Tuesday, May 5, 2009
i'm sitting at my desk holding Harper in my arms (well across the desk, her head leaning on my arm) after she had a bath. She really likes the water I think, she doesn't really fuss. I wash her in the sink, she sits in a big sponge with a cut out, it works well; I decided to avoid a baby bathtub, no where to put it. Here's hoping she doesn't poop/pee on me as I let her dry out. I feel so bad that their little junk sits shut up in a diaper all day, so try and give her naked time at least once a day. I just nursed as well, so am enjoying a half of a nice local unfiltered micro brew beer, it's been a long day! But a very nice one.

I got my hair cut today. I really like my hairdresser and the other people that work there (CUt on Lee rd), so it's always more of a social visit. The cut turned out cute (just got a few inches trimmed off and more of a bob) and I walked home from the salon, it's about 1.5 miles. Okay, I meant to walk, but decided to try a really slow jog. It felt okay. I manged to go about a half mile straight, then ran/walked the rest of the way b/c I got a side stitch. Boy I have a long way to go. I got home and Harper ended up sleeping a 5 hours stretch between feedings (she just grubbed to make up for it) and I laid on the couch watching Rob & Big with her on my chest. I love Rob & Big, I wish I could be best friends with them. I am definitely watching more tv than I should be! I need to get a book. On that note, how funny are the AT&T rollover min commercials? They make me laugh every time. Also, the new Sonic one with the middle aged women in the car eating sundaes, that is laugh out loud funny(yeah let's boil some eggs or something!).

Harper's awake moments are definitely becoming longer. She has 2-3 periods a day where she is up for a few hours at a time. I need to get some more videos. Her new thing is to grab my hair and put it in her mouth and then make a disgusted face, it's really cute. SHe loves my hair.


justjoshfunk1 said...

I'm glad you're still able to throw some me time in the mix. It sounds like you're really diggin' this mother thing. You're amazing.

Trishie said...

way to work some exercise into your very full days, mon! little harper is such a cutie (and I LOVE her name - how did you guys come up with it?)

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