Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny Monday

And a happy sunny Monday to you Clevelanders! Finally maybe summer has arrived and this rain will go away. Nah, the forcast has rain off and on this week, but I am loving what I see outside right now. I just got back from a pretty shitty run, no pun intended. I had pizza for the first time in forever last night and my stomach was not kind to me and there was lots of walking sprinkled into the run. Once a week I run at my friend Salty's house (babysitting/running swap) and she sort of lives out in the country and it is such a nice green place to run. Great way to start the day. She is running now, her kid is napping and Harper is asleep. I don't know if I should wake Harper up, they say never to wake a sleeping baby, but do I really want her to sleep for like 3 hours? After just getting up at 6:30? She falls asleep in the car on the way over here, so she is asleep form like 7:45 until after 10...that just seems like too long to me. I turned off her swing, so maybe she will wake up on her own.

Big congrats to the lovely Kim Ammon who kicked IM Lake Placid's butt. Seeing her do the race really has given me a kick in the butt. Kim was the one who got me starting to believe I could do tris and I went to an IM training group with her last year where we rode the course and ran half the marathon portion and I felt good and strong and like I could do an IM. Now, hahaa. I haven't swam in like 10 months! I think that I will concentrate on swimming again this winter and hopefully do some more tris next summer. But in order to do so I have a lot of swim work to do. Well and who knows where I am on the bike, thats been too long as well. But I WILL get on it this week, I promise!


allanjel said...

Way to get all your "shitty" runs out of the way before your race!! That's good thinking...haha. I am certain you will surprise yourself at Akron.

As for swimming...really consider signing up for Reddy's swim sessions. Janet and I did the 1/month for 7 month and it really, really helped.

Trishie said...

Enjoy your Monday -- sounds like a good one !

justjoshfunk1 said...

It sounds like your week is off to a great start.

klammon said...

Hey Thanks Monica! What and unbelievable experience. I truely believe anything is possible as long as you have your heart into it! Harper is soo cute!

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