Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I am feeling a lot better. Still weak and icky in the tummy but about 80% better than I was on Thurs. I have been on tamiflu since Thurs night. The bummer is that I still don't know if I have the flu. I hate to take the meds and pass them on to Harper if I don't even have influenza, but its better safe than sorry at her age. Supposedly the medicine is safe for her...supposedly. I was supposed to have my flu swab results today, but the lab is so backed up I probably won't have them until Monday. It really stinks b/c I was supposed to go to a baptism and party tomorrow, but don't want to go now b/c if I do have the flu I have no business being around babies. I also had to skip a much needed ladies fun run & breakfast 1. b/c there was no way my belly could handle a run and 2. b/c several of the ladies are preggo and don't need the flu. I was really looking forward to that :( On the good side, Harper still appears healthy so hopefully she will stay that way. My symptoms showed up on Tuesday, so 5 days later she isn't sick yet. KNOCK ON WOOD.

It's very very odd to not be running on a Sat morning. I haven't not run on a Sat since before Harper was born. I went to Starbucks this morning and saw all the random people in their running gear and felt so jealous and wanted to yell out "hey, I'm a runner too!". I have no idea why. It doesn't help that the last 2 days have been absolutely perfect running weather and there won't be much of that left her in Cleveland. Oh well, hopefully I will feel all better tomorrow and can start my 600 min a week workout challenge again. Thanks to the flu I start a few lbs lighter, but I'm sure those will come right back.

Gary took Harper to his dad's today. That is a truly bizzare feeling. I have never been away from Harper except when running, how funny/wierd is that? Aside from maybe a quick trip to the library or drugstore. So I ran errands and they were much quicker w/o a baby, but not as much fun. No one randomly talked to me, lol. You are much friendlier when you have a baby b/c everyone wants to talk to you and you get used to it!

I bought candy today, it was funny what was left. I am stuck with chewy nerds, laffy taffy and pixie sticks. I actually like sugary crap like that better than chocolate anyway. We get a ton of kids. Harper is a spider. Her costume isn't' all that exciting. I wasn't going to dress her up, just put her in a pumpkin onesie, but picked up this costumer at goodwill for $2. Not bad.
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uh oh

I thought I had food poisoning, now its looking like the flu. Great. I went to the doc, but won't know if my swab was positive until Sat. Gary stayed home today, I feel awful, he can't stay home tomorrow b/c he has a project to finish up. Oh oh oh I hope Harper doesn't catch this from me. Is it inevitable? She had a flu shot a few weeks ago.
Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bad luck Wed

Ugh, I am having a little bad luck this week, lol. I feel horrible today, absolutely horrible. It's all tummy related. I had pizza last night and didn't realize it had garlic on it and I don't handle garlic well at all and I have been hunched over in sick pain all day. Not fun to take care of a 6 month old on the move when you don't feel good. Oh well. My own fault. On top of that, I totally overdid it at the gym on Monday (in weight lifting class, used too much weight big time) b/c I was so gung ho to get started again. I can barely sit on the toilet from doing squats. I have been hobbling around for 2 days. I went to the weight lifting class again this morning in hopes my nausea would go away and getting my muscles moving would help. No such luck, I was a sweaty mess the whole class and almost threw up and couldn't handle more then 5 lbs on each side of the bar and couldn't get through the squat set. Eieiey. I hope I feel better tomorrow. I have missed a run nd need to run tomorrow for sure.

Here is a pic of Harper and her playmate Nate. Every week my friend Salty and I get together to babysit each others kids while the other runs. Nate will be a year old in Nov. The pics are a little blurry, but I just love Harper's faces
Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 week countdown to the elusive pair of skinny jeans

Sunday, Oct 25 - I know I declared the other day that I was on a diet & giving up sweets, unfortunately I haven't been very mindful of my all. The scale said goodbye to 130 & planted me back at 132, so 7 lbs that I want to lose. Starting over again today. I am going to try and lose these 7 lbs over the next 6 weeks. I know that seems a little ambitious but you don't know all the stupid things I've eaten (hello pizza for dinner last night& giant creme puff) or the weights I have been slacking on. I have a pair of skinny jeans that I want to get into and I think it would be great to wear them on Thanksgiving to prevent me from overeating...I start anew today with a 75 min power yoga class. Here are a few goals I am going to try and stick to and be mindful of:

1. Work out 10-11 hours a week, this counts dog walks
2. Get more fruits & veggies, I have been awful about this and it used to be the easy part for me
3. On days that G gets home from work before 5 take the dogs for an extra walk even if its just half a blocl
4. Get to the gym classes at least 3 times a week, important for me and also for keeping Harper used to the playroom
5. After Harper goes to bed get on bike in basement a few times a week and watch one of my many shows that I DVR

Here is my workout plan for this week, not counting dog walks, they get one every day, varying lengths depending on weather, baby mood, etc:
Today - 75 min yoga class
Mon - Urban Iron or BeamFIT class and 5 mile run
Tues - 5 mile run, abs DVD
Wed - Urban Iron class, 2o mins on bike
Thurs - 5 mile run, yoga DVD
Fri - Urban Iron class, 20 mins on bike
Sat -6 mile run
Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 6

Six months ago today you were finally cleared to come home from the hospital . When we brought you home we sat your car carrier on the coffee table and looked at each other like - what do we do now? Well some how we figured it out and 6 wonderful months later you are doing awesome. You are so smart and so full of personality. Thankfully your mild nature has continued on and for the most part you are always happy. You are sitting up and rolling over both ways now. You eat solid foods 2 times a day and so far you will eat pretty much anything. Looking at the dogs and trying to touch the kitties is one of your favorite pastimes, so is sitting in front of the full length mirror trying to get the baby on the other side.

6 months went way too quickly and I am so sad b/c I now have to start thinking about going back to work. I'm not quite ready yet, but I know it will take some time so I keep an eye out for job listings. Going back to work will be the hardest thing I ever have to do for sure!
Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh hey there

Hi there bloggy friends. I fully enjoyed my week off post marathon. I made it to the gym once last week and other than that all I did was walk! It was nice. As for my no sugary junk for 14 days challenge, I failed. I made it a week, but then the husband went and made pumpkin pies. Pumpkin anything is my Achilles heel. So I started over on Monday and now hope to make it to Halloween with no junk. I will have some candy during the trick or treat, we get a ton of kids in our neighborhood. I love Halloween.

I went out for a 4 mile run yesterday, the first run since the marathon. It felt great. My legs felt fresh and springy. Today I walked 6.5 miles. 4 miles with a group of moms from my new mom group and then 2 with the dogs. I got Fonzie a backpack and can't wait to try it out on him. He is never tired. I am hoping that the backpack will help wear him out after a few miles and also calm him down on the walks. Supposedly a backpack gives a dog a job to do and makes them more calm and mindful. I don't believe anything can get him past his squirrel freakouts, but we shall see.

Harper is 6 months. Egads where does the time go. I need to do my letter to Harper, but will have to get to that later this week.
Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pre Preggo weight!

For 2 days in a row I have weighed in at 130.5. I was hovering between 130 and 133 when I got pregnant, so yay! Pre preggo weight. I wanted to do it by 6 months and lo and behold Monday is her 6th month bday! I hope I can get a few more lbs off. I have enjoyed this week off. I worked out once. Starting tomorrow I am back at it.

Harper is sick. She got super stuffed up late yesterday and we were up all night. She didn't fall asleep until 11, in the swing, after screaming for an hour. She hasn't slept all day. I keep getting her to fall asleep, whether by rocking or feeding her, but then as soon as I lay her down, she is right back up. She is in good spirits for the most part if you are holding her. I hope this cold doesn't last 2 weeks. If she is sick next week I will go to the gym when G is home from work I guess. I am not taking any more time off the gym.

On the tattoo front, I made up my mind on the 3 little birds. But I also have to hold off until summer, as the lady doing the tat said that I really shouldn't get a foot tattoo in the winter and that she doesn't offer her retouching guarantee on foot tats during cold months. But I did promise my friend I would get inked with her after our marathons, so I think I am going to get the symbol for mother in kanji on my rib. Or maybe that little round owl. Although my hairdresser has the astrological signs of her kids on her back and that's a great idea too.
Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Input, opinions, bring it on

I think I am getting a tattoo. Picking a design is such a hard decision to make. I have some links below to tattoos that I like and I would love any input or opinion you have. I have a few ideas floating around my head:

1. 3 hearts all linked together or overlapping to symbolize each member of my family
2. An owl just b/c I love them and have done Harper's nursery in owls, so it would be a little harper tribute
3. 3 little birds, I love the song so much and always have, it makes me smile whenever I hear it and has such a nice message, I picture three little fat birds sitting atop my toes

now where to get it, rib, back of neck and foot, leaning towards foot, but maybe a symbol for mother on my rib.....

I love this quote, ignore the butterfly part :)

Cool star

Love this trail of stars tattoo:

This tattoo is shitty, but I like the premise, Harper's name in a star shape

If I go with an owl, I like these:

This one I like, but muuuccch smaller, but I like the style
cute and simple owl:
I wouldn't do the circle, but love the owl in the middle:

If I go with the three little birds, the little bird on this card is cute and I could do different colors, maybe a polka dot one, a striped one and a solid blue one?

This is a neat tattoo - a swallow:
Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting down to business

Sorry running and triathlete buddies this blog is now switching gears to full fledged diet blog until I am 125. Well in a round about way that is running related, I don't think I want to try another marathon until I am firmly planted in the 120s again. I felt the extra 10 lbs I was carrying on Sunday for sure. I stepped on the scale this morning and it told me - 134. So, 4 lbs over what I weighed when I got preggo. I look fine, I no longer feel like I look like a lady who just had a baby and has that extra tire, wider booty, etc, but I know that I look and feel so much better 10 lbs lighter. And I think my running will get an extra boost from the weight loss as well.

Today I started my own version of a diet. The only rule is no sugary junk food for 2 weeks. Aside from the obvious no ice cream, cookies, etc, there will also be not one chocolate chip granola bar, bowl of lucky charms, or sugar laden yogurt. So, I will stand firm and strong for 2 weeks to get myself over the daily habit of sugar. Once I go a solid 14 days, I will then allow myself 1 weekly dessert that I will plan for and savor for all it is worth. Its time to start looking at the labels again when I buy things like cereal and yogurt and I will only be buying the product if it has under 10g of sugar in it. Hello fiber one honey flakes, goodbye peanut butter puffins - goodbye lemon yoplait, hello chobani, etc. I also need to dial back the diet coke and splenda. I firmly believe that the fake sugar makes me crave sweet things. Aside from that I am going to try and make my snacks veggies instead of cheese & crackers which have become a staple for me. Honestly my eating has been such a mess that I think a few tweaks should put me well on my way to 125.

I am feeling mostly back to normal. My knees are a little sore and my calves hurt if I lift myself up on them to like reach an upper cabinet, but mostly feeling good. I am going to go to the gym tomorrow and take my urban iron class, but I am only going to use light weights on the upper body and no weights on the lower, but I need to get back into the swing of the gym. So does Harper. It's been pretty much a month since she went to the gym 4 days a week and I need to get her used to that again.

So here we go, wish me luck. If all goes as planned I should see 125 before the new year.
Monday, October 12, 2009

So I ran a marathon

(Monday, Oct 13) Other alternate titles for this entry could be - "I have no business running for that long", "Ow, seriously Ouch" or if I am being kind to myself "17 minute PR bitches". I woke up at 5am on Sunday to leave my house for the race at 6. When I stepped into my backyard it was around 45 degrees out. Thank goodness I "overdressed" b/c when I got down to the valley for the race it was more like 40 and freezing. I wore capris, a long sleeve shirt, a vest and gloves, it was perfect. I couldn't have asked for better weather. I hit the portapotty twice before the race and got lined up at 7:40ish. Since it was such a small race, I saw everyone that I knew that was going to be down there. I thought there were 500+ runners, but in looking at the results it looks more like 350ish.

My goal going into it was to just run as hard as I could and feel as good as I could at the end. I started off kind of fast. I was watching my average pace on my Garmin and I knew I didn't want it to get over 10:13. That was my pace for the half mary two weeks ago. I managed to keep that avg pace under 10 all the way to mile 18! I was very pleased about that, but everything kind of fell apart after that. I stopped to use the portapotty and my avg pace fell from 10 on the nose to 10:06. I managed to keep it together until the turn around at mile 21, then my legs just kind of quit. I hobbled my way the last 5.2 miles and watched my avg pace slowly creep higher and higher to 10:20. Oh well. I finished in 4:30:31. Which met my original long shot goal, but since I ran so hard (for me) and strong until mile 21, I would have really loved to get in under 4:20.

I would say that I really did feel just fine, 100% okay until mile 16. Then my stomach starting bothering me. I made a decision to stop at the porta potty at mile 18 and stomach was better after that. After mile 21 I started imaging my body was made of glass at that at any moment my hips and back were going to shatter. That's how bad I hurt! Mostly it was in my hips, knees and lower back, well and my feet, of course. Around mile 23 I probably slowed down to between 11-12 min miles and I REALLY wanted to stop, but I didn't. I made it through the whole race without walking, which was a goal as well. So, I am happy about that. After 23 I was counting 1, 2, 1, 2 in my head, one more step, one more step. Luckily I knew the towpath really well, so I was able to tell myself I just need to make it to lock 29, or the cut over to the falls, etc. Then I got near the finish line and I could hear everyone cheering. And there was Gary with Harper in a stroller, holding a sign saying GO MOM! It almost made me cry. I wasn't expecting them to be there, so that was a nice surprise. I picked it up a notch and really ran as fast as I could to the finish. My brain wasn't working at that point, I was shaky and totally out of it. Thank goodness a banana and orange took care of that. I was so glad to be done! I made it. I wish I could say I felt good and strong and I did think the whole last 5 miles if I ever really want to do this again. I am doing something wrong in my training to fall apart that bad. So, I need to really spend some time thinking about that. I know for a fact that I felt the extra 10 lbs and will not even contemplate a marathon until I am firmly back in the 120s.

I really hurt bad when I got home and felt like crying the rest of the day. I took a long ice bath and a lot of aspirin, that helped. Today I just feel like I got beat up, that's all :). I must say that part of me wonders if my skeletal system is fully recovered from Harper. My hips etc felt like they took such a beating, I wonder if it is b/c the relaxin has left my body completely, etc. Just a thought, maybe I am just a big ol wuss!
Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nervous Energy and looking forward

Thursday 10/7/09 (I just realized my journal doesn't record the date!)
I hate taper. I feel so unprepared for Sunday, I feel like its been a year since I ran 22 miles. In reality I know I will be okay out there. I am running this marathon off of the long runs. Which is not ideal for a fast time, but will be fine for finishing. When I decided to do this I of course hoped to train hard, but with Harper my mid week runs were a little shorter than they should have been. I managed to run between 30-35 miles a week for the last 6 weeks, along with cross training 3-4 days, but I don't feel fast....b/c I'm not. I finished Cleveland in 4:47, so I will be happy with anything under that, I would love around 4:30. But anything under 5 hours will be on par with how my long runs have gone. No point worrying about it, I just need to get out there and do it, maybe I will surprise myself. Hopefully I will wake up that morning with out this unending blah I have had ever morning since the weather changed, sore throat, upset stomach, icky general feeling.

I am really looking forward to the race being over. I keep stepping on the scale and its going nowhere, but I will fully admit that I have been eating like a madwomen. As soon as I get through Sunday I am back to journaling what I am eating and shunning sugar. I have had enough frosties, cookies and cereal to feed a small country that last 2 months. I can't imagine the shape I would be in if I could ever perfect marathon training and sane eating. 125 here I come. My plan is going to be to cut the running back. I have two half marathons, one in Nov and one in Feb that I want to do, so 20-25 miles a week will be sufficient On top of that I want to get to 1 spin class and ride my trainer at home once, hit the 2 weight classes religiously and try and get a yoga class in as well. So, I think my week will look like this:

Mon: BeamFit (balance with weights, 40 mins) and HardCORE (15min abs) class
Tues: Run 6 miles
Wed: Urban Iron class
Thurs: Run 6 miles
Fri: Spin class
Sat: Run 8-13 miles
Sun: Power Yoga class, and spin at home
I'm also toying with the idea of two a days 2 or 3 days a week and getting back in the pool so I can get back to some sprint tris next summer, but still thinking on that. I really have an issue with the open water swimming and I will probably be back to work, so I am wondering how realistic tris are for me with baby and working....part of me loves multisport, but part of me is loving the simplicity of just focusing on running. I have no doubt someday I will come back to tris, but I think I really want to worry about being a faster runner.
Friday, October 2, 2009

It's fall

Boy fall blew into Cleveland in a nasty, blustery way. It is cold and rainy and ugly out. Yuck. I am a bit under the weather, I think its just the change in weather, so I have been lounging around most of the week. I have gotten 2 runs in, I am running 15 tomorrow, and then I'll run a few on Sunday to make sure I get 4 runs in this week.

Harper is having a really bad day, I think she is teething. She has been crying nonstop and only stops if I am holding her or shove something in her mouth to chew on. Any tips on keeping her happy while this is going on? I can kind of see that her bottom gums are whitish, so I think the teeth are close to popping through. I hope this is short lived. We started solids a few days ago, that has been fun. We started with squash & rice cereal and today we tried pears. She loves it.

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