Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I love that Harper is staring to get control over her head. Just over the last 2 weeks, she's gotten a lot more interactive. She will lay on her Baby Einstein activity mat and look at the hanging toys, at Laura's house yesterday she repeatedly tried to reach for one of the toys. She has gotten really into her pacifier and loves to suck it and will sit quietly while I do something with her pacy for like 15 mins. Just a bit a go I vacuumed upstairs and cleaned the bathroom and thought she was asleep, but I came down and she was just entertaining herself with her pacy. I am a lucky mom. She had a doc appt today (follow up with the nato neurologist, all clear, she is fine) and she weights 11 lbs! Check her out in her Bumbo chair, she's very pleased with herslf. Cute cupcake shirt courtesy of Aunt Laura and Uncle Ross.

The weight is not moving on the scale, but I am keeping up with my workouts. On Sunday and today I took the Urban Iron class and yesterday I ran 5 miles. This 5 miler was better than the one on Friday, but I still had to walk a little. Ugh. I know i just need to keep with it. The weight doesn't really bother me so much, I don't look THAT bad, what bothers me is that I have nothing to wear. I am sick of looking like a slob everyday. I really hate to buy clothes for this size. I did break down and buy workout clothes for this size and a pair of jeans. I don't want to be in shorts right now, so I guess I just need to find some capris that don't make me look too sloppy.


justjoshfunk1 said...

I'm glad she's so well behaved. I know that's a huge relief.

I'm still shocked at how much she looks like Gary. I haven't heard you mention, but the resemblance is undeniable.

Angela said...

Don't buy the clothes unless you need a few pieces for work...it encourages you to not lose the weight. Or at least it did for me after Ryan was born. I just kept wearing some of my maternity clothes and got lazy. Don't be like me!

You're doing great and Harper sounds like a wonderful little girl.

Nitsirk said...

Awesome job on the running. I think I only managed to get up to 2miles and now that I am working the exercise has stopped completely. I had to buy clothes for work in a size I never thought I would have to buy. 20 pounds to go still but I am trying to eat better and hopefully being away from the house will help with that. Harper is so cute. It's fun once they start actually doing more.

Trishie said...

Keep on keeping with the workouts -- the weight will come off.

And that Harper - she is a cutie !!

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