Monday, June 1, 2009

Stay ay home mom?

So with Harper being 6 weeks old, that also means I only have 6 weeks off of work left. I am still not sure if I am going back to work. It is a decision that weighs heavily on me every single day. I flip flop constantly. Believe me, if money wasn't an issue it wouldn't even be a question, I'd stay home. I want to. I am just worried about living on a tight budget and then also about finding another job when the time comes; bc even if I stayed home it'd only be for like a year. Ideally I'd love to stay home until she is in preschool, but I doubt we can afford that and I'd be scared to have that big of a gap in my resume. I worked hard to finally get into a position that pays well and allows me a lot of responsibility and measurable growth, however its not a job I am in love with by any means. The only real plus is that I really like my direct boss and team co-workers. The issue is that when I go back/if I go back there is a lot of talk (behind my back) of switching me to another team that needs good project mngrs. But I'll just leave it at that as I know I shouldn't blog about work. I keep coming back to the fact that when I am 80 I will not regret the fact that I didn't have new clothes or a better road bike, I will regret the fact that someone else was the first one to hear my baby laugh or see her take her first steps....argh.

On another note that means I have 6 weeks to get in the best shape I can. If I go back to work it will be MUCH harder to get my workouts in. So starting today, June 1st I will really be busting my ass, especially in the food dept. I hope to lose 10-15 lbs of the 20ish I need to lose by then. A tall order I know, but I have been pretty lax since I had yhe baby so I know eating cleaner and working out everyday will help. Wish me luck.


Trishie said...

It's a personal decision, but I HIGHLY recommend "The Feminine Mistake: Are we giving up too much?" about motherhood + careers.

Clare said...

maybe it's just because staying home wasn't an option for me...or that i'm a teacher with teacher hours and summers off, so take this with a grain of salt...BUT, i really can't imagine NOT having gone back to work. i think everyone struggling with this decision should at least give it a shot...if it turns out you really want to stay home, do it, but you'll never know if going back to work will be ok if you don't try.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Not going back to work wasn't really an option for me because my husband is taking a chance with his career right now and pursuing his dream. There are days I really regret going back but I also think daycare is amazing for Zach. Already his social skills are developing, he is developing super quickly because he's around older kids and they are professionals that know how to stimulate him. Everyone's decision is personal but you might be surprised that going back to work isn't as bad as you think.

Nitsirk said...

I understand completely. I go back on Monday and I have no choice. Mine is the main salary between us. My hub only got 3 days off at the beginning so I was never really able to get much exercise in. I am sad to be going back to work and still 20 lbs overweight. I seriously hope you are able to be successful in whatever you choose. The one thing I have in my favor is I really love my job and miss it. However I am afraid I will miss Jack more. I completely understand about the concern that the daycare people will see all of his "firsts" and not me. My plan is to take it one day at a time. Hopefully just being away from my kitchen will help with the weight loss too!

justjoshfunk1 said...

It does sound like you have a tough decision on your hands. There are excellent arguments to both sides. If only there were some type of compromise....

You'll figure out what's right in the end. Good luck.

Jane said...

You won't miss as much as you think, if you have to go back to work. Some of those 'firsts' with babies take a few times.

And really, it doesn't sound like you have to go back to work. So don't, you love the challenge of a budget and your job won't be that effected. Unless you get replaced by robots.

N.D. said...

You will figure out what is right for you! I love my job, and was able to take off a year and a half and go back in sept 2010 (I teach). We have a good plan in that. Somedays, I can't imagine going back until he is in school (at least full time) and other days I miss it. I wish there was a happy medium. I don't regret staying home. I get to workout everyday and make nutritious dinners. I actually can't imagine working now, I feel like I'd be so stressed out and want to spend any free time I had with Nick! Good luck with whatever you decide!

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