Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 6

Six months ago today you were finally cleared to come home from the hospital . When we brought you home we sat your car carrier on the coffee table and looked at each other like - what do we do now? Well some how we figured it out and 6 wonderful months later you are doing awesome. You are so smart and so full of personality. Thankfully your mild nature has continued on and for the most part you are always happy. You are sitting up and rolling over both ways now. You eat solid foods 2 times a day and so far you will eat pretty much anything. Looking at the dogs and trying to touch the kitties is one of your favorite pastimes, so is sitting in front of the full length mirror trying to get the baby on the other side.

6 months went way too quickly and I am so sad b/c I now have to start thinking about going back to work. I'm not quite ready yet, but I know it will take some time so I keep an eye out for job listings. Going back to work will be the hardest thing I ever have to do for sure!


jessica said...

oh my god, I am NOT the type to be gushy about other people's kids, but I so want to devour those toes!

enjoy your fall running while it lasts -- I'm in KC, and it sounds like we're getting all the same rainy bummer weather as you guys. Cold summer, rainy fall... hey, maybe it'll be 65 all winter!

Nitsirk said...

Our kids seem so similar. I love having a happy baby, it makes everything easier. Good luck going back to work. It was hard but I think it was best for everyone. Jack really loves playing with his buddies at daycare and I love using my brain and talking to adults :)

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