Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Looking for advice/opinions

Okay bloggy friends, I want you all to comment, all of you that read have to have something to say about one of these topics! I need opinions/advice on several things. They've all been on my mind and aren't related at all, so let the randomness begin:

1. I want some new tunes to run to. I've exhausted my playlist on all these long runs lately. So, please tell me a few songs you love to work out to. I prefer rap and angry white boy music like Rage Against the Machine.

2. Moms out there, what are your thoughts on the swine flu vaccine? My doc says they will have them in Oct and I can give it to Harper since she will be 6 months old. I just don't know that I want to give it to her or get it myself since I am breastfeeding. I do plan on giving her the plain old flu vaccine, but I am nervous about a vaccine that isn't even FDA approved yet. No history on it, you know what I mean? But then again, how bad will I feel if she does get the swine flu and I didn't vaccinate her? I haven't heard much about it here in Cleveland, but it is all over the place in my hometown in KY...what to do??

3. I can never just focus on the task at hand, so I am thinking past the marathon now. I know I want to do a spring marathon, and then my plan is to not do a fall one and train for the MS 150 bike ride with Gary and some sprint tris (back in the pool ack). Anyway, I want to get faster between Oct and late Jan when it will be time to train for a full again. What advice would you fast ladies give me? How many miles a week should I log? Should I get my butt on the treadmill and do sprints? Should I just focus on losing 10 lbs? I do know that I only want to run 3-4 days a week, I don't want to stop doing my weights classes and spinning classes, I will never be a 6 day a week runner. I think cutting my miles back for awhile and concentrating on losing the pregnancy weight and then some will make me faster for sure.... I have a half marathon in Nov and Feb, and figure I will keep my long run between 10-14 miles after the marathon.


Twila and Scott said...

I spoke with my doctor with the same questions about the flu stuff:

He said yes get the regular flu vaccine; wait until mid to late october so it will carry you through the whole winter.

As for the swine flu vaccine he said no for either one us. 1. it is new 2. it could been included in the regular but it was not due to limited testing and it is a money maker 3. the swine flu does respond to medicine and we are healthy so he will be able to treat us

That is a short summary! Basically I am doing the regular flu but not the swine flu; he said he wasn't even getting the swine flu vaccination

jessica said...

The vaccine... I'm pretty science-minded about the vaccine controversy in general and we did get seasonal flu shots, but I'm listening to my mommy instincts to skip the swine flu vaccine because of the limited testing and rush to get it on the market. Rationally, I know it's just a modified seasonal flu concoction with no reason for any scary additives, but still...

Do you like the Runners' World Run Less, Run Faster plan? Sounds like it could be ideal -- 3 runs a week, w/ speed work, crosstraining like cycling on "off" days.

Clare said...

i'm the least qualified person to give music advice so i'll skip that! andra got the regular flu shot yesterday (but they say she needs a 2nd dose in a month? because it's her first time ever getting the flu vaccine? need to check that). i don't plan to do swine flu...we've had cases of it around me, even in the district i teach in. i would reconsider if things get worse. about running, it's always hard for me to lose weight and work out hard...if it were me (and really, it is, i'd like to lose 10 more too) i'd definitely add speedwork/intervals, do shorter but harder workouts, and keep up the weights (or lift heavier). keep the long run but make the other workouts short and intense. but, ha, i'm not fast so i will check back to see what others say!!

Angela and David Kidd said...

I always love to run to some Jay-Z. I also run to some old school Wu Tang and Master P ("No Limit Soldier"). All of those just have a lot of college memories for me because we warmed up before volleyball games to rap.

As for the vaccine. I'm totally torn about what to do. Seeing Zach sick right now breaks my heart and I would do anything I can to avoid it but I'm also concerned because the vaccine isn't tested. We have our 1 year appointment next week and are asking the doctor.

As for getting faster, nothing makes it happen like a track workout. Once a week every week. Last year I did a lot of track workouts on the treadmill because of our winters and while not ideal, you set a time and you just suck it up. No cheating on the treadmill.

cdnhollywood said...

If you want some angry music, look into Static X and/or Modulate (the latter is more industrial electronica). Be warned - your track workouts will get a LOT faster with this stuff. :D

Angela said...

Ryan got the regular flu shot this year for the fist time since he was born. Neither Tim nor I get the shot and we are not getting it for Brayden. Needless to say we're not getting the swine-flu shot either. I agree with everyone else on this one. Not enough testing, and I personally believe that they get enough vaccines anyway...their little bodies need a break. Basic sanitary rules can guard this stuff off.

Trishie said...

I would just work on building your bike/ swim base. Get out and ride/ swim as much as you feel comfortable doing. If you want to lose weight, though, I would focus on that. I can tell you - and I think you know ;) - that training and losing weight are very difficult to do together !

KimZepp said...

It's not very angry, but I love running to Black Eyed Peas "Pump It." Singing that in my head last week got me up a short steep bike hill.
My boys next go to the doc in early Dec. I hadn't even thought about giving them the swine flu vaccine. Now I'm curious what our doc will say about it. If I find out anything interesting from him I'll let you know.
I'm not one of those 'fast' girls, so I dont' have much of the running advice. :) I think I need some speed advice myself!

justjoshfunk1 said...

1. I don't know a lot of angry white boy music, but Lady Gaga would be fun to exercise to. Also Chromeo!

2. No opinion on this one, except I'm getting mine!!

3. I don't have a lot of opinions on the running thing either, but good luck with whatever you decide. I always say go with your gut. Do what feels right.

I hope everything else is going well. Smoochies!

N.D. said...

I'm no good on music and skipping the swine flu for lack of testing. Would you be happy just training for a 1/2? I feel like that is what I should stick with.

triguyjt said...

way to get the twenty miles in...I gotta run with you sometime...and right now i am working up to that as well...
your little harper is a real cutie!!

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