Saturday, May 30, 2009

6 weeks old!

Harper is 6 weeks old already, that's just crazy. Boy time flies. I love how much more solid she is now and how she can pretty much support her neck. She is starting to smile at us too which is just golden. I love it.

The weather has been just beautiful lately here in these parts which is really helping with my mood and motivation. I was all set to do a 5 mile "long run" today, but unfortunately didn't realize the hubby was planning on leaving early today to go help his dad mow his lawn, so I didn't have enough time and only got to do 2 miles. I am going to attempt the long run tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I have only ran 3 miles at a time so far, but have walked 4 several times and on the days I run 3, I still walk the dogs, so I get about 5-6 miles in for that day. I think I can do 5, hopefully without too many walk breaks. I have no desire to run over 6 miles for awhile. There is a 10 mile race I want to do in July. I think I will stick with 6 miles for most of June and then try and get in one or two 8 milers before that 10 miler. The 10 miler is hella hard trail race and I totally plan to walk parts of it, so I'm really not sweating being "prepared" to run it.

Gary goes to work on Monday. So I will officially be on my own! I am a little scared b/c even though now I am doing the majority of the baby work, I could always hand the baby off to him if I really needed to get something done. Now I will have to learn to do it all with her. Oh well, at least he gets home from work between 3:30 -4, which is far better than 5 or 6. He's company allows true flex time so he can go in to work at 6:30. We have a lot on our plate next week too. Monday we are going to the zoo, Tuesday is breastfeeding group, Wednesday I am taking Harper up to my work to meet everyone, Thursday is new mom group and Friday Salty and I are trying out a babysitting run (I watch both kids while she runs and vice versa.) On top of that I hope to get to the gym for at least 2 Iron Pump classes. I'm tired just thinking about it.


Trishie said...

busy girl !

justjoshfunk1 said...

Time flies, huh? Good luck with the new transition of Gary being gone. I know you'll handle it like a champ. How much longer do you have off?

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