Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy doing a whole lot of nothing!

Wow time flies when you have a newborn. The days just seems to disappear yet I feel like I get nothing accomplished. Good times... I did make it out to a breastfeeding group on Tuesday and a new moms group on Thursday. I enjoyed both & plan to go back.

Harper is doing good. We are still having night time issues, although last night she slept a glorious 5 hours straight, but I won't get my hopes up that that will be the trend. She is getting cuter every day and more aware. She is very good at holding her neck and head up and she has learned how to cry....but reserves it mostly for her car seat. She does not like to be confined! Strap the girl in if you want to hear her cry. The one thing that she is doing that I hope is just a phase is eating constantly. It seems like she wants to feed every hour and I worry that she is starting to use me as a comfort pacifier. Those of you who breastfeed, do you feed your baby every single time they seem to want it? I've tried to soothe her other ways and it never works and she does eat when I finally feed her.

I started making more of an effort to work out this week, although I still struggle to fit it in even though i am home all day. I ran a mile twice this week and plan to later today. I am able to do it w/o stopping, but hate that it feels so tough...I have also been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred workout and level 1 (of 3)kicks my butt. I have a lot of work to do...sigh. Weight is still stuck, hopefully adding in these workouts will help.

Speaking of Jillian, how great did the Biggest Loser contestants look! And the Lost finale was amazing, I hate that I have to wait until 2010 to see how it all ends.


justjoshfunk1 said...

Glad to hear Harper is cooperating more at night.

Kennedi has recently learned to roll from her back to her belly, and she can raise her head off the ground! She's so cute.

It's going to be so much fun watching Harper learn all these new tricks!

N.D. said...

Maybe try giving her the pacifier? when Nick was going nuts w/ feeding, I tried that and hed go to sleep...i get nothing done still

triguyjt said...

I can send you some roctane gus to help you think..longer runs and workouts if you want....seriously...let me know Momma Monica

The Salty One said...

I fed on demand. There are a couple of growth spurts that usually happen within the first three weeks. She's little and her tummy is small. This is very temporary and she'll get on more of an every 2/3 hour thing soon. She needs to eat a lot to grow nice and big!

As for comfort nursing, from my experience that happens when they're using you to fall asleep. If she's awake she's probably eating. You can take the boob out if you are suspicious. If she's still hungry, she'll let you know :)

Clare said...

roll with her for the first 3 months, i'd say. they do change so much so quickly...if she is just using you as a comfort, so be it (ouch, yes), it really won't last too long. i can't wait to have a second kid so i can do it without all the stress and unknowns!

Angela said...

I agree with Salty One...the growth spurts over the first month a big. Most likely what is happening.

Note to Clare...the second one is just as much as a guess as the first, they're really just don't stress out about not knowing.

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