Friday, July 17, 2009

Need some mojo

I am feeling uncharacteristically (wow long word) unmotivated these last few days. I need a kick in the rear. I had some great workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Monday I hit spin class in the morning and did a solo 5 mile run in the evening. Tuesday I did the urban iron class in the am and then ran 4 miles after Harper went to bed with my friend. But then Wed hit and I had the whole day with no commitments except for lunch with a neighbor and I didn't feel like working out, I got myself to do a yoga dvd and called it a rest day. Thursday I was feeling lackluster all day but did make it to urban iron class. I was supposed to run this morning at Laura's, but Harper didn't sleep well last night, so neither did I, so I overslept and bailed. And here I sit trying to get myself motivated to go run errands. I need to buy a printer and some photo albums. I am determined to get a 2008 and 2009 photo album together. I haven't been good about printing pics off of shutterfly. I know how much I loved looking through photo albums my whole life, so I want to make sure Harper has some to look at and I think organizing them by year will be the easiest way. I need to run after G gets off work or at the very least do a dvd. Tomorrow I am running 12 miles, should be interesting....!

One of the reasons I am down is that we are having issues with Fonzie. He's always been a bit bad and neurotic. But Wed when my neighbor walked up onto the porch he nipped her in the calve, just a little nip, didn't break the skin or anything, but I was shocked. He's always been a bit fearful of people, but never indicated he might bite. Sometimes when Gary gets home and he is really happy, he jumps up and nips Gary in the butt, never does it to me, but this was different. He did it twice real quick and then backed off and was fine in the house. I chalked it up to him being protective b/c she came up on the porch and told myself I'd just have to watch him better from now on and not leave him loose when people come over. So, then yesterday the mother in law, who isn't a huge dog lover was coming over, so I held Fonzie as she walked in the back door and Gary gave her a treat to give Fonzie, which he took, but then he did the same thing to her after I let him go. UUUUGGGH. Not good, a really scary bad habit that I now have to figure out how to deal with. It's not like I can practice the scenario, who is going to volunteer to walk into my house and maybe get bit? My plan is to keep him on a leash from now on when people come in, which is all well and good, but its another level of worry that I now will have when people come over. I know it's a fear thing with him, not an aggression thing. I read all kinds of stuff on the Internet last night and they all say the same thing, keep them around people, establish that you are top dog etc. So, I will definitely be taking more time to train him. I hope he grows out of some of his anxiety issues. I've never had a dog so scared of everything. I can't figure out where it came from since we've had him since he was 8 weeks old. La sigh.

On a better note, how cute is my baby! She is in a little dress my sister Melanie got her.


Christine said...

OK..this may sound strange...but my dog does this once in a while and I've noticed a few things. Basically if I let my dog run up to other people and dogs without holding him back or making him approach slowly..he does fine. He runs up..sniffs them..wags his tail..and moves on. If I try to hold him back or make him sit and wait for them to approach us, I feel like since I'm holding him back..thats telling him to protect me. Also he can sense when I get anxious about people approaching so he gets in protect mode. I'm not sure if this makes sense or not...but try having the people stick there hand out so he can sniff them but don't try to hold him back or seem anxious. Try to stay really relaxed and just let them come in. The dogs definitely sense when you are nervous and it makes them want to protect you. Ok I know I just rambled majorly...hope it makes sense! Cutie Patootie baby!

N.D. said...

Um - she's ADORABLE!!!

I have been experiencing the lost mojo for a while now.. trying to get it back.

justjoshfunk1 said...

Harper's hair is really coming in blonde, huh? She looks so cute. I bet she's a ton of fun to have around the house. It sucks that you're having to deal with that dog too, but I'm sure you'll figure out the perfect way to fix that problem. Smooch!


Angela and David Kidd said...

I can't believe how big she's getting. And she's just adorable.

I hope the dog issues resolve themselves. How is he with Harper?

And the mojo will come back. I'm guessing if you force it, it will take even longer. Sometimes you just need a good nights sleep.

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