Thursday, July 23, 2009

Columbus marathon, no

Thank you for the comments bloggy friends. I thought long and hard about it and decided that no the marathon is not a good idea. The only reason I came to that decision is b/c I had a particularly bad day with Harper and I didn't get my run in. I was exhausted and frustrated and it occur ed to me that Harper's schedule is first, not mine and raising her is probably going to mean that I miss a lot of runs. She is not to a point yet where G can easily watch her or where she will take a bottle, so I probably can't stick to a schedule the way I need to and will just run myself ragged and feel guilty all the time. So, half marathon this fall, that's it. I will likely run more than one half, but Akron is my focus. I think once Harper's sleeping schedule is more set and I can get some runs in in the morning and when I can put her in the running stroller then I can keep a schedule better. I am running over 20 miles a week and would like to get that closer to 30ish by fall.

Weight loss is moving along. I am down 1.5 lbs in a little over a week, so I am pleased with that. I haven't gotten my bike on the trainer yet, but Gary did clean & lube my bike up for me yesterday (thank you sweetie!), so I will for sure this week, I need to clean the basement up first and get a swing set up for Harper down there.
Harper is all over the place. She has changed so much. She's still great, don't get me wrong, but sooooo much more crabby than she had been the previous 2.5 months. It used to be that maybe she would cry once a week, now it is definitely a daily occurrence. On Monday, I had to leave my class at the gym for the first time b/c the workers couldn't get her to calm down. She is starting to move a lot and is very frustrated by her limitations. She can't quite get her thumb in her mouth and she wants to sit up so bad. This morning she rolled over! Granted she was propped up on a pillow so that kind of helped her roll, but once she was on her belly she figured out how to get her other arm out from under her and raise up on her tummy, so I am counting it! Rolled over at 13.5 weeks. She is sleeping really well at night. She only gets up one time and it has been around 3:30am-4 for the last 2 weeks. Which is great b/c that lets me get a solid 5-6 hours sleep. She then gets up again around 6am and will usually go back to sleep for a little bit after that. So, I am feeling pretty rested lately!


Trishie said...

There will be marathons next year .. and the year after... and the year after. Sounds like you made a decision that's best for your family !

Clare said...

it is hard for me too to find the time. stick with the half, i'm sure you'll do another full when it feels right! me too i hope!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I think you made the right decision. I thought about doing a marathon when Zach was 4 months and thank goodness my coach talked me out of it and I did a half. Like you, my training was unpredictable and sporadic at first. It was really, really hard to stick to a schedule until Zach started sleeping. Life gets SO much easier when that happens.

Angela said...

Schedules are so important for the little ones! You seem to be handling all of this so well, good for you! She'll be on a set schedule and your time will come when you can do your marathons again, count on it!

Glad things are continuing to go well for you.

N.D. said...

SHe is looking so cute!! growing so much! It will be less stressful for you to commit to the marathon so a good choice. You are doing great w/ weight loss. Are you cutting / counting calories, I cannot seem to continue to lose weight!

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