Sunday, July 19, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 3

Oh Harper you have hit your first big milestone - 3 months! And what a month this last month has been. You have changed into your own little person. A person who loves to coo and interact with us, so close to laughing! You are no longer satisfied to just sit still, you want to move!!!! And you are trying so hard to suck your thumb, but can't quite get it and that really pisses you off. You are also doing little baby situps constantly trying to sit up. You can sit up when I put you in the corner of the couch and you are really good at holding your neck up. I think by next month you will have total control of it. You like your swing now and have taken a few naps in it lately whereas before you couldn't stand to sit in it. On walks in your stroller you no longer fall right asleep, you stay awake and look around. You have also started noticing the tv and love to stare at it....I better keep an eye on that!

You weigh 14 lbs now and have gotten huge, you are quite a bit bigger than the other kids of your age in our new mommies group. The last 3 months have been fun having a calm easy baby that I could pretty much lay anywhere, but I am looking forward to the new you that needs a lot more attention and wants to roll, crawl, sit up etc!
As for me, 3 months later...I ran 12 miles yesterday and it felt pretty darn good. My feet are much more sore do to the extra 17 lbs I am lugging around, but I got through it at about an 11 min pace. I hope to be able to hold that around 10 min for my actual HM in Sept.


N.D. said...

This is very cute! love the letters. She's adorable! and great job on the 12 miles!

Trishie said...

these are so sweet, monica <3

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