Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pre Preggo weight!

For 2 days in a row I have weighed in at 130.5. I was hovering between 130 and 133 when I got pregnant, so yay! Pre preggo weight. I wanted to do it by 6 months and lo and behold Monday is her 6th month bday! I hope I can get a few more lbs off. I have enjoyed this week off. I worked out once. Starting tomorrow I am back at it.

Harper is sick. She got super stuffed up late yesterday and we were up all night. She didn't fall asleep until 11, in the swing, after screaming for an hour. She hasn't slept all day. I keep getting her to fall asleep, whether by rocking or feeding her, but then as soon as I lay her down, she is right back up. She is in good spirits for the most part if you are holding her. I hope this cold doesn't last 2 weeks. If she is sick next week I will go to the gym when G is home from work I guess. I am not taking any more time off the gym.

On the tattoo front, I made up my mind on the 3 little birds. But I also have to hold off until summer, as the lady doing the tat said that I really shouldn't get a foot tattoo in the winter and that she doesn't offer her retouching guarantee on foot tats during cold months. But I did promise my friend I would get inked with her after our marathons, so I think I am going to get the symbol for mother in kanji on my rib. Or maybe that little round owl. Although my hairdresser has the astrological signs of her kids on her back and that's a great idea too.


Trishie said...

congrats !

Chelsea said...

You are SUCH an inspiration. Great job!

I can't remember, do you know that I blog about stuff non-Lucy, well and Lucy too, at Wait maybe you posted a comment the other day. My brain seriously sucks right now ;)

N.D. said...

I'm so jealous. You win!!

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