Sunday, June 28, 2009

Home again

"Home", I still call where I grew up home, but I guess at this point, being a mom and wife, Cleveland really is my home....but regardless I am at my mom's home in KY visiting family. 1 of my sisters Tina and her husband Tim live here as well. I left OH on Wed and drove first to Bloomington IN to visit my dear friend Jane and her 1 year old son Nils, it took about 7 hours. As luck would have it, another one of her friends Rachel was also in Bloomington for a few days staying with her. I have met Rachel before and really like her, she is 6 months preggo and already has a 2 year old. We had a great day and a half hanging out and talking about mom stuff! Plus we had pancakes! So there you go! I left IN on Thurs afternoon and made the 4 hour drive from there to Danville KY. On both trips Harper was very good. I felt really bad for her to have to sleep that whole time. She only cried once on the 7 hour trip. I stopped and fed her every few hours, it was tougher on me I think.

Since I've been here I have ran twice. Friday my BIL and I did our 8 mile long run, we are both training for the Akron half mary. I was really worried that I would crumple in the heat here, but it stormed the night before and cooled it off, so we had a great 8 mile run. Sat I went to their gym and lifted weights, maybe a bit too much as I am SORE today. This morning we did an easy 4 miler. So, I am so proud of myself for getting my workouts in and not eating too much junk. Something about being home makes me eat a bunch of crap, so far so good.

I turned 30 this past Thurs, ugh. My sister made a wonderful dinner of salmon with rice and lowcal strawberry shortcake. Everything was delicious and I was happy to have a nice happy bday meal! I can't believe I am 30. It always sounded so old to me. But I'm a mom now ands 30! Is life over? LOL, just kidding. Hope you are all having lovely weekends!


Trishie said...

You are doing so great with your runs !

triguyjt said...

Life has just begun!!!!!

Happy B--day belatedly..

Angela and David Kidd said...

Happy 30th! Enjoy the rest of your time at home.

Jane said...

Ah, I think you're forgetting your ice cream cake.

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