Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Input, opinions, bring it on

I think I am getting a tattoo. Picking a design is such a hard decision to make. I have some links below to tattoos that I like and I would love any input or opinion you have. I have a few ideas floating around my head:

1. 3 hearts all linked together or overlapping to symbolize each member of my family
2. An owl just b/c I love them and have done Harper's nursery in owls, so it would be a little harper tribute
3. 3 little birds, I love the song so much and always have, it makes me smile whenever I hear it and has such a nice message, I picture three little fat birds sitting atop my toes

now where to get it, rib, back of neck and foot, leaning towards foot, but maybe a symbol for mother on my rib.....

I love this quote, ignore the butterfly part :)

Cool star

Love this trail of stars tattoo:

This tattoo is shitty, but I like the premise, Harper's name in a star shape

If I go with an owl, I like these:

This one I like, but muuuccch smaller, but I like the style
cute and simple owl:
I wouldn't do the circle, but love the owl in the middle:

If I go with the three little birds, the little bird on this card is cute and I could do different colors, maybe a polka dot one, a striped one and a solid blue one?

This is a neat tattoo - a swallow:


Twila and Scott said...

I really like the three little bird idea; you can always add to it if you have another. Maybe decorate each bird in a way they represents each of you. Favorite color or design that you like .

I love mine on my foot! It does hurt to some degree but in more an annoying way than "OH GOD stop" way : )

Let me know what you decided. Kinda got me thinking about another one

FYI: my word verification is "moush" reminder me of Mushi : )

amanda said...

The fleshier the area you tattoo the less painful it will be. Like if you do it on the top of your foot, over a bone, that would hurt more than say your belly (not that I'm implying that your belly is flabby!).

Before I dated Daniel I dated 2 tattoo artists and I cannot tell you the crazy things people would get - chicken legs, for instance - like a drumstick? Anyway, my point is just be super sure that you want what you're getting where you get it before you get it. It's not easy to turn a chicken leg into something else. :) I remember Billy used to say if you had to ask what kind of tattoo you should get you shouldn't get a tattoo because you don't want it badly enough. So pick wisely!

Trishie said...

congrats on the 4:30 ! awesome PR, monica ! as for the tattoo ... I like no. 3. (I've toyed with the idea of the mDot Ironman tat, but I don't think I have the balls to get it ...)

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