Thursday, July 2, 2009

July already? Seeerriously.

Where does the time go? I blinked and Harper is almost 11 weeks old, which means she's almost 3 months old, ack. I can't believe it. She has changed so much, I am loving every minute of it. So much so that I quit my job on Tuesday. Woohoo, I am officially a stay at home mom...for now. My boss, who I just adore, was very nice about it. I felt really bad b/c someone else on our dwindling team quit the same day. When I started working there, we had 4 project managers (one a team lead) 5 developers (2 of them senior leads), & 4 Quality assurance testers on our team (one a manager), now they are down to 2 project managers (no lead), 3 developers (no seniors), and 3 QA people (no mngr), it's really way too few people, it was too few before I quit. I feel bad for the whole team leaving, but am excited to stay home. I am going to continue to look for a good PT position and see if I can figure out how or works to bring in a little money. I am also toying with the idea of trying to sell something crafty on etsy or at festivals...I'm not very crafty though. Enough about money stuff.

I am in week 2 of official training for the Akron half marathon. I downloaded a 4 day a week running plan from runners world smartcoach. I did 21 miles last week and will be doing 22 this week. So far so good. I did speed work last week and a tempo run this week. I have never really done anything besides count miles and do them at the speed the works for me, but I am trying to stay close tot eh prescribed speeds in the plan. It'll be interesting to see how it goes. My feet are hurting, I have issues with my tibialis, especially on the left side. The added weight doesn't help. I am down about 8 lbs since I really started paying attn, but I still have about 20 to go, which seems very intimidating. But I will just keep on doing what I am doing it, it will come off slowly but surely.

Sigh....I can't believe I am 30.


Audrey said...

Maybe you can come up with your own line of "something" directed to Marathon runners to sell on Etsy!

Also, welcome to the world of SAHM!

Angela said...

Ah 30...I didn't have a problem with turning 30 but I did find out that all those ladies out there were not lying about the metabolism slowing down at 30. I've had so much more of a hard time losing the last 5-10 pounds after Brayden than I did with ryan and I'm actually training more. Maybe I should keep a food diary.

I'm very happy that you've worked everything out and things are going well. Enjoy all the moments with Harper, they will pass by so quickly!

Trishie said...

good luck w the training !

Angela and David Kidd said...

Congrats on your decision to quit your job. Can't say I didn't feel a little twinge of jealousy when I read it.

N.D. said...

congrats on quitting and the 1/2 training. You will love being at home. I am just realizing now how much Id be missing!

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