Friday, October 2, 2009

It's fall

Boy fall blew into Cleveland in a nasty, blustery way. It is cold and rainy and ugly out. Yuck. I am a bit under the weather, I think its just the change in weather, so I have been lounging around most of the week. I have gotten 2 runs in, I am running 15 tomorrow, and then I'll run a few on Sunday to make sure I get 4 runs in this week.

Harper is having a really bad day, I think she is teething. She has been crying nonstop and only stops if I am holding her or shove something in her mouth to chew on. Any tips on keeping her happy while this is going on? I can kind of see that her bottom gums are whitish, so I think the teeth are close to popping through. I hope this is short lived. We started solids a few days ago, that has been fun. We started with squash & rice cereal and today we tried pears. She loves it.


Audrey said...

Give her something she can safely chew on. A toy could work, Ev always liked to gnaw on his stuffed toys when the fronts were first coming in. If she likes those teething rings, pop one in the freezer and once it's solid give it to her. If you don't have something like that you can use a clean wash cloth, wet it and freeze that. She'll be able to chew the heck out of it. Good luck!! And congrats on getting out there in this crappy weather. I've felt horridly trapped in the house with all of the rain and cold weather.

Angela and David Kidd said...

Hope the teething passes quickly. It usually didn't last too long with Zach.

Crap weather has descended on us here as well. Makes me just want to get a latte and sit on the couch and read the newspaper. I don't think I'll be able to have a day like that for many more years since right now I'd have to worry about Zach eating the newspaper.

Hope you feel better.

Twila and Scott said...

Parker liked to chew on HARD stuff. Like remotes : ) We were blessed in the teething area they just sorta showed up with no tears. Some people go through it for months. Hope it passes quickly : )

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