Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend! I know I sure am, even though everyday is a holiday for me right now! My sister Tina and her husband Tim came to visit us this weekend, they stayed Fri and Sat night. Harper got to meet her aunt and uncle and she was especially smitten with Tim, check out this great picture! Priceless. I can't believe I got her smiling!

Exercise hasn't been going as well as I planned. I just haven't been making the time for it, so I started "over" on Sunday. I went out and ran 1.5 miles and did some abs and pushups. I got up this morning and ran 3 miles. Perfect weather. I just want to get to where I am consistently running 4-5 days a week even if I only do a mile. I am not worried about my overall mileage or pace until my weight is down about 20 lbs. At this weight, my knees hurt when I run, so I really can't push it. Gary goes back to work next week and Harper will be 6 weeks, so I can start going to the gym with her. My plan is to try and get to the gym at least 3 days a week for classes and run the rest of the week. For those of you with little ones, you know getting out of the house once a day is about as good as you can do. So I figure I will structure my week like this:

  • Mon: Gym,
  • Tues: Breastfeeding group or gym & run
  • Wed: Gym
  • Thurs: New moms group & run
  • Fri: Gym or rest day
  • Sat: Long run
  • Sun: Gym or my rest day & run

For the days I go to the gym I want 2 of those to be Urban Iron classes which is an intense weight lifting class, tons of lunges, squats, pushups and abs. The other day or two will be yoga or spinning or the bootcamp class. If I do bootcamp, it can take place of one weekly run b/c you do a lot of sprints around the track, heck I guess spinning could take place of a run too since I am just focusing on losing weight right now.

Harper had her 1 month checkup and she is 9.5 lbs! Also, the doc told me to give her mylicon (6ml instead of 3) every 4 hours for 4 days to see if it helps. Before I was just giving it after feeding, but he wants to see if dosing it preventatively will help. Also, the swaddle has fallen out of favor already! Booo. I had such a nice week when that was working out. She spends half the night trying to break out of the sack! After an hour I give up and let her have her arms out. It's safe to say Harper hates to be swaddled, ugh. I am still going to try it for the first part of every night when she is most tired, hopefully sometimes I can trick her into sleeping swaddled. She did sleep 4 solid hours last night with her arms out. That's not too bad.


Angela and David Kidd said...

What a great picture!

Your schedule looks great. Yeah, for a while, once a day is going to be the best you can do (and somedays that isn't even possible) so just do what you can when you can.

N.D. said...

It sounds fantastic that you have a schedule all made up!! :) She is so cute and already gettingbig!

triguyjt said...

Two great pics!!!

Harper is a little poser!!!haha

jsmarslender said...

The weeks go by quickly, don't they? And once a day is a good plan: just get out of the house. I also liked that idea about you and your friend watching each other's baby so that you each get a run. I hope the gym visits go well!

Clare said...

yup, once a day sounds's such an ordeal! i'm in the same boat with not running as much, but being happy with ANYTHING exercise related! your urban iron class sounds great.

Alyssa mommy said...

Such cute pictures! Your going to be back in fab shape in no time!

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