Thursday, May 15, 2008


After work yesterday I hit the pool. It wasn’t a great swim, I managed to hang in there for 1000 yards, but I just never quite hit my stride. So, I called it a day. From there G and I went to Performance Cycle. I don’t like this shop b/c the people that work there have no clue what they are doing, but they have a shit ton of accessories. I hadn’t been in there in over a year since I was last shopping for a bike. They have really stocked their store, they have a TON of food options, clothing, gloves, shoes, etc. and their prices didn’t seem too bad. I was looking for a water bottle holder to attach to my seat post to go behind my seat. They only had one option and I didn’t like it. Bloggy readers, do any of you have a seat water bottle holder that you like? Can you recommend one? I did get some CO2 and new spare tubes. I almost bought a jersey, but my thriftiness set in (I do want my new couch covers!). Why must biking wear be so damned expensive? I only have 2 real cycling jersey’s and I need some more. Then we went to Costco. I heart Costco. I got a value pack of L’oreal face lotions and like 200 trash bags. So, I was happy!

This morning Brock and I met to run, it’s been awhile. He had been nursing an injury so this was his first run in awhile, so we kept it slow. We ran for 30 mins. Tonight I have a girls bike ride planned if the weather holds up. It’s beautiful out, but it rained yesterday and is supposed to rain tomorrow. I hope to cover 20-30 miles tonight. Friday morning I’ll swim, Friday night I will run or take a long walk. Sat is a long bike ride on the GTC course and Sunday I am volunteering at the marathon at a water stop and then will run some trails afterwards. Now if I can just get through today and tomorrow at work, ugh.


TriSaraTops said...

Hey, I'll keep an eye out for ya on the course! I think I'll be wearing a white shirt and purple shorts. Yeah, purple. I know. Kinda weird. I like to be different. ha ha!

Tea said...

Ohhhhhh the expense! But it sure is fun shopping!

triguyjt said...

200 trash bags?????
Why not 500 ??? ;)

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