Sunday, July 19, 2009

Columbus marathon, yes or no?

Should I do the Columbus marathon bloggy friends? I keep thinking I want to, then talk myself out of it.

  • I really want to do another marathon as I've only done one (but trained for 2 others!)
  • It's close to home and inexpensive
  • It's flat
  • All the people I run with are doing it
  • it would be good practice to prepare for a faster spring marathon
  • I'm already up to 12 mile long run and the race isn't until Oct


  • I still weigh a ton and tend to not lose much weight when I am running long
  • My feet ache bad from the added weight (but my knees feel okay)
  • Is it too much too fast?
  • My time will likely be around 4:45-5:00 at the pace I am currently running
  • Money

If I decide to do it I picked a relatively conserative plan that only has me running 4 days a week around 30ish miles, so I can still make a spin class and my weight lifting classes. Or should I just train with my friends so I get out there and run and just do the half mary I have planned and save myself up for a spring marathon where I can hopefully go out there and get that 4:20 marathon I was planning on last year? Thoughts?


Trishie said...

I vote YES! You're like me, Monica - you need something to train for :) ... October gives you plenty of time to train and I think a conservative plan is perfect.

JenC said...

I would vote for "train for a faster half in the Fall and then go for the marathon in the Spring". Support you either way of course!! : )

N.D. said...

I would say if you can deal with a slower time and maybe a non-serious more fun run, and can get through the training, do it!! And you don't weigha ton.. but I know how you are feeling!

cdnhollywood said...

I'm with JenC on this one. Give yourself some extra time to strengthen up and get ready. You can still have fun with many other shorter races this fall that will probably make you stronger and more resiliant (and less likely to injure yourself).

Patience and persistence!

allanjel said...

I say give yourself another 2 weeks of training and thinking about it. Nothing like getting in too deep and then NOT being able to run it, but then again taking chances and pushing yourself is what this is all about right???

So yeah, my answer is think about it a little longer, keep training and then re-assess.

Clare said...

you say you WANT, why not? does it sell out, do you have to sign up right now? i'm in a place where i DON'T want to even do a half and i'm trying to force i'm thinking just do what you think you want to do but be ok if you change your mind!

Christine said...

I'm thinking about doing the halfer!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

While if I was in your shoes I probably wouldn't take my own advice and would do the half, I'm guessing my coach would tell me to do the half this fall to avoid injuries and not to burn out and then focus on the marathon in the spring.

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