Sunday, June 7, 2009

Week 2/6

Okay so I finished up week #1 with a weight loss of about a lb, a little over on some days, but I'll call it a lb. I was hoping for better, but I know my eating wasn't really that clean, hellooo movie popcorn :) This weeks focus will be on clean eating, maybe I should check out that book JT was talking about on his blog....Diet is always my problem. Simply put I eat too much for a 5'2 lady. I know with breastfeeding I still need a lot of calories, so I am just trying to focus on eating most fruits and veggies and "real food". Last week I lost sight of that, I will refocus this week. I didn't make it to the gym but once last week, so my goal is for 3 times this week. Here is my plan - Iron Pump class today and a 2-3 mile run this evening, 5-6 mile run at Laura's on Mon, Tuesday spinning or bootcamp class, Wed 4-5 mile run, Thurs yoga & 3 mile run, Fri Iron pump class, Sat run 5-6. That would be my ideal week, now lets see if I can pull it off.

Gary and I went and saw the Hangover while his step mom watched Harper. I thought it would be a funny movie, but it was really good. I am so glad to see Andy from the Office get a big role, he was great. Truly worth the full movie price, which most comedies aren't. That was the first time Harper officially was babysat (aside from Laura watching her an hour while I ran) and she did just fine. We were gone about 3 hours and honestly I didn't fret or worry or even think about her at all, is that bad, lol. I just enjoyed the time out alone with my hubby. And I'm sure her grandma enjoyed the time snuggling with her.

In the world of Harper, she turned 7 weeks today, I just can't even hardly believe I am almost 2 months post partum. Harper is good, we still have gas issues. I have a hard time getting her back down after her middle of the night feeding. Now though it seems to be a combo of her being wide awake b.c I have been putting her down earlier, around 9-10, and the gas. I usually give up after about an hour and climb into the nursery bed and put her uprightish on the boppy and let her sleep next to me. So, she is sleeping in her crib from about 9/10-2 (she might wake up around 12 for a quick feed and goes back down), but after that 2 or 3 o'clock feeding we have a tough time the rest of the morning she is up and down. She is totally able to self soothe herself, I put her down half awake the first part of the night and just let her work it out. I may pat her belly or talk to her, but I try not to take her back out of the crib. I hope this sets us up for success in the future. She is smiling and starting to make cooing noises, those totally melt my heart of course. I am having an aggressive overflow issue with my milk (read: I squirt the poor dear in the face horribly), I fear that this is the root of all of her gas issues. That or a dairy intolerance, I am working on both. I am only feeding her on one side at a time to try and get my supply under control (thank you for the useful tips) and I started to cut out dairy 2 days ago. We'll see if the dairy is part of this at all in about a week. I used to be lactose intolerant and then it magically went away when I was preggo, so cutting out dairy is no big deal to me. After talking to a few mom who had success with gas issues after cutting milk protein from their diet, I figure it can't hurt to try.

Also I am reading a great book called The Baby Whisperer by Tracey Hogg, I wish I had read it before the baby got here. But I really like her techniques and will be working to incorporate them into our days. Speaking of our days....I sent my boss my part time proposal, so I should know what my days will be like in the next week or so.


N.D. said...

part time is awesome and a happy medium for sure, that is what I want to do. Sounds like you are doing great and Harper too!

Nitsirk said...

Love love love the Baby Whisperer. I am convinced that is how we got Jack sleeping through the night at 9 weeks. He sleeps from 7:30-10. Gets his dream feed at 10 and then sleeps until 6:30 am. Pure bliss! Good luck.

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