Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Hi there Bloggy friends, I am making the move from blogspot to my very own Blog. I am going to try really hard to do this blogging thing for some extra income. First step is to get my site up and running and people reading it, then try and round up some sponsers. So if you would please update your blogrolls to reflect my new site I would really appreciate it. For those of you who do a blogpost introducing my site I will send you a special gift in the mail (some food items), just please leave me a comment that you did so.


Also - I am going to move my blogroll over, if for some reason you don't want to be on it, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Monday, December 7, 2009

Clean it up Day 2/14 - Dec 7th

Good morning Bloggy friends, it's looking to be cold and clear here in Cleveland today, but the snow is coming soon. Ugh. It stinks for me when it gets cold out b/c the dogs are going to want their walk and it will be getting too cold to take Harper. How cold is too cold? I have a snowsuit for her, so I don't worry about her body, but her little face gets so red. I put her in the baby car seat and zip the bundle me around her too, I feel that is more protection than just hanging out in the jogging stroller. Anyone else walk their dogs with the baby everyday? I could just wait until G gets home of course, but it is dark by then. On the agenda for today is Beamfit class at the gym, followed by Hard Core class. Then I need to get a few things at the grocery store and maybe head to TJ Maxx to finally finish up the Xmas shopping. Just a few more things to get. Maybe I'll be really ambitious and start wrapping today, although something tells me that may be a task better suited once grabhands Harper goes to bed...

Breakfast - 1/4 cup ricotta cheese mixed with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, vanilla extract and pumpkin pie spice, coffee with 1 stevia and soy creamer , cliff Z bar on way to gym
1 hour Beamfit & hard core class
Snack - Raw Revolution Live food bar (I had the hazelnut one and it tasty and had a nice moist almost brownie like texture) & golden delicious apple
Lunch - cup of pumpkin curry soup from whole foods food bar & Quorn Guyere "chickn" cutlet
Snack - Wallaby down under yogurt & a piece of toast with smuckers premium tart cherry jam
Dinner - Chicken breast simmered in curry sauce, 1/2 cup Quiona w/celery & carrots, beets soaked in balsamic vinegar
Have you ever had Quorn products? They are made of fungus. I like them more than soy chicken products. They are low calorie and have a good amount of protein. I like the plain ones with ketchup on them, I like ketchup on pretty much anything though. Today was the first time I tried the Gruyere cutlets and they were delicious!
Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prepare to be bored - 12/6

In an effort to shame myself into not eating huge quantities of cereal and wendy's frosties on a daily basis I am going to start making a daily post about what I ate today. Not much is going to be off limits except for cereal and true junk food. Why cereal you may ask? Because I eat it 2-3 times a day, for real, small bowls usually, but still I want to completely give up cereal and have it out of my life. Years ago I never ever ate cereal, I picked up the habit when I was pregnant. I am going to post a food log for at least 14 days to try and make myself more conscious of the worthless food I put into my body. Not worried about calories at all, just about putting nutritious, clean fuel in. I get sick too much, maybe if I ate a little better that wouldn't be the case.

Breakfast (pre run) -
1 packet quaker high fiber oatmeal and 1/2 packet quaker simple harvest oatmeal, coffee with 1 stevia and silk soy creamer
8.15 miles run
Snack -
Cliff Z bar & banana
1 hour power yoga
Lunch -
1/2 cup quinoa prepared with chicken broth, carrots, celery & craisins, garden salad w/radishes, beets, chickpeas, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette
Snack: True North pistachio crisps (yummy cracker alternative, check them out) & 2 slices of very holey deli swiss cheese, big pear
Dinner: 2 tilapia loins sauteed in orange juice and rosemary & green giant frozen veggie mix that had cauliflower, carrots and cranberries in a light butter sauce
Snack: newmans own simply salted popcorn & carnation instant breakfast (was craving chocolate) made with skim milk

I haven't had the popcorn yet, but that is my plan in a few hours. I need some sort of after dinner snack around 8, that's just how it is, usually its cereal. I would give today a B, I overdid it a bit with the true north crisps, but then again I excercised a lot. If you've never tried the True North products you are missing out, they are all really yummy. Target usually has them. You can get a $1 coupon on their website. Time to put Harper to bed!
Saturday, December 5, 2009

Reindeer Run 5K - 12/5

Well no PR today, but close, I ran it in 25:45 , and the best I ever ran was 25:23 at that same race 2 years ago. But for me any race where I maintain under a 9:00 pace the whole run is a big success to me. I really didn't feel well out there today, I felt nauseous and really couldn't seem to push myself. One of these days I will feel great and get below 25, its coming soon I know it. Maintaining 8 and 7 something miles is getting easier for me and I really think a lot of it has to do with running with Fonzie. I got to do a little warm up with the super fast Salty and Eva who still beat me even though they are over 20 weeks pregnant, lol. Oh well they were twice as fast as me not pregnant, so it makes sense. Espeed had a PR and got 1st for females. So happy that everyone had a good day out there today. Afterwards we hit up the Original Pancake House and I ate as if I had just run a marathon. I can't pass up pumpkin pancakes, just can't do it. In the pic everyone is pregnant except for me (black hat/vest, Espeed in the front on the right and Christina, teeny one in back row all the way to right). There is something in the water around here!' In total I ran about 5.5 miles today and tomorrow I have 8-9 planned and power yoga.

Right now I am sitting in the kitchen next to Harp in her high chair and she is trying desperately to feed herself puffs, but just can't quite get it. Too cute. G is playing golf, when he gets back we are going to go see Santa at the mall, should be interesting!
Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, Dec 4

I have a 5K in the morning. I am a little nervous. It is my last race of the year (out of 4 total, wowza ) and I really hope to have a good PR. It would be a nice way to finish out the year. After the race I get to have some breakfast with some other ladies I know from tris/running/blogging and I am really looking forward to it. 5 of them are pregnant right now, 2 with their seconds. I guess they're all drinking the same water, I better watch out. My goal was to run 4 days a week and with the 5K tomorrow I will reach it, I ran with Fonzie on Sun, then on the treadmill due to rain/cold on Wed & Thurs. I also hit up a weight lifting class and balance/pilates class. Tomorrow we are going to take Haper to get her santa photo...should be interesting.
Sunday, November 29, 2009

One gut buster down, one to go - 11/29

I kind of don't like the holidays. I mean don't get me wrong. I love being around my family and the togetherness of the holidays, but I don't like the food. I am one of those people with absolutely no willpower. I am strong enough to not bring junk in my house, but if I am around it I mindlessly stuff myself. Anyway, I am glad Turkey day is over, now just to make it through Xmas. We only go to my Family's place on T-giving, whereas at Xmas we hit up 3 family houses and then 2 other extended family parties. I hope to be down to my goal weight of 125 by Xmas so that if I gain a few, it won't put me back up into the 130s. I stand firm at 128 right now and I barely worked out this past week. I got in 1 good run while I was home with my BIL, we ran a cross country course. I very rarely run on grass, nice to mix it up sometimes. T-giving was great, my sister made a weight watchers pumpkin pie that was yummy and I didn't overdo it too bad on my moms olive cream cheese dip and candied sweet potatoes! Today I am back on the wagon, but unfortunately I am sick AGAIN.

I am so sick of being sick, do any of you take any good immune system boosters? I take a pre natal vitamin and an Emergen C packet (most days, when I remember). But this is like the 6th time I have been sick in 2-3 months, its getting in the way of my training for this Jan half mary! I was supposed to go do the course yesterday but woke up with the worst sore throat and a nose full of cement, so back to bed I went. Ugh. I must say I have been running really strong though. I did a 5K the other day and did it in 26:03, which is my second fastest time ever. I am doing another 5K this weekend and I really hope to get in the low 25s. I was supposed to do a half marathon last weekend, but changed to do this 5K for charity (girls on the run) but then there was a snafu and I didn't get a partner so I just raced the race. I wish I had done the half, just to see where I am now speed wise. I am about 10 lbs less than I was for the Akron half. There is a 30K in PA in the spring that I might have to go do...I am contemplating doing either the Pittsburgh or Cincinnati marathon on May 2. I won't sign up for either until much closer b/c admittedly if I end up back at work, I may not get enough miles in to worry about a full. But if I am still at home most of the training time, I might be able to pull off one more 26.2 before going back to work. Seeing where my body is now at 128, I really think I can get closer to 120 and I think that will help my race times dramatically. I hope so! Looking forward to getting my runs up to 5 days a week. Starting this week I will make sure I run 4 days a week and then in Jan, add that 5th day. That's my plan for now.

These pics are from Salty's son's 1st b-day party. How cute are those babies! Yummy. Also my neighbor took a bunch of wonderful shots of Harper to try and help me get a xmas card shot. Below is the one I chose to send out! It was the first time her ever shot an infant and he did awesome! Last but not least, big shout out and good luck to IRONTRISH who is doing Cozumel today, can't wait to see her finish.
Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 7

On the move. Baby I cannot make you sit still anymore. You have places to go and people to see. In the last month you have perfected rolling across the floor and now get that rolling gets you places, it's not just something to do back and forth to get stuck against the crib slats. You really want to sit up on your own and are starting to grab on to me to pull yourself up, but can't quite do it yet. Just a few days ago you started getting up on your knees and rocking your cute little tooshy back and forth. Crawling is not far away and I must admit I dread it. Why? B/c you are obsesses with the dogs and I know that as soon as you can crawl you will be crawling after them. Which would be fine if you would pet nice, but instead you pull and pinch. Mostly Fonzie, who I of course trust the least. Although he really seems to love you. You can say the dadadad sound now and do it over and over again, as well as blowing air out of your mouth in little quite pah, pah sound that you seem to find amusing. Right now your favorite toys are anything hard, as your bottom teeth seem to be driving you crazy for months now, but they just won't pop out. You weigh 20 lbs and are 27 inches tall. I had to raise your excersaucer the other day to the next level so your feet don't drag on the ground. You love to pull socks and shoes off of your feet, so mommy had to splurge and buy you cute little pink pumas that velcro. Sleeping is still about the same. Most nights you mornings you wake up around 5, but will go back down until 7ish. Some days though you sleep all the way until 7 and I thank you for that! We are trying new foods everyday and getting the sippy cup drinking down. What a fun month this has been.
Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday 11/17

This has been the sickliest fall ever. I have a sore throat and an awful rattly cough and Harper has the cough, so surely her throat is bothering her too. It hit me Sunday night, so I skipped the gym Monday, ran yesterday and guess we are skipping the gym again today b/c she keeps coughing. You aren't supposed to bring your kid if they have a cough. I can understand that of course. Sick of being sick. My eating has been atrocious lately, I seriously had fish sticks and onion rings in the same day the other day...made at home! So today I am going to start writing down what I am eating until I get down to 125 (130 today). I need to seriously up the veggies and lower the carbs. Not going to worry about Thanksgiving though. Started the day off with a berry protein shake. Also on my mind is my running. I have had some good long runs lately, but have really been slacking during the week. I think by Jan I want to be running 5 days a week. I know before I have always said 3 days is enough for me. But I think 5 will really help me get faster. Since I am only worried about half marathons those runs don't have to be especially long, 4-6 miles for3 of the run, 6-8 for another 1 and then 10-13 for my long. So from now until Jan I need to work on getting that 4th weekly run in that I sometimes get in. Wish me luck.
Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday 11/15

What a nice weekend. I am convinced it is the nice weekend we will see around Cleveland until May. So, I made sure to get out there and enjoy it. On Saturday I drove down to the Buckeye Trail to meet up with Sara and Harley to run part of the half marathon course we'll be doing in Jan. It's part of the Run for Regis 50K, but we are obviously doing a shorter option. It was an absolutely glorious day out, sunny and warm. I took Fonzie and he made it through 9 ridiculously hilly miles. I planned to do 13, but the 9 took too long and I ran out of time b/c I wanted to be home by noon. We had to stop a lot b/c we didn't know the course and there were a lot of places to take a wrong turn. I am confident that next time we run it we will be much better off. But oh the hills. All the minor muscles in my lower legs are aching so bad. I also wore my new trail shoes that I just won and that didn't help matters. I am walking like I ran a marathon. I should have taken an ice bath. I am really digging running with Fonzie. I am trying to be careful, I don't want to take him further than I should. But I figure if he is still pulling than he has energy to spare. By the end of this run it had gotten pretty warm and I could tell he was done. I really need to find a better harness for him and a leash that is reflective. I have good running gear, its only fair that he does too. Last week he ran 13 miles with me. I am going to shoot for 1-2 more miles until he gets up to 18-20 miles a week, that will be great motivation for me. Any of you run with your dogs? How far do you take them? The rest of the day I was pretty lazy, but we did walk to the playground and push Harper in the swings. I am so glad she is biggest enough for the swings now. I didn't realize it, but I met Salty and her son for a run on Thursday and we put them in the swings afterwards. What a big girl I have!

This morning I drove out to Rocky River and met TriSaraTops for a run/walk. I pushed Harper in the stroller. We covered 4 miles and then went to First Watch for some yummy breakfast. Then this afternoon I popped over to the neighbors for a dog playdate. Now the hubby and I are chilling with Harper watching a Ben Harper concert on HDtv.

Speaking of Harper, as I said above I pushed her in the jogging stroller twice this week. I am bummed I didn't do it sooner. Truthfully I never really had the need b/c G watches her when I run, but it was much easier than I thought it would be and really didn't impede my speed at all. So I am going to try and get as many runs in with her as I can before it gets nasty out.
Thursday, November 12, 2009

We have a winnneeerrr

I never win anything! I can't think of once in my life that I have won a contest, aside from when I was in middle school and I won 2 tickets to an Ozzy Osbourne concert (no more tears tour), my sister couldn't take me so my mom did. But that's another story. Anyway, last night I went to a ladies night at a local running store (Vertical Runner) and I won a free pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes. Woohooo. These shoes are $100. I was so happy I did a little dance. And I got my body fat tested last night and it was really low. So low that I don't even believe the lady. But seeing the number sure made me feel good. I am hanging around 128-129, I managed to keep a little of the stomach bug weight off. Hoorah.

Speaking of running shoes. Aside from my weekend run I haven't been very good at getting the miles in. I am going to try to up the weekly mileage next week, I have a half in 2 months. A hard hilly trail half. I don't want to die in the snow out there. I'm also signing up for the Lexington KY half mary (near my hometown) in March and the Cleveland half in May. That should keep me motivated through the winter. I hope.
Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunny Saturday

What a gorgeous day we are having in Cleveland. I fully believe it will be our last nice weekend until ohhhh June. So, I made sure to take advantage of it. I started the day with a 7 mile trail run at North Chagrin Reservation. Met a few friends and took Fonzie. I was afraid it would be too much for him b/c he's never ran hills and only ran 5 miles, but he handled it like a champ and could have gone further. He had so much fun. Too bad he tried to bite my guy friend, sigh, this dog is a nipper, really have to figure out how to break that. He was fine with everyone as long as they didn't mess with him, but the lone guy (hes not big on strange men) went to pet him and he tried to nip his leg, but I gave him a leash jerk first, shoo. He doesn't aggressively go after people, but gets a little scared and slowly nips. It stinks. Anyway, the run was great. The leaves were gorgeous and it was like 55 degrees and sunny. The run felt good and I was worried b/c I am just getting over being sick. But I was able to run fast without a lot of effort and bounded up the hills. Woohoo.

When I got home G and I headed to Chagrin Falls with Harper and did some window shopping and strolling. We also shared some Carmel corn and a milkshake. So much for those lbs lost while I was sick! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back among the living

Finally I am feeling better. Still a little weak from not eating much for a week, but unfortunately my appetite is back in full force. I still think I will manage to keep a few lbs off from this. Trying to see the silver lining from such a rotten week. Yesterday I went to the gym and did my weight lifting class, but Harper got fussy so I didn't get to do the full class, missed tris and a set of abs. I seriously love my urban iron class. It's an hour and you lift with a bar and various weighted plates. When I lift on my own, I never push myself as hard and worry that I missed some muscle group, this class ensures I get a good total body worout. You do 1 song for each muscle group and the instructor changes the tempo throughout the song, so you may lift for 3, lower for 1, then even it out 2/2, etc. It goes like this:

Back -deadllifts, rows, clean & presses
Chest- chest presses down laying on step
Set of abs - bicycle and crunches
Legs - squats and plie squats
Biceps - just normal curls, but lots of them
Shoulder- delt presses, side and front raises, shoulder presses
Triceps- skull crushes down on step, tri presses
legs - lunges and squats
Set of abs - pilates 100s and bicycles

Every 6 weeks they change the music and format slightly. I luv this class and credit it for being more in shape now than I was before baby, even though I still have a bit of belly flab that I only notice if I lean in unflattering ways :)

Anyway, today I am going to try to run. Probably just like 4 miles, see how it feels. I haven't ran in at least a week. Later today we have new moms group, which I love, it really breaks up the day.

As much as I love being home, I am starting to get more serious about thinking about work. One day I am convinced I need to just go back now before it gets any harder, then the next day I convince myself to wait until spring. I am just sick of worrying about money, we've had some large bills (cat vet bills, need new tires) lately and I hate to see the savings account go down, down. I wish I could find a job that was 2-3 days a week, that would be so ideal. I have been applying even for full time ones that seem really good. It's going to be hard to find a job, but I'm glad i have room, at least for now, to be picky. #1 goal if I go full time is a job that will let me work outside the normal 8-5 or 5:30. That is tough b/c my job expertise is in account management and when you work with clients, it can be hard to be allowed a flex time schedule. Maybe I can find an internal project management position, that would be great.
Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm sick of this already!

Enough is enough. I am so sick of being sick. This weekend I felt okay, still a little weak and sick to my stomach, but last night was full blown attack again. I spent the entire night on the toilet or on the couch writhing in belly pain. I feel like I have a beetle with little horns making his way slowly through my intestinal track. Sorry for the TMI. Other than the belly issues the other symptoms are all gone, no body aches, headache or fever. Still don't know if I even have the flu. All I know is I feel like a poop sandwich. Sigh. I haven't worked out since last Tuesday and that is not helping with the crank factor. How much longer could this possibly last? Now I have a day of being a mom in front of me, on about 3 hours of sleep. On the good side, at least that kid is CUTE, too bad I can't kiss her.
Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I am feeling a lot better. Still weak and icky in the tummy but about 80% better than I was on Thurs. I have been on tamiflu since Thurs night. The bummer is that I still don't know if I have the flu. I hate to take the meds and pass them on to Harper if I don't even have influenza, but its better safe than sorry at her age. Supposedly the medicine is safe for her...supposedly. I was supposed to have my flu swab results today, but the lab is so backed up I probably won't have them until Monday. It really stinks b/c I was supposed to go to a baptism and party tomorrow, but don't want to go now b/c if I do have the flu I have no business being around babies. I also had to skip a much needed ladies fun run & breakfast 1. b/c there was no way my belly could handle a run and 2. b/c several of the ladies are preggo and don't need the flu. I was really looking forward to that :( On the good side, Harper still appears healthy so hopefully she will stay that way. My symptoms showed up on Tuesday, so 5 days later she isn't sick yet. KNOCK ON WOOD.

It's very very odd to not be running on a Sat morning. I haven't not run on a Sat since before Harper was born. I went to Starbucks this morning and saw all the random people in their running gear and felt so jealous and wanted to yell out "hey, I'm a runner too!". I have no idea why. It doesn't help that the last 2 days have been absolutely perfect running weather and there won't be much of that left her in Cleveland. Oh well, hopefully I will feel all better tomorrow and can start my 600 min a week workout challenge again. Thanks to the flu I start a few lbs lighter, but I'm sure those will come right back.

Gary took Harper to his dad's today. That is a truly bizzare feeling. I have never been away from Harper except when running, how funny/wierd is that? Aside from maybe a quick trip to the library or drugstore. So I ran errands and they were much quicker w/o a baby, but not as much fun. No one randomly talked to me, lol. You are much friendlier when you have a baby b/c everyone wants to talk to you and you get used to it!

I bought candy today, it was funny what was left. I am stuck with chewy nerds, laffy taffy and pixie sticks. I actually like sugary crap like that better than chocolate anyway. We get a ton of kids. Harper is a spider. Her costume isn't' all that exciting. I wasn't going to dress her up, just put her in a pumpkin onesie, but picked up this costumer at goodwill for $2. Not bad.
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uh oh

I thought I had food poisoning, now its looking like the flu. Great. I went to the doc, but won't know if my swab was positive until Sat. Gary stayed home today, I feel awful, he can't stay home tomorrow b/c he has a project to finish up. Oh oh oh I hope Harper doesn't catch this from me. Is it inevitable? She had a flu shot a few weeks ago.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad luck Wed

Ugh, I am having a little bad luck this week, lol. I feel horrible today, absolutely horrible. It's all tummy related. I had pizza last night and didn't realize it had garlic on it and I don't handle garlic well at all and I have been hunched over in sick pain all day. Not fun to take care of a 6 month old on the move when you don't feel good. Oh well. My own fault. On top of that, I totally overdid it at the gym on Monday (in weight lifting class, used too much weight big time) b/c I was so gung ho to get started again. I can barely sit on the toilet from doing squats. I have been hobbling around for 2 days. I went to the weight lifting class again this morning in hopes my nausea would go away and getting my muscles moving would help. No such luck, I was a sweaty mess the whole class and almost threw up and couldn't handle more then 5 lbs on each side of the bar and couldn't get through the squat set. Eieiey. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I have missed a run nd need to run tomorrow for sure.

Here is a pic of Harper and her playmate Nate. Every week my friend Salty and I get together to babysit each others kids while the other runs. Nate will be a year old in Nov. The pics are a little blurry, but I just love Harper's faces
Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 week countdown to the elusive pair of skinny jeans

Sunday, Oct 25 - I know I declared the other day that I was on a diet & giving up sweets, unfortunately I haven't been very mindful of my diet...at all. The scale said goodbye to 130 & planted me back at 132, so 7 lbs that I want to lose. Starting over again today. I am going to try and lose these 7 lbs over the next 6 weeks. I know that seems a little ambitious but you don't know all the stupid things I've eaten (hello pizza for dinner last night& giant creme puff) or the weights I have been slacking on. I have a pair of skinny jeans that I want to get into and I think it would be great to wear them on Thanksgiving to prevent me from overeating...I start anew today with a 75 min power yoga class. Here are a few goals I am going to try and stick to and be mindful of:

1. Work out 10-11 hours a week, this counts dog walks
2. Get more fruits & veggies, I have been awful about this and it used to be the easy part for me
3. On days that G gets home from work before 5 take the dogs for an extra walk even if its just half a blocl
4. Get to the gym classes at least 3 times a week, important for me and also for keeping Harper used to the playroom
5. After Harper goes to bed get on bike in basement a few times a week and watch one of my many shows that I DVR

Here is my workout plan for this week, not counting dog walks, they get one every day, varying lengths depending on weather, baby mood, etc:
Today - 75 min yoga class
Mon - Urban Iron or BeamFIT class and 5 mile run
Tues - 5 mile run, abs DVD
Wed - Urban Iron class, 2o mins on bike
Thurs - 5 mile run, yoga DVD
Fri - Urban Iron class, 20 mins on bike
Sat -6 mile run
Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 6

Six months ago today you were finally cleared to come home from the hospital . When we brought you home we sat your car carrier on the coffee table and looked at each other like - what do we do now? Well some how we figured it out and 6 wonderful months later you are doing awesome. You are so smart and so full of personality. Thankfully your mild nature has continued on and for the most part you are always happy. You are sitting up and rolling over both ways now. You eat solid foods 2 times a day and so far you will eat pretty much anything. Looking at the dogs and trying to touch the kitties is one of your favorite pastimes, so is sitting in front of the full length mirror trying to get the baby on the other side.

6 months went way too quickly and I am so sad b/c I now have to start thinking about going back to work. I'm not quite ready yet, but I know it will take some time so I keep an eye out for job listings. Going back to work will be the hardest thing I ever have to do for sure!
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh hey there

Hi there bloggy friends. I fully enjoyed my week off post marathon. I made it to the gym once last week and other than that all I did was walk! It was nice. As for my no sugary junk for 14 days challenge, I failed. I made it a week, but then the husband went and made pumpkin pies. Pumpkin anything is my Achilles heel. So I started over on Monday and now hope to make it to Halloween with no junk. I will have some candy during the trick or treat, we get a ton of kids in our neighborhood. I love Halloween.

I went out for a 4 mile run yesterday, the first run since the marathon. It felt great. My legs felt fresh and springy. Today I walked 6.5 miles. 4 miles with a group of moms from my new mom group and then 2 with the dogs. I got Fonzie a backpack and can't wait to try it out on him. He is never tired. I am hoping that the backpack will help wear him out after a few miles and also calm him down on the walks. Supposedly a backpack gives a dog a job to do and makes them more calm and mindful. I don't believe anything can get him past his squirrel freakouts, but we shall see.

Harper is 6 months. Egads where does the time go. I need to do my letter to Harper, but will have to get to that later this week.
Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pre Preggo weight!

For 2 days in a row I have weighed in at 130.5. I was hovering between 130 and 133 when I got pregnant, so yay! Pre preggo weight. I wanted to do it by 6 months and lo and behold Monday is her 6th month bday! I hope I can get a few more lbs off. I have enjoyed this week off. I worked out once. Starting tomorrow I am back at it.

Harper is sick. She got super stuffed up late yesterday and we were up all night. She didn't fall asleep until 11, in the swing, after screaming for an hour. She hasn't slept all day. I keep getting her to fall asleep, whether by rocking or feeding her, but then as soon as I lay her down, she is right back up. She is in good spirits for the most part if you are holding her. I hope this cold doesn't last 2 weeks. If she is sick next week I will go to the gym when G is home from work I guess. I am not taking any more time off the gym.

On the tattoo front, I made up my mind on the 3 little birds. But I also have to hold off until summer, as the lady doing the tat said that I really shouldn't get a foot tattoo in the winter and that she doesn't offer her retouching guarantee on foot tats during cold months. But I did promise my friend I would get inked with her after our marathons, so I think I am going to get the symbol for mother in kanji on my rib. Or maybe that little round owl. Although my hairdresser has the astrological signs of her kids on her back and that's a great idea too.
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Input, opinions, bring it on

I think I am getting a tattoo. Picking a design is such a hard decision to make. I have some links below to tattoos that I like and I would love any input or opinion you have. I have a few ideas floating around my head:

1. 3 hearts all linked together or overlapping to symbolize each member of my family
2. An owl just b/c I love them and have done Harper's nursery in owls, so it would be a little harper tribute
3. 3 little birds, I love the song so much and always have, it makes me smile whenever I hear it and has such a nice message, I picture three little fat birds sitting atop my toes

now where to get it, rib, back of neck and foot, leaning towards foot, but maybe a symbol for mother on my rib.....

I love this quote, ignore the butterfly part :)

Cool star

Love this trail of stars tattoo:

This tattoo is shitty, but I like the premise, Harper's name in a star shape

If I go with an owl, I like these:

This one I like, but muuuccch smaller, but I like the style
cute and simple owl:
I wouldn't do the circle, but love the owl in the middle:

If I go with the three little birds, the little bird on this card is cute and I could do different colors, maybe a polka dot one, a striped one and a solid blue one?

This is a neat tattoo - a swallow:
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting down to business

Sorry running and triathlete buddies this blog is now switching gears to full fledged diet blog until I am 125. Well in a round about way that is running related, I don't think I want to try another marathon until I am firmly planted in the 120s again. I felt the extra 10 lbs I was carrying on Sunday for sure. I stepped on the scale this morning and it told me - 134. So, 4 lbs over what I weighed when I got preggo. I look fine, I no longer feel like I look like a lady who just had a baby and has that extra tire, wider booty, etc, but I know that I look and feel so much better 10 lbs lighter. And I think my running will get an extra boost from the weight loss as well.

Today I started my own version of a diet. The only rule is no sugary junk food for 2 weeks. Aside from the obvious no ice cream, cookies, etc, there will also be not one chocolate chip granola bar, bowl of lucky charms, or sugar laden yogurt. So, I will stand firm and strong for 2 weeks to get myself over the daily habit of sugar. Once I go a solid 14 days, I will then allow myself 1 weekly dessert that I will plan for and savor for all it is worth. Its time to start looking at the labels again when I buy things like cereal and yogurt and I will only be buying the product if it has under 10g of sugar in it. Hello fiber one honey flakes, goodbye peanut butter puffins - goodbye lemon yoplait, hello chobani, etc. I also need to dial back the diet coke and splenda. I firmly believe that the fake sugar makes me crave sweet things. Aside from that I am going to try and make my snacks veggies instead of cheese & crackers which have become a staple for me. Honestly my eating has been such a mess that I think a few tweaks should put me well on my way to 125.

I am feeling mostly back to normal. My knees are a little sore and my calves hurt if I lift myself up on them to like reach an upper cabinet, but mostly feeling good. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow and take my urban iron class, but I am only going to use light weights on the upper body and no weights on the lower, but I need to get back into the swing of the gym. So does Harper. It's been pretty much a month since she went to the gym 4 days a week and I need to get her used to that again.

So here we go, wish me luck. If all goes as planned I should see 125 before the new year.
Monday, October 12, 2009

So I ran a marathon

(Monday, Oct 13) Other alternate titles for this entry could be - "I have no business running for that long", "Ow, seriously Ouch" or if I am being kind to myself "17 minute PR bitches". I woke up at 5am on Sunday to leave my house for the race at 6. When I stepped into my backyard it was around 45 degrees out. Thank goodness I "overdressed" b/c when I got down to the valley for the race it was more like 40 and freezing. I wore capris, a long sleeve shirt, a vest and gloves, it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for better weather. I hit the portapotty twice before the race and got lined up at 7:40ish. Since it was such a small race, I saw everyone that I knew that was going to be down there. I thought there were 500+ runners, but in looking at the results it looks more like 350ish.

My goal going into it was to just run as hard as I could and feel as good as I could at the end. I started off kind of fast. I was watching my average pace on my Garmin and I knew I didn't want it to get over 10:13. That was my pace for the half mary two weeks ago. I managed to keep that avg pace under 10 all the way to mile 18! I was very pleased about that, but everything kind of fell apart after that. I stopped to use the portapotty and my avg pace fell from 10 on the nose to 10:06. I managed to keep it together until the turn around at mile 21, then my legs just kind of quit. I hobbled my way the last 5.2 miles and watched my avg pace slowly creep higher and higher to 10:20. Oh well. I finished in 4:30:31. Which met my original long shot goal, but since I ran so hard (for me) and strong until mile 21, I would have really loved to get in under 4:20.

I would say that I really did feel just fine, 100% okay until mile 16. Then my stomach starting bothering me. I made a decision to stop at the porta potty at mile 18 and stomach was better after that. After mile 21 I started imaging my body was made of glass at that at any moment my hips and back were going to shatter. That's how bad I hurt! Mostly it was in my hips, knees and lower back, well and my feet, of course. Around mile 23 I probably slowed down to between 11-12 min miles and I REALLY wanted to stop, but I didn't. I made it through the whole race without walking, which was a goal as well. So, I am happy about that. After 23 I was counting 1, 2, 1, 2 in my head, one more step, one more step. Luckily I knew the towpath really well, so I was able to tell myself I just need to make it to lock 29, or the cut over to the falls, etc. Then I got near the finish line and I could hear everyone cheering. And there was Gary with Harper in a stroller, holding a sign saying GO MOM! It almost made me cry. I wasn't expecting them to be there, so that was a nice surprise. I picked it up a notch and really ran as fast as I could to the finish. My brain wasn't working at that point, I was shaky and totally out of it. Thank goodness a banana and orange took care of that. I was so glad to be done! I made it. I wish I could say I felt good and strong and I did think the whole last 5 miles if I ever really want to do this again. I am doing something wrong in my training to fall apart that bad. So, I need to really spend some time thinking about that. I know for a fact that I felt the extra 10 lbs and will not even contemplate a marathon until I am firmly back in the 120s.

I really hurt bad when I got home and felt like crying the rest of the day. I took a long ice bath and a lot of aspirin, that helped. Today I just feel like I got beat up, that's all :). I must say that part of me wonders if my skeletal system is fully recovered from Harper. My hips etc felt like they took such a beating, I wonder if it is b/c the relaxin has left my body completely, etc. Just a thought, maybe I am just a big ol wuss!
Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nervous Energy and looking forward

Thursday 10/7/09 (I just realized my journal doesn't record the date!)
I hate taper. I feel so unprepared for Sunday, I feel like its been a year since I ran 22 miles. In reality I know I will be okay out there. I am running this marathon off of the long runs. Which is not ideal for a fast time, but will be fine for finishing. When I decided to do this I of course hoped to train hard, but with Harper my mid week runs were a little shorter than they should have been. I managed to run between 30-35 miles a week for the last 6 weeks, along with cross training 3-4 days, but I don't feel fast....b/c I'm not. I finished Cleveland in 4:47, so I will be happy with anything under that, I would love around 4:30. But anything under 5 hours will be on par with how my long runs have gone. No point worrying about it, I just need to get out there and do it, maybe I will surprise myself. Hopefully I will wake up that morning with out this unending blah I have had ever morning since the weather changed, sore throat, upset stomach, icky general feeling.

I am really looking forward to the race being over. I keep stepping on the scale and its going nowhere, but I will fully admit that I have been eating like a madwomen. As soon as I get through Sunday I am back to journaling what I am eating and shunning sugar. I have had enough frosties, cookies and cereal to feed a small country that last 2 months. I can't imagine the shape I would be in if I could ever perfect marathon training and sane eating. 125 here I come. My plan is going to be to cut the running back. I have two half marathons, one in Nov and one in Feb that I want to do, so 20-25 miles a week will be sufficient On top of that I want to get to 1 spin class and ride my trainer at home once, hit the 2 weight classes religiously and try and get a yoga class in as well. So, I think my week will look like this:

Mon: BeamFit (balance with weights, 40 mins) and HardCORE (15min abs) class
Tues: Run 6 miles
Wed: Urban Iron class
Thurs: Run 6 miles
Fri: Spin class
Sat: Run 8-13 miles
Sun: Power Yoga class, and spin at home
I'm also toying with the idea of two a days 2 or 3 days a week and getting back in the pool so I can get back to some sprint tris next summer, but still thinking on that. I really have an issue with the open water swimming and I will probably be back to work, so I am wondering how realistic tris are for me with baby and working....part of me loves multisport, but part of me is loving the simplicity of just focusing on running. I have no doubt someday I will come back to tris, but I think I really want to worry about being a faster runner.
Friday, October 2, 2009

It's fall

Boy fall blew into Cleveland in a nasty, blustery way. It is cold and rainy and ugly out. Yuck. I am a bit under the weather, I think its just the change in weather, so I have been lounging around most of the week. I have gotten 2 runs in, I am running 15 tomorrow, and then I'll run a few on Sunday to make sure I get 4 runs in this week.

Harper is having a really bad day, I think she is teething. She has been crying nonstop and only stops if I am holding her or shove something in her mouth to chew on. Any tips on keeping her happy while this is going on? I can kind of see that her bottom gums are whitish, so I think the teeth are close to popping through. I hope this is short lived. We started solids a few days ago, that has been fun. We started with squash & rice cereal and today we tried pears. She loves it.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Body by Baby

I'll admit it, it sounds horribly superficial, but one of the main reasons I really wasn't sure if I wanted to be pregnant was that I didn't want to gain the weight. I really wasn't sure if I could handle getting heavy and if I would lose the weight. I had grand plans to be the healthiest pregnant person you ever saw and those quickly flew out the window. I stopped weighing myself once I had gained 50 lbs, who knows in the end how much I actually weighed. All I know is that now, 5 months and 1 week post partum, I only have 5 lbs to go to pre preggo weight. Woohoo. I did it. I got my 5'3 body dangerously closer to 200 lbs than it should ever be and I almost back to the 120s, almost. I'm sure the last 5 lbs will be stickers, but I am okay with that, I know they will come off. I really was scared that I wouldn't return to a life of exercise, but I have. And I honestly think that once its all said and done, I will actually have a better body than I did before, thanks to twice weekly weight classes since Harper was 6 weeks old. There is a little extra skin on my belly maybe, but nothing to be too upset about. It would have all been worth it, even if I stayed in those much lager jeans I bought right after Harper was born, but I am glad that I am back in my old pants. And so happy that all the people who said I'd have a hard time losing the weight because of breastfeeding weren't right, at least for me.
Next week is my marathon and while I would much rather be running it 10 lbs lighter, it shouldn't be too bad if my half mary pace is obtainable. It's a completely flat course and the half was hella hilly so hopefully holding between 10 and 10:30 will be possible. I was 10:13 at Akron. Unfortunately I am feeling really sick, I think its the change in weather, gets me every year.
Monday, September 28, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 5

This is a little late b/c we've been super busy lately. This 5th month has been the best, little lady. You have learned so much and are really becoming your own person. In the past month you have had your first real cold (it lasted 2 weeks and was awful), but through it all you remained happy and smiley and chatty and even though you couldn't breathe you weren't that much fussier as I would have expected. We went through a bump with you sleeping through the night b/c of the cold, but you are now back on track. You made your 2nd (for a wedding) and 3rd trip (for the Constitution Square festival) to Danville to visit family and slept almost the whole way both times. You can now stand really well and the Excersaucer is your new favorite thing in the whole world. We call it your office and you can spend up to an hour in there playing around. You are still sitting well assisted and I think in the next month you will be able to do it on your own. You now look at books and can turn the pages, but mostly you just shove everything and anything in your mouth. I've taken to calling you my zombie baby b/c usually when I pick you up your mouth goes straight to my face to chew on my cheek or chin or neck or ear. What mommy and daddy are eating is really starting to enthral you, so soon we will start real food. Maybe your weight gain will slow down once we start the real food, you are over 18 lbs at this point, a really big girl!! Can't wait to see what month 6 holds!
And I have to post this picture, how uncomfortable does this look!
Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another Race Report!

Today I ran the Akron Road Runner Half mary. We really lucked out b/c there was a 70% chance of rain and we managed to complete the race w/o getting wet! Well besides sweaty of course. When I say "we", I mean me and my BIL Tim. If you remember Tim has lost almost 200 lbs and taken up running in the last few years. Because the race was in Akron we had to get up in the 4 o'clock hour and I feel absolutely strung out at this point. I used to be able to come home from a race and just nap the day away, but not anymore now that I am a mom, oh well it is worth it.

I finished the race in 2:13. I really wanted to finish it in under 2:10, so I didn't make my goal, but I am okay with that b/c I didn't feel well at all and my legs were killing me. I stupidly took a new class at the gym on Thursday and it wreaked havoc on my calves they are tender to the touch. I ran as hard as I could, by mile 8 I was pretty sure I was going to puke, I just didn't feel good. But I made it through w/o puking! So yay for that I guess. As always Akron put on a great race, 11000 runners, tons of crowd support and bands and music along the way. Plenty of water stops, GU and portajohns. WE did make one potty stop. I was surrounded by tons of runners the whole race and since my name was on my number I heard lots of Go Monica, which is always nice. At Akron you finish in the minor league baseball stadium which is neat b/c you get to run in to a huge cheering crowd. It was a good day. I wish I had felt better, but they can't all be "A" races. Tim finished a minute faster than me and had a great first half mary experience. The towpath full is coming up in a few weeks and of course I don't feel confident for it at all, but nothing new there.
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A race report!

What's that you say, a race report! Surely not. Yep, I ran an actual race, for the first time since my half marathon last Oct. Which I hardly raced considering I was 4 months pregnant. I went home to Danville, KY and ran a 5K that went along with a craft festival they have every year. I must say I really wasn't looking forward to it. I'm slow and I haven't ran a 5K in well over a year and the race was at 5 pm in a much more humid climate. So, I had a list of reasons why I was going to suck, lol, but I didn't suck too badly. I did it in 27 and change and considering my best 5K ever was 25:13 I wasn't too far off. I feel like I ran as fast as I could, the finish was uphill and I lost a little steam. Now I want to do another one b/c I really feel like I could do 25ish if it had been a morning race and I had about 5 more lbs off. I think I will run a local 5K in Oct, the Pigskin Classic. Look out. Next up is the Akron half marathon this Sat. Wish me luck!
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking for advice/opinions

Okay bloggy friends, I want you all to comment, all of you that read have to have something to say about one of these topics! I need opinions/advice on several things. They've all been on my mind and aren't related at all, so let the randomness begin:

1. I want some new tunes to run to. I've exhausted my playlist on all these long runs lately. So, please tell me a few songs you love to work out to. I prefer rap and angry white boy music like Rage Against the Machine.

2. Moms out there, what are your thoughts on the swine flu vaccine? My doc says they will have them in Oct and I can give it to Harper since she will be 6 months old. I just don't know that I want to give it to her or get it myself since I am breastfeeding. I do plan on giving her the plain old flu vaccine, but I am nervous about a vaccine that isn't even FDA approved yet. No history on it, you know what I mean? But then again, how bad will I feel if she does get the swine flu and I didn't vaccinate her? I haven't heard much about it here in Cleveland, but it is all over the place in my hometown in KY...what to do??

3. I can never just focus on the task at hand, so I am thinking past the marathon now. I know I want to do a spring marathon, and then my plan is to not do a fall one and train for the MS 150 bike ride with Gary and some sprint tris (back in the pool ack). Anyway, I want to get faster between Oct and late Jan when it will be time to train for a full again. What advice would you fast ladies give me? How many miles a week should I log? Should I get my butt on the treadmill and do sprints? Should I just focus on losing 10 lbs? I do know that I only want to run 3-4 days a week, I don't want to stop doing my weights classes and spinning classes, I will never be a 6 day a week runner. I think cutting my miles back for awhile and concentrating on losing the pregnancy weight and then some will make me faster for sure.... I have a half marathon in Nov and Feb, and figure I will keep my long run between 10-14 miles after the marathon.
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Training bank

I put another 20 miles into the Towpath marathon training bank yesterday. I was worried about the run. I was feeling under the weather all last week and only had 2 ridiculously short lackluster runs under my belt. I was still feeling aches in my ankles and feet from last weeks 22 miler. But I got down to peninsula at 7, camelback on, granola bars and gus in my belt, tunes in my ear, garmin set (sheesh I run with a lot of stuff) and ready to go. This week I got to run with a very interesting guy that I haven't ran with in awhile, so that made the first half of the run fly by. We had absolutely perfect weather and b/c we started so far south on the towpath (due to construction by boston store) we ran allll the way to Akron. I literally ran 3 miles further south than I ever had, so I had some new scenery. Some of it bad, hello water treatment plant, ughgggg. I felt pretty good on the 10 down and kept an easy enough pace around 10:30, but when we got to the turn around my ankles and feet really started aching. So, the way back was a bit slower and more painful. But with a few walk breaks in there I managed to do 20 miles in a little under 4 hours. So, I really do think I can maybe run with a 4:30 pace group, if I get scared I'll stick with 4:45. What do you think? All my long runs have been around a 10:30-11 min pace, but I think I could go a bit faster for sure.

Now what to do today? I never know what to do with myself the day after a long run. I think I wil take the dogs for a 2-3 mile walk, see how the ankles feel and do some yoga later. I weighed 138 this morning, I have been stuck there for awhile, but I have had countless cookies lately, so I need to get back to watching it. I really want to be as close to 130 as possible for the marathon. It's hard as hell to diet when training for a full, not that I think you should, but I can clean it up a bit.

Oh and I am horridly, unreasonably scared of spiders, they make me cry, make me nauceous. But look was has been living in the window at the top of my stairs all summer. The only reason he's still alive is b/c he's on the outside and that window isn't near anything! He's huge.
Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is this week over yet?

I am feeling better, in case you were wondering :) Harper still has a nasty cough, but is better for sure. She kept having coughing fits last night though and that led me to run into her room every time and make sure she was okay...she was. But just to be safe I am not taking her to the gym daycare. So this week is just creeping by, it's amazing how long the day seems when you remove the 8:30-10:30 chunk that was consumed by gym commuting and working out. Then I would come home, shower, eat lunch and the day was half gone. Gary is sick too. So we're not having a lot of fun around our house this week. I took a few days off of working out, but I finally ran last night. I took Fonzie for a really nice "fast" (for me) run. I plan to run tonight and tomorrow morning and then have a 20 miler on Sat. So, I should still get close to 40 miles in for the week I hope. I have made sure to walk the dogs 2-3 miles each day, so at least I am getting out there. It's amazing how off it makes me feel when I don't work out. It's weeks like this where I know I need to learn to relax and not worry so much about working out, but it's hard when it's ingrained into your everyday life. So many people out there just work out 2-3 times a week and are fine with it, yet if I don't get 6 days in, I feel like the whole week is lost. So silly.

I am feeling pretty good about the marathon. I don't think it will be fast, but I have no doubts in my ability to finish it. I really hope to finish in under 4:45 b/c that will at least be a PR by a few mins. But as long as I am under 5 hours, I will consider it a success. I have a 20 miler this weekend, then I am out of town next weekend, so I am doing my long run next Wed. I am going to shoot for one last 20 miler, but b/c it's so close to my Sat run, if I am hurting I will stop anytime after 16. Then the next weekend in my half marathon at Akron. I am going to do a 1-2 mile warm up and 1-2 mile cool down to make sure I get at least 16 miles in that day. Then it's taper time. woohoo.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sick baby, sick mom

Oh boy Harper had her first real cold this weekend, it was awful, for her, but probably more for me :) I was just so worried about her. Her nose was basically full of concrete snot and there's not really anything you can do about it! The bulb sucks, the saline is hard to get up their nose. But she is much better today. So, 1 bad night and 2 bad days and the cold is on its way out. Not too bad. But today I woke up feeling horrible. My throat hurts and one side of my head is totally clogged. Ugh. I guess I better find out what if any meds I can take. Fun, but it was a nice holiday weekend regardless.

I started it Sat am with a 22 miler! Yep I made it through it. Can't say I felt as strong at the end as I would have wanted, but I got through it and I got through it in a time that makes me feel like I may be able to try for a 4:30-4:40 marathon. Afterwards I felt pretty good. I went home and got a hour nap, and that night we went to dinner with the in laws. Gary's sister and her husband are in town from OR for the week. So we went to little Italy. That night Harper was up all night, so I was a zombie on Sunday and of course we had a party at our house! So, I was not a happy camper. I was a mess Sunday, sore, tired and an unhappy stuffy headed baby to contend with. But the party was fun, everyone seemed to have a good time. Harper got up from sleeping a few times, but she slept most of Sunday night so I was thankful for that. Yesterday we went to G's dad's house, they had a get together for that side of the family for his sister. So, I got to see a lot of family this weekend and its been fun.

This week's running is going to be hard. I didn't run Sun on purpose and missed my Monday run b/c we got home too late from his dad's. So, I pretty much need to run everyday this week. Today I will be lucky to get 2-3 done, I feel like shit and I'd probably be better off resting I guess. I don't feel like I should take Harper to the gym daycare until she is 100% so this week is just going to be off. I hate off workout weeks.
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello September!

I love 1's, the first of the month, the first of the year, the first of a training plan. I am all about calendars. I thought when I had the baby I would loose a bit of that "obsession" but no, now I get to plot her growth on the calendar too! Anyway, I decided to start the 100 pushup challenge over so it coincides with the start of Sept.

Last week was a "rest" week and I barely ran. The week just got crazy and with the 14 hour round trip car ride to KY for the wedding, I just relaxed. But I started my week off right. Yesterday I hit spinning class and worked the heck out of my abs and then that night Ilana met me and we took Fonzie for a 6 mile run. This is the best running weather. I ran in a long sleeved shirt and capris, my fav thing to run in. I got up this morning and went to the gym for my Urban Iron class. I usually take it on T & Th, but they are changing up the schedule at the gym and I am going to have to change my workouts. I am excited about that though, there are some new classes I want to try and some older ones I've never gone to. I think I want my week to look like this:

Beamfit & Hardcore class - 45 min class on a beam and then 15 min of abs on beam, run in the pm
Spin class or Power Playt class (30 min class using weight plates)
Urban Iron, run in the evening
Spin class, run
Urban Iron
Long run
Rest of yoga
Sunday, August 30, 2009

High school feels like yesterday

I can't believe I've been out of high school for 12 years. I graduated with the same people I went to kindergarten with. Small town, a lot of us stayed in touch. I can go years without seeing or talking to my hometown girl friends, but then when we get together, its so easy and the conversation just flows. This weekend Gary and I trucked Harper the 7 hours south to Danville KY for my friend Crystal's wedding. It was a long drive, but Harper did really well. She slept most of the way both there and back. Good baby! Here are a few pics. We had a great time and she had it at this gorgeous farm outside of our town. It was really nice to get caught up with some great friends and to see Crystal so so happy. This week I have to get back into training mode, I too my rest week a little too literally!

Look at those chubby cheeks!!!
Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Challenges left and right

First off I started the 100 pushup challenge yesterday! Anyone care to join me? I've attempted it before, but never really gotten very far. I fully intend to complete it this time and have a few friends on Facebook doing it too, so we can check in on each other. I can only do 8 measly boy pushups. So, I hope by the end I can do at least 50 off my knees. I can't imagine I'll be able to do 100, but 50 off knees and 50 with knees would be great.

And then this morning I bit the bullet and went ahead and registered for the towpath marathon. So ready or not I am doing a marathon on Oct 12. My schedule is going to be a little tough b/c I have a half marathon 2 weekends before, when I should be doing my last long run, but I will just taper 2 full weeks. I basically have to run 3 20-24 milers in a row, which will be a bit tough, but I think I will be okay. Wish me luck. New shoes came in the mail today and I slipped them on and took Fonzie for a quick 3 mile run. Nothing like running as the sun slips away for the day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Here comes fall

We are having some lovely weather. I love love love the end of summer, beginning of fall. Even though it means winter isn't very far away. Considering I live in Cleveland, we get about 6 months of winter. Ugh. Anyway, I had a great sunny 18 mile run this weekend. I went out to do 20, but stopped short due to some awful chaffing on my thighs. Gross, I know, but I felt it with every step and couldn't go any further. Boy I can't wait to be rid of the chub rub, which hopefully won't be too much longer b/c I was 138 this morning. Wooohoo. Once I am back to 130 all my clothes will fit, but I do hope I can see the 120s again someday. I am really hoping I can make it to 130 w/o much effort, as I haven't tried that hard yet.

But back to the running. The 18 miler did not feel as strong as I wanted it too. But I did a few things wrong, I didn't eat as much as I should have for breakfast, I need some new shoes and it was quite sunny so I got really hot and drank all my water and went a few miles w/o. So, I just wasn't feeling so hot after 14. I wanted to feel strong out there so that I could come home and sign up for a marathon. But after that performance, I'm still not sure I want to do a full. But then again, why am I running so far if I'm not going to just do it! This week I have to go out of town for a wedding, so I am using it as a rest week and will probably just do 10 miles for my long run, but next weekend I will attempt 20 again.
Friday, August 21, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 4

Happy 4 month bday Harper! We just went to the doctor and Harper is in the 90% percentile for height and weight, weighing in at 15 lbs 10 oz and 25 inches long. Big girl! Healthy girl. She handled her shots like a champ. A lot has changed this month. Harper is pretty much doing something new every day. She can almost sit up unassisted and hates to be held in the cradle position now. She wants to sit up in your lap, sit up on the floor, sit up in her chair, etc. She loves to babble and makes lots of new noises. Her favorite toy is her jangly giraffe from Lamaze, but she just got a Sofie the giraffe teether and is super excited about it. Harper usually sleep from 8 pm to 6 am, which is great. She is taking the bottle better and is really pretty much perfect, how did I get so lucky!
Sunday, August 16, 2009

16 miler

I made it through the 16 miler on Sat. I tried something new, I drank a 5 hour energy before I started. I did this once before a half marathon twp years ago and had a great race, so I thought I'd give it another try. I have to say it really made a difference, I felt wonderful from start to mile 13. Usually I feel pretty bad for 2 or 3 miles and then my running legs kicked in. But this time I was ready to go from first footfall. I made it through 12.54 miles w/o issue, then a friend I was running with got sick, so we walked a mile or so with her. She was having awful cramping. We ended up leaving her at a trail head and came back to pick her up later. So, I had 2.5 mile to get back to my car and then I ended up having some belly cramping and ended up run/walking the last 2.5 miles. Soooo I covered 16 miles, but I didn't run it all. Either way, 16 miles in the training bank. I only ran 3 times last week, I missed one run all together and one got cut short by a case of belly rot, so not the most successfully running week. But I am pleased with how my feet held up on the long run. I have to admit I am still thinking of a marathon. Can you run a marathon on the long run alone....? Some people do. If I do one it will be the towpath instead of Columbus. Logistically it will just be easier. Decisions Decisions.

As a public service announcement I will share with you something I didn't know even existed until my sister and BIL introduced me to it. Sports Cream! How did I never know this wonderful stuff was out there. If you are like me and don't know what it is, it's aspirin cream. I have been rubbing it on my feet after runs and it really helps. Love it.

Oh and guess who finally made it to 140! 10 lbs to go to pre preggo weight.
Friday, August 14, 2009

tv overload

I got seasons 1 & 2 of Dexter and Weeds from the library and I've been watching way too much tv b/c of this! Both are really good shows. I'm specially fond of weeds. Harper is asleep now so I can wrack up another episode of Dexter. Its a lot of pressure to watch a whole season before its due back at the library.

Tomorrow morning I am running 16 miles, then having breakfast with some friends. It's been a good workout week, but light on the running. I've only been out twice. I was going to run tonight too, but G was busy so it was a no go. I did take Fonzie out once this week and he did really great. He's going to be a good running dog. Weight loss is still trucking along, I was 141 this morning.

I have also been busy this week getting my own little etsy shop started. It's going to be called Harper's Closet and I am going to start off making applique onesies, then move on to pillow dresses and apron skirts. Stay tuned! I don't even know how to sew, so this is a big undertaking! But it will keep me busy and maybe pull in some extra cash.
Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank you cleveland

For having such great parks and trails. My sister and brother in law came into town this weekend. Tim and I got up early this morning and headed down to the towpath. We started at Boston Store and ran south 3 miles, then back past Boston Store and headed up the trail to Brandywine Falls. We ended up running 14 miles and other than some stomach upsets it was a good run. My feet don't hurt too badly right now, knock on wood. So, now that I have done 14, I feel confident for the half mary at Akron, now I just have to keep that fitness up.
Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Gary is great b/c he watches Harper for me every Sat so I can get my long run in. He sacrifices sleeping in (which he llloooovveeess to do) to get up around 8 with her instead. All in all it amounts to about 6 hours b/c I drive about 20-30 to where we run and we usually have breakfast afterwards. These weekly long runs allow me to feel like I still have a social life and some athletic conditioning. So, I am so happy that he does this for me. But please observe what he did to my poor little baby while I was gone this past Sat...sigh...baloney face.Anybody besides me watching the new show - More to Love? It's a plus size dating show. If so, is it just me or is the "bachelor" totally creepy! I don't like him. Oh and speaking of more to love, I was 143 this morning, thank you scales gawds.
Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to get serious

About weight loss that is. I did really well in June, but kind of fell off in July. I was down to the low 140s at the end of July, but have managed to gain a few lbs back. I really want to be back into the 130s asap, I have high hopes it will help my running improve. Ultimately I need to hit 125, but I know that will probably not happen again until I wean Harper. Anywho. Starting today I am going to write down everything I eat. I am going to do that through August, if it doesn't help, well then I will have to go to online food logging and calorie counting, which I loathe. So, hopefully just writing it in a notebook and being more mindful will help. Also, putting my weight here in numbers I think will help, shame me into getting back down, LOL. No offense to anyone who sees my weight and rolls their eyes and wants to tell me to shove it. I have clothes that fit me from 125-133ish, not for 146! So, wish me luck. I have a wedding to go to on Aug 29th that will have a lot of high school friends at it. I really hope to be 140 by then. You might think 6 lbs is a lot to lose by then, but my weight has been fluctuating from 143-146 for a week, so it could just be 3 lbs to lose and some bloat.

As I said my runs are still a struggle. I get through them, I get my miles in, but I am having very few runs that I define as a good run. A good run to me is not necessarily fast (a relative term at this point) it's a run that I can get through and feel strong and like I could keep going when I am done. That happens maybe once a week for me. And I am blessed with the best summer running weather ever! I think a few things factor into this, 1 is my weight and 2 is that up until this post pregnancy running, I never ran alone. I always met friends, I always chatted my way through runs. Now I only run with someone once a week (my long runs) and I have nothing to do but be alone with my head and for some reason my head tells me that I should walk a lot on my runs. Grrr. I make it through my long runs without walking and yet I can't get through a 4-5 miler without walking. I seem to go out to fast, crash, walk a little, then run again. Oh well it is what it is. I told myself today that I am giving myself until 139 to still do these little walk breaks, then I am going to really concentrate on pushing myself. My feet...well that's just a whole different story. I basically hobble around, but it's manageable pain at this point.
Still haven't gotten on my bike, my mom was here last week and I never got around to it. soon, soon.
Harper is doing awesome. She is so so chatty. I love just sitting and "talking" to her. I wish she could stay this size forever.
Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee talk

You know I really don't miss sleeping in. I always was a bit of a morning person. But I love getting up at like 7 in the morning, Harper super happy b/c she just got up and sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee. Good times. This morning sitting on my porch we saw a deer in our front yard! Which is both cute but also sad b/c they are in town. Which is of course not good for the deer. But boy were my dogs confused.

Last night Harper slept from 8ish to 6 am! I call that sleeping through the night. Okay, when I got back from a party (pure romance party, oh sheesh, I just got shaving cream!) at 10, I fed her, but she never woke up it was a dream feed. But even 10 to 6 is great. She had a big couple of days. On Thurs we took her to her first movie! I had been wanting to do this, I figured if I saw something a few weeks old during the day no one would be there, so what would it matter. We went to see the Orphan and there were only like 2 other people in there. She didn't make a peep and she also didn't go to sleep, which I thought she would. She just stared at the screen mesmerized. I guess I will pick funny movies from now on, certainly didn't mean for her to watch a stupid scary movie. Yesterday we took her to the farmer's market and for the first time pointed outwards in her baby bjorn. She had so much to see and loved it. One of the guys working the stand gave her a mini banana and she just sucked on it and seemed so impressed with herself, also gave her a piece of mango to gum on. She's getting so big.

My mom has been in town since Tuesday, she leaves today. It was great having a visit with her. But also great b/c I got to take 2 really great runs. I ran on Wed and Fri. Like I said I am going to run every other day. Wed I had a great 5.3 mile run right after it stopped raining, perfect weather. I didn't have my garmin b/c the battery had died and it turns out I ran way faster without it! I finished the 5.3 at about a 10:00 pace and that is with stopping at stop lights. So I was pleased with that. On Friday I took Fonzie with me and he ran 3 whole miles with me. Running with a dog is great, but you do have to stop for them to pee sometimes. I find I run really fast with Fonzie, about a 9 min pace, but that we take a few walk breaks, that's okay I'll call it interval training. Then when I got home I took old man Mushi out for his own run, but only .5 miles. But he did really good. I haven't ran with him in a long time b/c he only sprints, but he stayed with me pretty well. I really need to start taking Fonzie for at least a mile a few times a week. He really enjoys it. Tomorrow I am doing 13 miles. I am looking forward to it, my feet still hurt, but it is manageable.

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