Thursday, June 18, 2009

An off week

This has not been a very good week. I wasn't feeling well for a few days and then Harper was totally off and cried a lot for 2 days straight. Then she took a giant dump and all was right with the world. Today was a much better day for her. A better day for me too, I went to Urban Iron class this morning and it left me pleasantly sore; my workouts from Sun thru Wed were absolutely sub par and off kilter though. And yes I know I was sick and I should cut myself some slack, but unfortunately my mood is way too closely tied to if I work out and how I am eating. My eating has not been good lately either and the scale is frozen. It's such a yucky cycle to want to lose weight, yet to just keep shoveling the cereal in your mouth. Food has always been my problem, but with 20-25 lbs left to lose I am going to have to toe the line and really be clean in my eating. I'm not necessarily eating bad things, just too much of everything and way too much snacky food and not enough fruit and veggies. I am shaking off my bad mood and "starting over" tomorrow.

On another note my work declined my part time proposal. So, it's full time or nothing. I know my answer to that, but haven't let them know yet. I will next week. I have been scouring the internet for work from home opporunities, there are actually some really good websites where you can bid on work -,, It's hard though b/c I haven't done any work on there before and most of the clients want you to be rated, you can't be rated until you've done work and so on...but hopefully I can scrounge up a few dollars off of these websites eventually. It's a lot of boring work like transcribing audio or posting spam on facebook, etc, but heck that's the type of work you can do with a baby. In the meantime I am trying to get rid of a stack of clothes in my closet on Ebay. Might as well make some scratch on the stuff I never wear. Maybe I should just have a big yard sale instead.....

I am also trying to learn the ins and outs of couponing. A few people I know swear they save hundreds a month by doing their coupon due diligence. I have found a few good coupon blogs. If I am going to stay home, I musttttt keep the bills down. It could be fun, trying to find the best bargains...yeah I'll just keep telling myself that. I have beeCheck Spellingn using the cloth diapers at home and probably save 40 diapers a week. I don't use them exclusively, but they really aren't a big deal. Easy to wash, no biggie.

In the world of Harper, I bought her a projector mobile and we have used it 2 nights now and she loves looking at it and it seems to be helping her fall asleep faster and she is certainly more quiet as she falls back to sleep. I am going to KY next week to visit family and am not looking forward to disturbing our routines, but am looking forward to seeing everyone. I signed my BIL Tim and myself up for the Akron half, so I'll do my long run in KY with him. Which is great, but it's so hot there, so I hope I can get through the run. It's amazing the difference when you have to run in another climate.


Nitsirk said...

I am with you on the food. I have given up dairy due to Jack's reflux and that makes it even harder. I have managed to get a few workouts in though but the scale isn't budging. As for your big career change I am impressed. I realized that as much as I love my son I need to work. I am a much better mom now that I am back to work. Plus, mine is the primary salary so if anyone had to stay home it would have to be dad. Good luck!

Clare said...

i'm the same way with food...blah. the trip will be fun, i always stress about messin gup routines but andra's always fine with it. good luck with work from home ideas! i start summer vacation in 1 hour!

Natalie D said...

I'm sure you will make do. I'm doing the same thing. What can I sell on ebay? how can I make money from home.. etc. I wish there were always part-time options for moms. It is ridiculous, my options were the same.

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