Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday 11/15

What a nice weekend. I am convinced it is the nice weekend we will see around Cleveland until May. So, I made sure to get out there and enjoy it. On Saturday I drove down to the Buckeye Trail to meet up with Sara and Harley to run part of the half marathon course we'll be doing in Jan. It's part of the Run for Regis 50K, but we are obviously doing a shorter option. It was an absolutely glorious day out, sunny and warm. I took Fonzie and he made it through 9 ridiculously hilly miles. I planned to do 13, but the 9 took too long and I ran out of time b/c I wanted to be home by noon. We had to stop a lot b/c we didn't know the course and there were a lot of places to take a wrong turn. I am confident that next time we run it we will be much better off. But oh the hills. All the minor muscles in my lower legs are aching so bad. I also wore my new trail shoes that I just won and that didn't help matters. I am walking like I ran a marathon. I should have taken an ice bath. I am really digging running with Fonzie. I am trying to be careful, I don't want to take him further than I should. But I figure if he is still pulling than he has energy to spare. By the end of this run it had gotten pretty warm and I could tell he was done. I really need to find a better harness for him and a leash that is reflective. I have good running gear, its only fair that he does too. Last week he ran 13 miles with me. I am going to shoot for 1-2 more miles until he gets up to 18-20 miles a week, that will be great motivation for me. Any of you run with your dogs? How far do you take them? The rest of the day I was pretty lazy, but we did walk to the playground and push Harper in the swings. I am so glad she is biggest enough for the swings now. I didn't realize it, but I met Salty and her son for a run on Thursday and we put them in the swings afterwards. What a big girl I have!

This morning I drove out to Rocky River and met TriSaraTops for a run/walk. I pushed Harper in the stroller. We covered 4 miles and then went to First Watch for some yummy breakfast. Then this afternoon I popped over to the neighbors for a dog playdate. Now the hubby and I are chilling with Harper watching a Ben Harper concert on HDtv.

Speaking of Harper, as I said above I pushed her in the jogging stroller twice this week. I am bummed I didn't do it sooner. Truthfully I never really had the need b/c G watches her when I run, but it was much easier than I thought it would be and really didn't impede my speed at all. So I am going to try and get as many runs in with her as I can before it gets nasty out.


Nitsirk said...

We run with our mutt. He is a big border collie/lab mix. The longest he has gone is 10 miles at once but we usually limit him to 8. If it is too warm he doesn't go at all. It makes a huge difference in his behavior. If he doesn't run nearly every day he can get a little bored during the day and starts to chew things like the molding or the carpet. It is good motivation for one of us to get out there. Sometimes he will run in the morning with my husband and at night with me.

Trishie said...

No advice re the dogs but congrats on a hard 9 miler! trail running is no joke.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Trail running is awesome and so tough. Great job. I've also got no advice on the dog but take Harper out with you as much as you can. Zach is totally acclimated to the bob and loves going on runs in it.

triguyjt said...

you will love the run for regis... its tough, especially with lots of snow, but its very nice event...
Running with the dog...I really miss doing that with our Bailey.

hope your fam is well

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