Monday, July 6, 2009

Yucky Monday

Ugh - I feel gross, I think something I ate this weekend was slightly bad. I thought I was going to throw up last night but never did. We had a busy weekend. Friday night we went to a diapers for dogs cookout at our neighbor's house, they are expecting their first child in the next few weeks. Sat we had our annual street parade and our neighbor had us over for breakfast. That was a lot of fun. I ran 9 miles solo beforehand. It was a gorgeous morning and I felt pretty strong on the run. That afternoon we went to G's cousin's house for a cookout. Sunday we went to G's dad's house to celebrate my birthday, so I ate a lot more than I should have this weekend for sure! But I am finally under 20 lbs to lose. That makes me happy. My 6 week "challenge" is almost over. I did well on the workouts, but not as good as I could have on the food. Although I am happy to report that breastfeeding has not made me as voraciously hungry as I thought it would.

Let's talk about running shall we! So, Harper is almost 3 months old, which means I have been running consistently for about 1.5 months now. I am up to 9 mile long run and my pace has dropped from around an 11 min mile to around 10 min, and somewhere around 9:30 for shorter run. I should preface this by saying the fastest I ever was, was about a 9 min mile. Most of last year, thanks to training for 2 marathons I was able to get my pace to stay right around there even on long runs. But I don't feel good about how my running has been going. I am way too easy on myself, I am not pushing my pace except on my weekly tempo run and it is just brutal. I don't seem to have my lungs back yet, I walk too much. I have no real answers, just bitching. At least I am getting out there and doing it. I am sure once I lose a few more lbs I will find it continues to get easier, but I have a feeling this Half mary I signed up for is going to be really hard! Before baby I loved HMs and could pretty much go run one without too much effort, now I am just spent after my long runs. I mean of course I knew after baby things were going to be harder, but it really stinks when you sit down and think about how far you have "fallen". I miss being able to bike 50 miles and then run 6 miles after. Heck, I haven't even been on my bike, but at least I am getting to spin class once a week. I think I will set some time aside this weekend to get my bike set up on the trainer. At least if I can't go outside, I can still get my buns and back used to being on a road bike again.


Mama Simmons said...

If you're running is only 30 sec/mile off 'normal' but you're carrying an extra 20lbs, you're probably a LOT more fit than you think!! Carrying extra weight makes a huge difference in running pace. So once you're back to race weight you'll be a ton faster than before. :)

and YES on the compression socks! I sleep in them sometimes and while they are not magic, they do leave your legs feeling a lot fresher in the morning. :)

Clare said...

i feel EXACTLY the same way! i just did 7 mile long run, longest since at least last sept, and although the pace was ok it felt SOOO hard! i was saying the same thing, stinks when you see how far you've fallen. i was always ready for a half, i have to work to get there and although i am going through the motions, it's just not the same!!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

It's only been 3 months - it will come around. And like Michele said, if you are only 30 seconds off your normal time but 20 pounds heavier, you'll be flying when that weight comes off. I carried Zach in a back pack all weekend (he's 22 pounds) and let me tell you, if I was running with that weight I would be SUPER SLOW. Give your body time and just keep plugging away. I refused to wear a watch the first couple of months and just enjoyed the fact that I could run without worrying about whether I was knocking around a baby in my belly.

Nitsirk said...

You are doing great! I am still 2 minutes per mile off my slowest "fit" pace and haven't managed to run more than 3 miles (with walking) yet. Remember what you put your body through a mere 3 months ago. It takes a while for you to recover from something like that. Good job on the weight too. Mine is finally coming off more easily. Once I hit the 3 month mark it starting getting easier. I think some hormonal changes happen that tell your body it doesn't need that weight anymore.

Angela said...

I agree with these're doing great for 3 months pp. After two pregnancies, as many of these ladies can tell you after only 1, you are so much stronger after giving birth.

Prior to the boys I ran at a 9 min/mile. Last night, I had my training run at a 7:57 pace. I've NEVER run that pace before; especially for 3.25 miles. And the thing is, I realized I could have gone faster.

Stick with it...20 lbs to go and you're going to amaze yourself!

KATIE said...

Don't beat yourself up - you are doing great! I WISH I could motivate myself to get back to running and now that Anna Claire is 9 months old I REALLY have no excuse! I still have 14 lbs of baby weight, plus a few more I want to lose - so I think considering Harper is 3 months old you are what I call, "" my friend! I envy your motivation - good work Momma! Harper is precious by the way! xoxo

N.D. said...

your running is going so well! reat job!

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