Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letter to Harper: Month 7

On the move. Baby I cannot make you sit still anymore. You have places to go and people to see. In the last month you have perfected rolling across the floor and now get that rolling gets you places, it's not just something to do back and forth to get stuck against the crib slats. You really want to sit up on your own and are starting to grab on to me to pull yourself up, but can't quite do it yet. Just a few days ago you started getting up on your knees and rocking your cute little tooshy back and forth. Crawling is not far away and I must admit I dread it. Why? B/c you are obsesses with the dogs and I know that as soon as you can crawl you will be crawling after them. Which would be fine if you would pet nice, but instead you pull and pinch. Mostly Fonzie, who I of course trust the least. Although he really seems to love you. You can say the dadadad sound now and do it over and over again, as well as blowing air out of your mouth in little quite pah, pah sound that you seem to find amusing. Right now your favorite toys are anything hard, as your bottom teeth seem to be driving you crazy for months now, but they just won't pop out. You weigh 20 lbs and are 27 inches tall. I had to raise your excersaucer the other day to the next level so your feet don't drag on the ground. You love to pull socks and shoes off of your feet, so mommy had to splurge and buy you cute little pink pumas that velcro. Sleeping is still about the same. Most nights you mornings you wake up around 5, but will go back down until 7ish. Some days though you sleep all the way until 7 and I thank you for that! We are trying new foods everyday and getting the sippy cup drinking down. What a fun month this has been.


Trishie said...

so sweet! she'll love to read these someday, monica :)

KimZepp said...

Awww. That is so sweet!

Angela and David Kidd said...

Love that picture. And it sounds like she is going great. Get ready, because once she starts crawling she won't stop moving!

allanjel said...

Looks like they were partying a little too hard :) Glad to read she is doing so great.

N.D. said...

I love reading these!!

Mamaw said...


This is from your computer illiterate Mammaw I got hooked looking at Mom's blog and found her letters to you. You are so lucky to have her as your Mom, she is doing such a wonderful job and her fact lights up everytime she looks at you. I guess I did a good job too.

Love Mammaw Hogue

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