Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back among the living

Finally I am feeling better. Still a little weak from not eating much for a week, but unfortunately my appetite is back in full force. I still think I will manage to keep a few lbs off from this. Trying to see the silver lining from such a rotten week. Yesterday I went to the gym and did my weight lifting class, but Harper got fussy so I didn't get to do the full class, missed tris and a set of abs. I seriously love my urban iron class. It's an hour and you lift with a bar and various weighted plates. When I lift on my own, I never push myself as hard and worry that I missed some muscle group, this class ensures I get a good total body worout. You do 1 song for each muscle group and the instructor changes the tempo throughout the song, so you may lift for 3, lower for 1, then even it out 2/2, etc. It goes like this:

Back -deadllifts, rows, clean & presses
Chest- chest presses down laying on step
Set of abs - bicycle and crunches
Legs - squats and plie squats
Biceps - just normal curls, but lots of them
Shoulder- delt presses, side and front raises, shoulder presses
Triceps- skull crushes down on step, tri presses
legs - lunges and squats
Set of abs - pilates 100s and bicycles

Every 6 weeks they change the music and format slightly. I luv this class and credit it for being more in shape now than I was before baby, even though I still have a bit of belly flab that I only notice if I lean in unflattering ways :)

Anyway, today I am going to try to run. Probably just like 4 miles, see how it feels. I haven't ran in at least a week. Later today we have new moms group, which I love, it really breaks up the day.

As much as I love being home, I am starting to get more serious about thinking about work. One day I am convinced I need to just go back now before it gets any harder, then the next day I convince myself to wait until spring. I am just sick of worrying about money, we've had some large bills (cat vet bills, need new tires) lately and I hate to see the savings account go down, down. I wish I could find a job that was 2-3 days a week, that would be so ideal. I have been applying even for full time ones that seem really good. It's going to be hard to find a job, but I'm glad i have room, at least for now, to be picky. #1 goal if I go full time is a job that will let me work outside the normal 8-5 or 5:30. That is tough b/c my job expertise is in account management and when you work with clients, it can be hard to be allowed a flex time schedule. Maybe I can find an internal project management position, that would be great.


Clare said...

that class does sound awesome...i love the classes too for the same reasons, as much as i love lifting it's hard to fit it all in sometimes! glad you're feeling better!

Christine said...

I never know when people ask me questions..if I should answer on my blog or theirs? haha. We live on the westside in Avon Lake. Thats where the new house is.

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