Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Last winter/spring I was training for the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati. I was training solo and really pushed myself through some horrid runs in a lot of snow. I made it through 2 20 milers alone!!! My feet were nagging me along the way but about a month before the race the pain was unbearable. I went to see an orthopedist and he told me I had posterior tibialis tendon dysfunction. He recommended PT and stability shoes. I did the PT for a bit and got shoes, but the only thing that helped was stopping running for about a month. IT sucked, I skipped the race, but I could barely walk at that point. Well, it is flared up with a vengence and I am only running 20 miles a week. Boo. I am so sad. I am stretching and icing, but I think I better be careful and make sure not to run 2 days in a row. So unfair. I am pretty much limping, good times. When I wake up in the morning or get up after sitting for awhile, it's like someone tightened a spring in my arch and I can't flatten my foot. I literally hobble to go tend to Harper in the middle of the night.

I want to run, I want to push my limits, I want to sweat and leave it out there on the road, yet here I am again with feet that don't want to cooperate. My plan is to ice after every run, do my PT stretches everyday and make sure to run every other day (up my biking). If I do run 2 days in a row, one run has to be under 5 miles. I will make it through this HM, if my feet are still flared up I will head back to the doctor. Maybe I need orthodics this time around.

On another note, Harper is rolling over again and again. She's got it down! Yay. Her first big milestone. She did it once the other day while leaning on a pillow, so it helped her roll; but today I had her laying on the living room floor on her excercise mat and she did it while I was in the kitchen. I came back in and there she was on her stomach, I didn;t leave her that way! I was so sad that I missed it. Then I went to the bathroom and she did it again! No one saw it but Mushi. Luckily for me once I sat down and played with her for awhile she did it several more times. Such a cutie. I just can't get over how much I love this kid.
Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

And a happy sunny Monday to you Clevelanders! Finally maybe summer has arrived and this rain will go away. Nah, the forcast has rain off and on this week, but I am loving what I see outside right now. I just got back from a pretty shitty run, no pun intended. I had pizza for the first time in forever last night and my stomach was not kind to me and there was lots of walking sprinkled into the run. Once a week I run at my friend Salty's house (babysitting/running swap) and she sort of lives out in the country and it is such a nice green place to run. Great way to start the day. She is running now, her kid is napping and Harper is asleep. I don't know if I should wake Harper up, they say never to wake a sleeping baby, but do I really want her to sleep for like 3 hours? After just getting up at 6:30? She falls asleep in the car on the way over here, so she is asleep form like 7:45 until after 10...that just seems like too long to me. I turned off her swing, so maybe she will wake up on her own.

Big congrats to the lovely Kim Ammon who kicked IM Lake Placid's butt. Seeing her do the race really has given me a kick in the butt. Kim was the one who got me starting to believe I could do tris and I went to an IM training group with her last year where we rode the course and ran half the marathon portion and I felt good and strong and like I could do an IM. Now, hahaa. I haven't swam in like 10 months! I think that I will concentrate on swimming again this winter and hopefully do some more tris next summer. But in order to do so I have a lot of swim work to do. Well and who knows where I am on the bike, thats been too long as well. But I WILL get on it this week, I promise!
Thursday, July 23, 2009

Columbus marathon, no

Thank you for the comments bloggy friends. I thought long and hard about it and decided that no the marathon is not a good idea. The only reason I came to that decision is b/c I had a particularly bad day with Harper and I didn't get my run in. I was exhausted and frustrated and it occur ed to me that Harper's schedule is first, not mine and raising her is probably going to mean that I miss a lot of runs. She is not to a point yet where G can easily watch her or where she will take a bottle, so I probably can't stick to a schedule the way I need to and will just run myself ragged and feel guilty all the time. So, half marathon this fall, that's it. I will likely run more than one half, but Akron is my focus. I think once Harper's sleeping schedule is more set and I can get some runs in in the morning and when I can put her in the running stroller then I can keep a schedule better. I am running over 20 miles a week and would like to get that closer to 30ish by fall.

Weight loss is moving along. I am down 1.5 lbs in a little over a week, so I am pleased with that. I haven't gotten my bike on the trainer yet, but Gary did clean & lube my bike up for me yesterday (thank you sweetie!), so I will for sure this week, I need to clean the basement up first and get a swing set up for Harper down there.
Harper is all over the place. She has changed so much. She's still great, don't get me wrong, but sooooo much more crabby than she had been the previous 2.5 months. It used to be that maybe she would cry once a week, now it is definitely a daily occurrence. On Monday, I had to leave my class at the gym for the first time b/c the workers couldn't get her to calm down. She is starting to move a lot and is very frustrated by her limitations. She can't quite get her thumb in her mouth and she wants to sit up so bad. This morning she rolled over! Granted she was propped up on a pillow so that kind of helped her roll, but once she was on her belly she figured out how to get her other arm out from under her and raise up on her tummy, so I am counting it! Rolled over at 13.5 weeks. She is sleeping really well at night. She only gets up one time and it has been around 3:30am-4 for the last 2 weeks. Which is great b/c that lets me get a solid 5-6 hours sleep. She then gets up again around 6am and will usually go back to sleep for a little bit after that. So, I am feeling pretty rested lately!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Columbus marathon, yes or no?

Should I do the Columbus marathon bloggy friends? I keep thinking I want to, then talk myself out of it.

  • I really want to do another marathon as I've only done one (but trained for 2 others!)
  • It's close to home and inexpensive
  • It's flat
  • All the people I run with are doing it
  • it would be good practice to prepare for a faster spring marathon
  • I'm already up to 12 mile long run and the race isn't until Oct


  • I still weigh a ton and tend to not lose much weight when I am running long
  • My feet ache bad from the added weight (but my knees feel okay)
  • Is it too much too fast?
  • My time will likely be around 4:45-5:00 at the pace I am currently running
  • Money

If I decide to do it I picked a relatively conserative plan that only has me running 4 days a week around 30ish miles, so I can still make a spin class and my weight lifting classes. Or should I just train with my friends so I get out there and run and just do the half mary I have planned and save myself up for a spring marathon where I can hopefully go out there and get that 4:20 marathon I was planning on last year? Thoughts?

Letter to Harper: Month 3

Oh Harper you have hit your first big milestone - 3 months! And what a month this last month has been. You have changed into your own little person. A person who loves to coo and interact with us, so close to laughing! You are no longer satisfied to just sit still, you want to move!!!! And you are trying so hard to suck your thumb, but can't quite get it and that really pisses you off. You are also doing little baby situps constantly trying to sit up. You can sit up when I put you in the corner of the couch and you are really good at holding your neck up. I think by next month you will have total control of it. You like your swing now and have taken a few naps in it lately whereas before you couldn't stand to sit in it. On walks in your stroller you no longer fall right asleep, you stay awake and look around. You have also started noticing the tv and love to stare at it....I better keep an eye on that!

You weigh 14 lbs now and have gotten huge, you are quite a bit bigger than the other kids of your age in our new mommies group. The last 3 months have been fun having a calm easy baby that I could pretty much lay anywhere, but I am looking forward to the new you that needs a lot more attention and wants to roll, crawl, sit up etc!
As for me, 3 months later...I ran 12 miles yesterday and it felt pretty darn good. My feet are much more sore do to the extra 17 lbs I am lugging around, but I got through it at about an 11 min pace. I hope to be able to hold that around 10 min for my actual HM in Sept.
Friday, July 17, 2009

Need some mojo

I am feeling uncharacteristically (wow long word) unmotivated these last few days. I need a kick in the rear. I had some great workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I hit spin class in the morning and did a solo 5 mile run in the evening. Tuesday I did the urban iron class in the am and then ran 4 miles after Harper went to bed with my friend. But then Wed hit and I had the whole day with no commitments except for lunch with a neighbor and I didn't feel like working out, I got myself to do a yoga dvd and called it a rest day. Thursday I was feeling lackluster all day but did make it to urban iron class. I was supposed to run this morning at Laura's, but Harper didn't sleep well last night, so neither did I, so I overslept and bailed. And here I sit trying to get myself motivated to go run errands. I need to buy a printer and some photo albums. I am determined to get a 2008 and 2009 photo album together. I haven't been good about printing pics off of shutterfly. I know how much I loved looking through photo albums my whole life, so I want to make sure Harper has some to look at and I think organizing them by year will be the easiest way. I need to run after G gets off work or at the very least do a dvd. Tomorrow I am running 12 miles, should be interesting....!

One of the reasons I am down is that we are having issues with Fonzie. He's always been a bit bad and neurotic. But Wed when my neighbor walked up onto the porch he nipped her in the calve, just a little nip, didn't break the skin or anything, but I was shocked. He's always been a bit fearful of people, but never indicated he might bite. Sometimes when Gary gets home and he is really happy, he jumps up and nips Gary in the butt, never does it to me, but this was different. He did it twice real quick and then backed off and was fine in the house. I chalked it up to him being protective b/c she came up on the porch and told myself I'd just have to watch him better from now on and not leave him loose when people come over. So, then yesterday the mother in law, who isn't a huge dog lover was coming over, so I held Fonzie as she walked in the back door and Gary gave her a treat to give Fonzie, which he took, but then he did the same thing to her after I let him go. UUUUGGGH. Not good, a really scary bad habit that I now have to figure out how to deal with. It's not like I can practice the scenario, who is going to volunteer to walk into my house and maybe get bit? My plan is to keep him on a leash from now on when people come in, which is all well and good, but its another level of worry that I now will have when people come over. I know it's a fear thing with him, not an aggression thing. I read all kinds of stuff on the Internet last night and they all say the same thing, keep them around people, establish that you are top dog etc. So, I will definitely be taking more time to train him. I hope he grows out of some of his anxiety issues. I've never had a dog so scared of everything. I can't figure out where it came from since we've had him since he was 8 weeks old. La sigh.

On a better note, how cute is my baby! She is in a little dress my sister Melanie got her.
Monday, July 13, 2009

Run your ass off

Has anyone been watching Dance your Ass off? I just can't get enough of bad reality tv. Loves it. I hope I can run, spin, yoga and urban iron mine off! So, I lost 8 lbs in 6 weeks, not bad, but I hope to drop 10 in this next 6 weeks. In order to do that I am going to have to step up the intensity of my runs and watch my food more closely. Oh and I am going to get back on my bike! Probably just indoors, but still I need to get back on my bike. And lastly, walk the dogs more. I've been lazy about that and they've only been getting a mile lately. I need to try to take them twice or walk them 2 miles most days. I am going to post my workout plans in the sidebar as a reminder to myself that I put them out there so I need to do them! I am starting this 6 weeks schedule with 15 lbs to get to my pre-preggo weight, 17 to get to my happy weight and 22 to get to my ultimate goal weight. Which I am aware may never happen again, lol. Although I must say that I really don't feel like my body has changed much since baby, some people definately have a change of their hips, but I already had wide hips, so I don't see a difference and since I was able to put on some pre preggo jeans the other night I think I am right.
We took Harper to the zoo last week. Obviously at 3 months, she didn't care much. But Cleveland zoo has indoor fish tanks and she seemed to like those. Please ignore how scrubby I look in the photo, lol.
Question for you moms. Did you kids go through a phase around this time where they only wanted to be w/you? Usually Harper loves her daddy and smiles a goos at him, but starting Sat she's been really fussy with him. He watched her for me on Sat for 6 hours. She took one bottle no problem and got halfway through another, but she cried for the last 3o mins straight and quieted right down when I got home. I felt so bad. I breastfed her and she ate like crazy. I know she hates the bottle, we need to work on that. I am also thinking maybe it's just a growth spurt and she needs to eat a lot more, so she's fussy. She did the same thing on Sunday when I was gone for 25 mins walking the dogs, got fussy the last 5 and cried. But she is all smiles with me... :( We were at his dad's Sat night with a bunch of people and she wasn't as happy to be held by others as she usually is, but it was also bedtime. Ideas?
Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Sunday

What a beautiful day here in Cleveland. I am so happy that summer finally seems to be here! I got through my 6 week challenge, I didn't eat as well as I wanted to, but I did manage to lose 8 lbs. So, I am okay with that. Still a lot to go. But I did fit into a pair of pre pregnancy jeans, so yay for that.

I had a nice weekend. Friday night we had dinner at out neighbors house, they are expecting their first child in a few weeks. Sat I got up bright and early and met Sara and Harley to run the Muddy Paws trail race. Well, they call it a race, but the trail is so damn hard I have a hard time even getting through the 5 mile loop. But we did the 5 miler, then we went out to the road and ran another 4. I had had really shitty runs all week, so I was dreading that long run, but managed okay. I am kind of sore today and my throat hurts (i think from running the air conditioner for the first few times), so I think I am just going to take it easy today. Maybe I'll run a few miles tonight.

My goal this week is to get some good video of Harper "talking". She just loves for you to look at her and she will smile and babble away. It's tooooo cute. I love this stage.
Monday, July 6, 2009

Yucky Monday

Ugh - I feel gross, I think something I ate this weekend was slightly bad. I thought I was going to throw up last night but never did. We had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to a diapers for dogs cookout at our neighbor's house, they are expecting their first child in the next few weeks. Sat we had our annual street parade and our neighbor had us over for breakfast. That was a lot of fun. I ran 9 miles solo beforehand. It was a gorgeous morning and I felt pretty strong on the run. That afternoon we went to G's cousin's house for a cookout. Sunday we went to G's dad's house to celebrate my birthday, so I ate a lot more than I should have this weekend for sure! But I am finally under 20 lbs to lose. That makes me happy. My 6 week "challenge" is almost over. I did well on the workouts, but not as good as I could have on the food. Although I am happy to report that breastfeeding has not made me as voraciously hungry as I thought it would.

Let's talk about running shall we! So, Harper is almost 3 months old, which means I have been running consistently for about 1.5 months now. I am up to 9 mile long run and my pace has dropped from around an 11 min mile to around 10 min, and somewhere around 9:30 for shorter run. I should preface this by saying the fastest I ever was, was about a 9 min mile. Most of last year, thanks to training for 2 marathons I was able to get my pace to stay right around there even on long runs. But I don't feel good about how my running has been going. I am way too easy on myself, I am not pushing my pace except on my weekly tempo run and it is just brutal. I don't seem to have my lungs back yet, I walk too much. I have no real answers, just bitching. At least I am getting out there and doing it. I am sure once I lose a few more lbs I will find it continues to get easier, but I have a feeling this Half mary I signed up for is going to be really hard! Before baby I loved HMs and could pretty much go run one without too much effort, now I am just spent after my long runs. I mean of course I knew after baby things were going to be harder, but it really stinks when you sit down and think about how far you have "fallen". I miss being able to bike 50 miles and then run 6 miles after. Heck, I haven't even been on my bike, but at least I am getting to spin class once a week. I think I will set some time aside this weekend to get my bike set up on the trainer. At least if I can't go outside, I can still get my buns and back used to being on a road bike again.
Thursday, July 2, 2009

July already? Seeerriously.

Where does the time go? I blinked and Harper is almost 11 weeks old, which means she's almost 3 months old, ack. I can't believe it. She has changed so much, I am loving every minute of it. So much so that I quit my job on Tuesday. Woohoo, I am officially a stay at home mom...for now. My boss, who I just adore, was very nice about it. I felt really bad b/c someone else on our dwindling team quit the same day. When I started working there, we had 4 project managers (one a team lead) 5 developers (2 of them senior leads), & 4 Quality assurance testers on our team (one a manager), now they are down to 2 project managers (no lead), 3 developers (no seniors), and 3 QA people (no mngr), it's really way too few people, it was too few before I quit. I feel bad for the whole team leaving, but am excited to stay home. I am going to continue to look for a good PT position and see if I can figure out how vipdesk.com or elance.com works to bring in a little money. I am also toying with the idea of trying to sell something crafty on etsy or at festivals...I'm not very crafty though. Enough about money stuff.

I am in week 2 of official training for the Akron half marathon. I downloaded a 4 day a week running plan from runners world smartcoach. I did 21 miles last week and will be doing 22 this week. So far so good. I did speed work last week and a tempo run this week. I have never really done anything besides count miles and do them at the speed the works for me, but I am trying to stay close tot eh prescribed speeds in the plan. It'll be interesting to see how it goes. My feet are hurting, I have issues with my tibialis, especially on the left side. The added weight doesn't help. I am down about 8 lbs since I really started paying attn, but I still have about 20 to go, which seems very intimidating. But I will just keep on doing what I am doing it, it will come off slowly but surely.

Sigh....I can't believe I am 30.

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