Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 2

My my how the time flies. I cannot believe you are already 2 months old! That just seems unreal to me. You are growing so fast and I want to grab the clock and stopppp it. The last few weeks have been nothing but a joy. You are such a wonderfully happy baby. Perfectly content to entertain yourself in your crib or your excercise mat while mamma does some housework, adaptable enough to go to the gym daycare without a worry and be carted all over town on my errands. You are starting to smile when you see me in the morning and pretty much everytime your dad sticks his face in yours. You are making more noises besides the tea kettle squeal and grunts we have grown accustmed to. Now when I talk to you, you talk back. Your personality is starting to come out, jabbery like your mom, but calm like your dad. You are reaching for toys and starting to look all around you and take in your environment. You have some nights like last night where you sleep a glorious 7-8 hours straight, but it is not a nightly habit yet. But that is okay, I like to have that night feeding where you get all cuddly and snuggly and then go grub and go into a milk coma.

The pictures are from this morning sitting on the porch. in your muscial chair. Perfectly happy to watch the lights on your chair while I blog! Yay. And from your first Parade we took you to yesterday. You weren't very interested and slept through most of the hubub.
As far as I go, 2 months post partum, I feel completely back to normal. My body isn't in too bad of shape, I never got any stretch marks, hallelujah, I still have 20ish lbs to lose, they seem to be sitting mostly in my legs and rear. I can already tell a difference in my arms from the weight lifting class and carting you around. I think in another 2 months I should be about back to pre pregnancy weight. My running is slowly improving. I did 6 miles yesterday with friends for the first time in forever, it was great.


justjoshfunk1 said...

I hope you're printing these posts out for her. These will be such a treasure to her one day; not only as a way to learn about her earliest days on earth, but for the opportunity to get to know her mom on a human level. I love it. I think all moms should do this.

Trishie said...

I was just going to see that ^^ or make a digi scrapbook from a place like snapfish... she will REALLY treasure that ! how sweet, monica !

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