Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 1/84 - The training begins!

Well this is it people, I am now 100% officially in training for my HIM. Exciting, and it gets kicked off with a rest day J However, I am going to lift weights today though b/c I won’t be able to do it Friday. So in 84 days I will be half of an Ironman. I am excited to jump into this and really work my tail off. I have a little over a month until my first tri, I sure hope I can get a few open water swims in before then.

I had a good weekend. Did you? What did you do bloggy friends? On Friday night G and I went to Bonefish grill for our anniversary. The food was just okay, Mitchell’s is much better. We had a mixed bag of jelly belly’s for dessert, that was the best part and that came from Rite Aid. Oh well, actually the glass of Blackstone Merlot was the best part, I love that wine and it had been awhile since I had it.

Saturday I met Jen C and my Kim to ride the GCT course, we rode for 3 hours. We did one loop and then rode another 20 miles around Mentor & Fairport Harbor. It started out cold and rainy, and then just got crazy windy. I have never been riding with a crosswind that literally can blow you over, it was kind of a scary day for me. Wind and rain are not something I am used to riding in. I can’t say it was a pleasant ride. Good company, but a nasty ride. But hey you have to ride in inclement weather sometimes. Afterwards, Kim and I ran for 10 mins, my first brick ever! My legs actually felt just fine. My lower back hurt, but the legs were okay. From there I went home and took a nap, then G and I went to a street fair in University Circle, where the highlight was a purchase of a giant bag of kettle korn and getting to see a big giant salamander at the Watershed Preservation booth. I love wildlife, it was me and a 5 year old, giddy over the amphibian. That night we went to the Barking Spider with our neighbors and split a pitcher of Holy Moses and played some darts, good times.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and met Sara and we headed to Starbucks where we met Tracie, then we all headed to the marathon to work a water stop. I won’t even get into my many, many freaking complaints about the marathon, like seeing one of the handicapped marathoners almost get ran over b/c they didn’t have traffic blocked, or seeing the walkers having to walk in traffic. But I won’t, there is no point. I will tell you however, Beth over at Perseverance 13 had an amazing race and just fleeeeewww past me at mile 17. I saw Janet, Elizabeth and Amy out there having a strong race. It was really fun working a water stop. I handed out jolly ranchers as well and those seemed to go over well. It was really neat being so close and seeing how fast those elite people go by and just throw water in their face, cheering on the first woman that passed us, etc. After standing on my feet for about 5 hours, my PTTD was really flaring up, my feet hurt badly. But I still went and ran a slow steady hour run with Kim and Sara. I am glad I did, but today I hurt. I hate this stupid injury. Sigh, guess I better get back to work. Have a great week.


tracie said...

WOOHOO!!! Let the training begin!

allanjel said...

Thanks for the kind words. I sure didn't feel like I was flying...more like nose diving before crashin' and burnin'. It was a great thing when i saw you guys and heard you cheering. It boosted me up :) You are awesome!! I will definately be screamin for you at the HIM and Summi!!

JenC said...

I didn't know that you were scared. Know that it does get better with practice. That wind was crazy though, huh?

It was very nice to ride with you and Kim on Saturday even in the adverse conditions!

Thanks for volunteering yesterday! Too bad it was at 17 instead of earlier.

triguyjt said...

hey monica...let the FUN begin..
hit the plan strong and you will kick butt..

thanks for volunteering...had the exit to mlk blocked. was planning on driving in to see you and luck...
good luck with the training.

Papa Louie said...

you're already biking 3 hours and you start HIM training today? you'll be in great shape for your race. anyway, good luck and have fun training for your HIM.

Brian said...

I'm jealous. You're going to make me want to race it. Good luck and just take it easy and have fun for your first. Learn about it and how your body works and what works for you. damn, I'm so cheesy now.

GP said...

Here's to the GCT countdown! I'll be racing the Olympic... and I'll be that uber-pokey girl on her bike! Some day I'll get on that whole training thing.

And I have three words: mmmm, kettle corn.

Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby!

Dan Seifring said...

Look forward to following your journey. By the sounds of your weekend brick your training has more than started.

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