ride in (see pic). It was just awful. I was holding on to my brakes so tight that when I got to the bottom my hands were cramped like lobster claws. The climb back up was a breeze compared to how scary it was coming down. By the time we climbed back up it had stopped raining, but there were still huge puddles and lots of traffic flying by. We ended up riding about 28 miles that night b/c we did go down to the dogleg and turn around and rode from our hotel. I could have kissed the nasty ass carpet in our room I was so glad to be back home. My feet were numb. Literally I couldn't feel them when I touched them. The whole experience was one of those that makes you stronger, but I really truly feel like I easily could have died on that ride! After that we got cleaned up and went to dinner. By the time we got back to our room at 9 we were ready to crash.

We got up on Saturday morning at 6:30 to be ready to ride at 8. After my experience on Fri I was pretty nervous as the coach had told us about the 9KM descent at the start of the course. Climbing up hills doesn't bother me, going down them does. I think you could easily get up to 50 miles per hour going down the 9KM descent. I got up to 30 and that was all I could handle. It's 3 big downhills and you get slight reprieves in between of flat road. I lost my pack on this descent and just settled into the fact that I was going to be alone that day. I was okay with it. It's something we all need to learn to do. THere were probably 500 people in town biking, so there were bikers everywhere. After I got through this descent, the rest of the course was hard, but that was the worst for me. I got done in about 4 hours. I don't know exactly b/c I kept forgetting to start my garmin after I stopped it. I stopped to help one lady who fell, I stopped at the A&W for some rootbeer and to pee (the best stop of my life) and I stopped b/c I fell down once when my tire got stuck in some silt from the rain, thank god that was on the dogleg and not on a busy hill. So, I am happy with my time. I managed to keep it between 17-20 mph on the flat, got close to 30 on the downhills and stayed between 8-10 mph on the steep climbs. I saw 4 & 5 mphs here and there but they were short lived and I didn't get out of the saddle once! By the time I was done I was cussing out loud at the top. There are a few named hills at the end (the sames ones we descended the day before) little cherry, big cherry, momma bear, baby bear, pappa bear. I was cursing out the 3 bears and yelling F YEAH when I finally got to the top of pappa bear. I was so ready to be done, but still had to ride around the lake and get back to my motel. The ride was breathtaking. I can't even describe how beautiful this course is, or how challenging. I don't think I could have made it through another loop. Maybe in a year. I'd like to try the course again, but have to work on my descents for sure. The roads are wide, but I didn't find the drivers to be very courteous. I think that if I choose to do IM, this won't be the course for me. But I am so thankful I went and got to experience a piece of it. After our ride Kim and I met up at the hotel and went out for a 20 min run to make it a brick. I felt okay. My back was a little stiff, but my legs felt fine. My gut was feeling kind of knotted. I am working on figuring out what nutrition works for me and I tried Gatorade endurance and I think that was my problem. I've tried it before on runs and it's made me feel sick. But I drank a bottle of G2, ate 2 cliff Z bars, 2 GUs and had that small root beer. All in all I felt pretty good the entire ride. We got back from the run and got cleaned up and then went back out on the course and took these pictures. I would have loved to have driven the whole course and gotten more pics. Then we took naps and got dinner as a group.

This morning we got up at 7 and headed out for a run on the IM course. It has a few large hills, but is mostly flat. I managed to run 10.5 miles in 1:45. Considering I haven't run over 6 miles in 6 weeks, I was ecstatic. I felt tired and my stomach was still a little iffy, but I felt strong. From there we went back to the hotel and packed up and I drove the 9 hours home! I am exhausted so please excuse my bad spelling, grammer. Here are some more pics.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 4/84

Oooh hooo. 2 more hours and I can get out of this place. I am so ready for this trip. I unfortunately have quite a bit going on at work to leave my co-workers with. Today Kim and I are going to go for a short run. Tomorrow a 2 hour bike ride when we get to Lake Placid. Saturday a 56 mile ride (one loop on the IM course) followed by a 30 min run. Sunday a 2 hour run and maybe another short bike after breakfast, then we leave LP and head back to Rochester. I will then probably drive on home. So, 8 hours in the car on Sunday ugh.

I am contemplating going to see a nutritionist. Cleveland bloggy friends, any recommendations? I need someone who knows endurance sports. Why, why, why don’t long bike rides and runs just equal weight losssssssss. Grrrrrr.
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day 2/84

Lifted weights last night. I really like the weights plan from the book I am using - The 12 week Triathlete by Tom Holland. Today the plan calls for a 30 min run and a 30 min swim. Both of which I will do after work b/c I overslept! Oops. I don't know yet if I am going to go to Master's swim tonight or not. My throat is killing me from screaming on Sunday and I am not looking forward to swimming tonight so I might just do the 30 mins my plan calls for. I am getting so nervous about this weekend. Kim has been sending me the emails from her coach about the course and it just sounds plain scary. I suck at hills and that's all lake placid is!
Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 1/84 - The training begins!

Well this is it people, I am now 100% officially in training for my HIM. Exciting, and it gets kicked off with a rest day J However, I am going to lift weights today though b/c I won’t be able to do it Friday. So in 84 days I will be half of an Ironman. I am excited to jump into this and really work my tail off. I have a little over a month until my first tri, I sure hope I can get a few open water swims in before then.

I had a good weekend. Did you? What did you do bloggy friends? On Friday night G and I went to Bonefish grill for our anniversary. The food was just okay, Mitchell’s is much better. We had a mixed bag of jelly belly’s for dessert, that was the best part and that came from Rite Aid. Oh well, actually the glass of Blackstone Merlot was the best part, I love that wine and it had been awhile since I had it.

Saturday I met Jen C and my Kim to ride the GCT course, we rode for 3 hours. We did one loop and then rode another 20 miles around Mentor & Fairport Harbor. It started out cold and rainy, and then just got crazy windy. I have never been riding with a crosswind that literally can blow you over, it was kind of a scary day for me. Wind and rain are not something I am used to riding in. I can’t say it was a pleasant ride. Good company, but a nasty ride. But hey you have to ride in inclement weather sometimes. Afterwards, Kim and I ran for 10 mins, my first brick ever! My legs actually felt just fine. My lower back hurt, but the legs were okay. From there I went home and took a nap, then G and I went to a street fair in University Circle, where the highlight was a purchase of a giant bag of kettle korn and getting to see a big giant salamander at the Watershed Preservation booth. I love wildlife, it was me and a 5 year old, giddy over the amphibian. That night we went to the Barking Spider with our neighbors and split a pitcher of Holy Moses and played some darts, good times.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and met Sara and we headed to Starbucks where we met Tracie, then we all headed to the marathon to work a water stop. I won’t even get into my many, many freaking complaints about the marathon, like seeing one of the handicapped marathoners almost get ran over b/c they didn’t have traffic blocked, or seeing the walkers having to walk in traffic. But I won’t, there is no point. I will tell you however, Beth over at Perseverance 13 had an amazing race and just fleeeeewww past me at mile 17. I saw Janet, Elizabeth and Amy out there having a strong race. It was really fun working a water stop. I handed out jolly ranchers as well and those seemed to go over well. It was really neat being so close and seeing how fast those elite people go by and just throw water in their face, cheering on the first woman that passed us, etc. After standing on my feet for about 5 hours, my PTTD was really flaring up, my feet hurt badly. But I still went and ran a slow steady hour run with Kim and Sara. I am glad I did, but today I hurt. I hate this stupid injury. Sigh, guess I better get back to work. Have a great week.
Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US

Today is our anniversary! 4 years married to the Big G. We’ve had fun. For those of you who are curious. G and I met when I was 24 and he was 28. I was in my first job out of college (Xavier), I sold highway patching materials. I was attending a trade show in Columbus in Oct of 02. G was there b/c he is a highway engineer. We chitchatted at the trade show, hung out that evening, exchanged email address and that was that really. A few days later at work he emailed me and from that day forward we pretty much emailed each other 20 times a day. 3 weeks later he decided to come visit. From that weekend forward, we saw each other every weekend. We alternated driving the boring 4 hours from Cinti to Cleveland every other weekend for almost a year! In March of 03 we took a vacation to Cancun together, in June we got engaged (he proposed over dinner at a restaurant, the waiter ruined it by bringing the champagne too early!), in August I moved to Cleveland and in with him and in May of 04 we tied the knot. So, it was a pretty quick relationship. But when you know, you know. We had a really tiny wedding at the Georgian Manner near Lake Logan OH. It was great. It's the only time I think I ever saw my father cry. He started crying as soon as it was time to walk me down the aisle (well over the lawn really since it was outside). Once I saw him cry, I started crying. So, through the whole wedding, I was pretty much bawling. So, I'm red faced and puffy on our video, lovely. Marrying G was the best decision I ever made. No one can make me smile like he does, over the stupidest stuff! We both have the same sense of humor. He is incredibly even keeled and calm and I am constantly wigging out and on the go, so I think we even each other out. So, happy anniversary G, thanks for putting up with me!

Last night I met my new cycling friend Natalie and we rode 20 miles. We met on the corner of Shaker and Courtland, headed up Shaker to Gates Mill to Old Mill, then looped around and came back home. It’s a pretty hard ride, there are some decent hills. There is one giant one that we went down. I get so scared on giant hills. I really need to work on my downhill handling. They scare me and I ride my brakes the whole way. I got up to about 28 and that’s as fast as I can deal with going.

On another note, sometimes you get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself. Over stupid stuff. Like a job you really hate, when you should be happy you have a job. Or 10 extra lbs, when you should be happy you have a body that works. Or b/c your husband sat DIRTY socks on your dining room table (he really did!), when you should just be happy to have another day with him. Sometimes you are feeling sorry for yourself over stupid things and you end up reading something like this:

I came across his blog by way of another blog off of a blog I read and so on. I am going to buy a bunch of fat cyclist gear to help him raise some money for his wife. I can’t even imagine the pain his family is going through right now. I am going to take the time today to hug my husband, call my mom and tell my sisters that I love them.
Thursday, May 15, 2008


After work yesterday I hit the pool. It wasn’t a great swim, I managed to hang in there for 1000 yards, but I just never quite hit my stride. So, I called it a day. From there G and I went to Performance Cycle. I don’t like this shop b/c the people that work there have no clue what they are doing, but they have a shit ton of accessories. I hadn’t been in there in over a year since I was last shopping for a bike. They have really stocked their store, they have a TON of food options, clothing, gloves, shoes, etc. and their prices didn’t seem too bad. I was looking for a water bottle holder to attach to my seat post to go behind my seat. They only had one option and I didn’t like it. Bloggy readers, do any of you have a seat water bottle holder that you like? Can you recommend one? I did get some CO2 and new spare tubes. I almost bought a jersey, but my thriftiness set in (I do want my new couch covers!). Why must biking wear be so damned expensive? I only have 2 real cycling jersey’s and I need some more. Then we went to Costco. I heart Costco. I got a value pack of L’oreal face lotions and like 200 trash bags. So, I was happy!

This morning Brock and I met to run, it’s been awhile. He had been nursing an injury so this was his first run in awhile, so we kept it slow. We ran for 30 mins. Tonight I have a girls bike ride planned if the weather holds up. It’s beautiful out, but it rained yesterday and is supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope to cover 20-30 miles tonight. Friday morning I’ll swim, Friday night I will run or take a long walk. Sat is a long bike ride on the GTC course and Sunday I am volunteering at the marathon at a water stop and then will run some trails afterwards. Now if I can just get through today and tomorrow at work, ugh.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am having such a bad day at work and it’s only 9am. Can we start over? Go back to sleep and get back up and have it be Friday? I hate work stress. It just makes me mad. What I do is not life or death, but I still allow it to affect me negatively. In the end what does it really matter if XYZ happens at work. I wish I had a career that actually helped people and did some good somewhere. Okay rant over b/c I know it’s not safe to bitch about work online. Grrrr.

I overslept today. My cat was being a pain in the ass last night. Walking on my head, patty pawing the wicker furniture, pushing herself into my hand to be pet. Normally we make her stay out, but I had been letting her stay in the bed on good behavior b/c lately she has actually slept through the night a few times. Last night was a flashback to the old Dizzy and I could have thrown her through the wall by 4am. So, I didn’t make it to spinning. So, now I am stuck swimming and biking tonight. Oh yeah, swimming b/c I skipped masters yesterday. Sigh. I haven’t really talked about it, but I have some sort of problem with my stomach. And it was hurting yesterday and that doesn’t work well with swimming. I can just see myself vomiting in the pool, nice. I get heartburn/nausea/belly problems a lot. I kind of think I am lactose intolerant, and I will cut out dairy for awhile and then eat it (I had pizza Monday night) and get really sick. But it could also be fat that is making me sick. It’s hard to say b/c when I do break down and eat dairy it is nachos or pizza and they are fatty too. So, I am stuck between wondering if something is wrong with my gall bladder and wondering if I am just lactose intolerant. Gall bladder issues run in my family (dad and 2 sisters had to have their removed) and some dairy doesn’t seem to affect me. It has been a growing problem over the past year. I have never had heartburn in my life until a few months ago and it is a weird kind of heartburn, it feels like what I imagine a heart palpitation feels like. It’s hard to explain. I know I need to go see a doctor. But if I stay away from fat/dairy then I am fine. But I also find that if I eat a lot of sugar in the form of junk, like cake or something I get sick too. Although cakey type things usually contain dairy. Sigh, I just need to properly train myself to not eat fatty cheesy foods. I do well for a week or so, then have ice cream or pizza and pay the price. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That’s me.

But anywho. I am so geeked to go to Lake Placid next weekend! I need to hit the bike shop and pick up some extra tubes and CO2 and practice changing my tires before we go. My luck I will get a flat and I don’t want to be the person who can’t take care of my own bike. I also want to get a water bottle holder that goes behind my seat. I have 2 on my posts, but I use one bottle to hold my multi tool and Co2 supplies. So, that leaves me with one water bottle which is not enough on a 30+ mile ride. I am just counting down the days!
Monday, May 12, 2008

I really hate rainy mondays

Ahhhh Monday. Another glorious week at my job. I saw an article in runner’s world about a new job trend…dog runners. Lots of people have dog walking businesses, but this is running. I saw it and my heart leaped, what a perfect job for me….but starting my own business scares the nee nees off of me b/c of the chance of losing a bunch of money and not making a salary scare me too much. I am not much of a gambler.

Anyway, had a nice weekend; although it was very much a study in what not to do. What not to do the day before your first group bike trip – weighted squats for the first time in 8 months! I lifted Friday morning and by the end of the day my quads were sore to the touch. I couldn’t go down stairs w/o pain, I knew I was in trouble. While getting ready to meet the Shaker Group, G and I discussed our strategy – should we just stay with them for 20 miles and then break off? Should we just tell them we only want to ride an hour in case they are too fast for us? But we ended up meeting the group w/no plan, there was no discussion about where we were going or for how long, we were just off and biking. Luckily, 2 ladies came out for their first ride too, so I was very lucky for that later. We started off just fine, there were about 20 in the pack and we had no issue keeping up. I stayed in the back, but that was on purpose, I was not feeling confident enough to get into the pack. About 15 miles in, the group leader dropped back to talk to me and the other 2 ladies and asked if we were in for 50? I said sure and he said “ever been to Holden Arboretum?” And I said – yes – turns out that’s where we were going and booooyyyyyyyy are there some serious hills on the way. I managed to stick with the group up until about mile 20, then I got to the top of a hill and went to shift and my chain fell completely off. I pulled to the side of the road and saw the group whooshing on and knew this was it. Gary was up with the pack. I yelled to the lady in front of me, but I didn’t think she heard me. I sat on the side of the road trying to figure out what the heck happened to my chain and having a hell of a time getting it back on. I had already decided that I was just going to head home, but the 2 ladies realized I was gone and turned around and they helped me by holding up the back of my bike and turning the pedal while I fed the chain back on. The whole ordeal took about 8 mins. The group was long gone. One guy was friends with one of the girls and he tried to call her, so they noticed we were gone. We got back on and hammered to try and catch up; but we got to a fork in the road and had no idea where to go. We sat at the top of a mammoth hill talking about whether we should go down this giant hill or not, a hill so giant it has a warning about it. Knowing if it was the wrong way we had to come back up it! Luckily I had my cell phone with me and it rang at this time and it was Gary. He was now lost from the pack too b/c he realized I was gone and fell back. He told us where he was and it was at the bottom of the giant hill so we got ready to take off. At this point 2 cyclists went by and we asked if they knew the way to Holden and they said to follow them. So, 5 miles later we were safely at the visitors center. When we turned into Holden, the group finally re-appeared and were on their way back. But at this point, we hadn’t rested or eaten, so we decided to just go rest. We refueled, hit the bathroom and took a look at a map to figure out our way back. The ride home was much easier. My chain fell off 2 more times, but I think I figured out why and it has to do with something I was doing with my shifting at the top of a crest. The 4 of us had no problem staying together and we averaged about 17 miles the whole way back. I was so happy to get home, my quads hurt so badly I just wanted to cry. My neck was a little sore too, but mostly I was hungry. I definitely didn’t eat/drink enough on this ride. We were on so many windy hilly roads, I never felt safe reaching for my water bottle and I slow down a bit when I drink, so I was trying to keep up. I haven’t decided yet if I am going to give the group another go, on one hand, it’s nice to try new routes, but on the other, I kind of don’t like being in a huge group on hills, I would much prefer to bike with 4 or 5 people near your level. I have a group ride planned for Thursday night with the ladies Joy and Natalie that I met. So, the whole thing pretty much went as badly as I thought it would J But at least I didn’t get hit by a car or a get a flat tire. Honestly if my chain hadn’t fallen off I know I would have been able to stay with the group, they aren’t nearly as fast as I thought they would be. Now, on the way back, they might have lost me on the hills if they weren’t as worn out as I was. I think next week I am going to do close to the same ride b/c I have a friend in town who wants to ride for 3 hours.

After the ride we were worn out. I knew that we should go for a walk or something. But we sat on the porch and devoured chips and guacamole. I knew I should have take an ice bath b/c my legs were so trashed, but instead I took a hot shower. I knew I shouldn’t lay down, but instead we took a 2 hour nap! See, I told you it was a weekend of what not to do. After the nap, we felt much better. We made some dinner and shook off the sleep. I had plans to meet my friend Lauren for a drink. So, at 7 I headed to Brennan’s colony and we sat on the patio for a few hours. My plan was to just have A beer. Instead I had 2 rum and diet cokes, ordered a third, drank part of it, realized I was drunk and switched to water. I also ordered nachos…I’m lactose intolerant. I knew that I had to get up early to run, so I at least had the sense to call it a night at 10. But I knew there would be stomach woes in the AM and there were. I met Debby, Sara, Ilana and Abbie to run at 9 am. I felt like shit. The run felt like shit. Not my body so much as my stomach, I kept thinking today would be the day I poop my pants. But it wasn’t! We ran 6 miles.
So, I got in a total of
13 miles running.
3500 yards swam
82 miles biked
1 strength session
Not bad at all! Sunday afternoon we took Gary’s mom to Mitchell’s Fish Market for lunch and ate so much that I lay comatose in bed the rest of the day on the verge of throwing up. Hmmm, maybe it wasn’t such a great weekend.
Thursday, May 8, 2008

Its Friday!

I ran 5 miles after work last night on a trail in South Chagrin with Sara. We took it nice and slow. It felt pretty good. My whole right leg is just really tight. This morning I got up and met Janet at the J and lifted and swam 1000 yards. It was the first time I lifted in FOREVER. So, it was very depressing. I am doing a weight training plan out of a triathlon book, it's a total body workout twice a week, every 3 weeks the workout changes. For the next 3 weeks, I'll be doing 2 sets of 12 of the following - chest press, bent over rows, overhead press (stand on Bosu), bicep curls (stand on Bosu), dumbell kickbacks, squats on Bosu, weighted stationary lunges, hamstring curls (use a machine for this), calf raises, toes raises (seated, put a dumbell on your toes and raise foot up, it works your shins), then ab work. I'm going to keep track of it in a notebook and hope to be able to double what I lift by the end of the 6 weeks, right now I mostly used 15-20 lbs for everything. The pool was super crowded when we got in at 6:30, but by 6:45 most people had left, so it worked out fine. It was hard to swim right after lifting, I haven't done that before.

Here are some pictures from when I was home and we went out for mother's day. My mom, grandma and sister.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Look ma I can swim

Again my best laid plans are foiled by master’s swimming! I had a nice night last night. I got home and took the dogs for a 2.5 mile walk and thoroughly wore them out. Then I had a yummy PBJ and headed to Master’s swim. It was a tough workout, I did:
500 yds long
6 x 75 (kick, drill, swim by 25)
4 x 50 build witin
Main set
2 x 150 pull
1 x 300 free
2 x 150 pull
(I was supposed to do another set of the 1x300 but was running out of time so I skipped that and a 8 x75)
1 x 200 kick
1 x 200 EZ (I did breast)

It was supposed to be 3350, but I can’t do that many yards in 75 mins. So, my total was 2450. I was worn out afterwards, I feel like my swimming has really improved. But I still don’t have the stamina needed. I planned on getting up this morning for spinning or to lift weights, but I was so tired. I literally feel like someone ran over me the morning after master’s swim. I just don’t think the 8 hours of sleep in between is enough time to be ready for another workout since I get back from class at 9pm. Anyway, I was supposed to meet someone to bike tonight, but it looks like it is going to rain. If it does, I will bike on the trainer for 15 miles and do weights. I also need to wash both my dogs. So, it will be a busy evening. Tomorrow I am meeting Sara to run after work and then Tracie for a walk, so I think I will do a yoga DVD before work. Friday I am meeting Janet to lift and swim. I am hoping that will be my new Friday routine. So, I will swim long on Tuesday, short & fast on Friday and get another mid distance swim in on Sat or Sun. My goal is to do 4000-5000 yards a week, I don’t think I need more than that to be prepared for a HIM distance. Do you? My training plan only calls for like 2000-3000 yards a week, but since it’s my weakest sport I want to bump that up a bit.

And hey did you know they now make mini clif bars! They are my new fav snack. They are only 100 calories each, they are really tiny, but hit the spot when you want something sweet. I found a box of them at Target. Also, try the Zbars that Clif makes too. I get them at Target or Trader Joes, they have 120 calories. The brownie one tastes sooooo good. 2 thumbs up and no artificial grossness in any clif product. I have also been digging the Kashi frozen lunches. I've been having those most days. Sodium is the devil and all, but I try to limit it everywhere else. Besides the Kashi meals have between 400-500 grams of sodium; which is nothing in the world of frozen foods.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Give me a cheez it

I ran! This morning! 2 miles! Okay, it wasn’t the best 2 miles ever, I took two tiny walk breaks, but for the most part I felt good. My foot hurt. But I don’t really think it’s not going to hurt. I have rested it for 20 days and the arch still hurts. The PT wasn’t able to give me any real answers, Dr. Shah said I can run on it. So, I am going to run on it, just not 30 miles a week. I am going to shoot for 15 miles a week for awhile. After the 2 miler, I did my abs DVD. Tonight is master’s swim. Gary is going to his dad’s after work so I think I will take the dogs for a 45-60 min walk so I don’t feel bad about them being alone all night.

Last night Gary and I went to see “Ironman”. I give it 2 thumbs up. Very funny, exciting and enthralling. Robert Downey Jr. is dreamy. Who knew? My sister did, she lurves him. Before the movie, I rode my bike for 10 miles and made some yummy Jenni O turkey cutlets. It was a good night.

The diet is going well. I have been planning out all of my meals and logging them. My pocket sugar glider keeps me snacked. I should get my first reward this week if all goes as planned. I think I am going to head to target and buy a new sports bra or running top.
Monday, May 5, 2008

Back to the grind Monday

I had a nice weekend at home. I didn’t do much but hang around with my mom. Saturday we took my mom and g-ma to Shaker Town for an early mother’s day dinner. It was really nice. Not sure if everyone knows who the Shaker’s were, but they’re an old religious group that didn’t have sex, so they died out. Really smart. Anyway, one of their establishments is near my hometown and they use it as a tourist attraction and demo how the Shakers used to do things – shear sheep, dye wool, make tools, etc. Every school goes on field trips there. The restaurant is really good and they supposedly use old Shaker recipes. It was a gorgeous day and I got some nice pictures of the 4 of us. Our family does not take enough pictures. So, I am happy to have good one of my mom and her mom and will frame it and send to them. And my sister and I are very rarely in shots together and we got some cute ones. The weekend was not enough exercise and too much food. But I am not beating myself up over it. I skipped my weigh in this morning and I have a meal plan for the week. I have been logging for almost 2 weeks now and it’s clear that I over eat about 300-400 calories a day. So, I will be focusing on bringing the calories intake down the next few weeks. I have my first PT session today and my foot is feeling a lot better. So, I will for sure try running this week. I was doing 30 miles a week a month ago. But I think I am going to try and get 10-12 miles in this week and then work up from there back to 20 miles a week. With all the biking and swimming I don't need more than 20 miles a week. I did run 1 mile this weekend on the treadmill. It hurt a little, but nothing major. There is NO way I could have done the Pig this weekend.

On the way in to work today I saw the worst thing. A Canadian goose had been run over and its mate was standing on the side of the road just honking and running back and forth. It made me cry. That is too damn sad and I so wish I had gone another way to work and missed that site. Aren’t you glad I shared that with you? Now you can be sad too.

After work today I need to ride my bike for an hour and then G and I are going to go see “Ironman”. After a week of total slotheness (is that a word!) I am excited to get back to working out. I didn’t swim once last week! So, I will be making it to both master’s classes this week. I need to take advantage of them b/c I only have until June before HB closes. That sprint tri on the 22nd will be here before I know it. I am really tempted to find a tri away from here to do before the 22nd as a practice!
Thursday, May 1, 2008

Can you help Lizzie Bee

One last post before I go out of town. The resuce group that I work for has an extra special girl right now that we are in desperate need of donations for. She has already had one eye surgery and needs another one. She is a very sweet girl and you can read her story at If you can spare $5 to help her out, it would be much appreciated.

Sorry if this picture bothers you at all. I know she looks bad now, but she is going to be a gorgeous girl once she gets her cherry eyes fixed and a brand new coat.

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