Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nervous Energy and looking forward

Thursday 10/7/09 (I just realized my journal doesn't record the date!)
I hate taper. I feel so unprepared for Sunday, I feel like its been a year since I ran 22 miles. In reality I know I will be okay out there. I am running this marathon off of the long runs. Which is not ideal for a fast time, but will be fine for finishing. When I decided to do this I of course hoped to train hard, but with Harper my mid week runs were a little shorter than they should have been. I managed to run between 30-35 miles a week for the last 6 weeks, along with cross training 3-4 days, but I don't feel fast....b/c I'm not. I finished Cleveland in 4:47, so I will be happy with anything under that, I would love around 4:30. But anything under 5 hours will be on par with how my long runs have gone. No point worrying about it, I just need to get out there and do it, maybe I will surprise myself. Hopefully I will wake up that morning with out this unending blah I have had ever morning since the weather changed, sore throat, upset stomach, icky general feeling.

I am really looking forward to the race being over. I keep stepping on the scale and its going nowhere, but I will fully admit that I have been eating like a madwomen. As soon as I get through Sunday I am back to journaling what I am eating and shunning sugar. I have had enough frosties, cookies and cereal to feed a small country that last 2 months. I can't imagine the shape I would be in if I could ever perfect marathon training and sane eating. 125 here I come. My plan is going to be to cut the running back. I have two half marathons, one in Nov and one in Feb that I want to do, so 20-25 miles a week will be sufficient On top of that I want to get to 1 spin class and ride my trainer at home once, hit the 2 weight classes religiously and try and get a yoga class in as well. So, I think my week will look like this:

Mon: BeamFit (balance with weights, 40 mins) and HardCORE (15min abs) class
Tues: Run 6 miles
Wed: Urban Iron class
Thurs: Run 6 miles
Fri: Spin class
Sat: Run 8-13 miles
Sun: Power Yoga class, and spin at home
I'm also toying with the idea of two a days 2 or 3 days a week and getting back in the pool so I can get back to some sprint tris next summer, but still thinking on that. I really have an issue with the open water swimming and I will probably be back to work, so I am wondering how realistic tris are for me with baby and working....part of me loves multisport, but part of me is loving the simplicity of just focusing on running. I have no doubt someday I will come back to tris, but I think I really want to worry about being a faster runner.


Trishie said...

thanks ! good luck with your race !

Clare said...

i think you and i have similar goals and constraints. if i could only get a long run in, i guess i could be in half marathon shape soon (slow though!). i'm impressed with you doing the marathon training! but i konw what you mean about being a little disappointed about not being faster. can't wait for the race report!

KimZepp said...

Good luck this weekend!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Good luck this weekend! Have fun.

And I'm with you, I wish just once when I upped my training I didn't triple the amount I ate so I'd see some changes on the scale.

Trishie said...

looking forward to hearing about your race !!

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