Sunday, September 13, 2009

Training bank

I put another 20 miles into the Towpath marathon training bank yesterday. I was worried about the run. I was feeling under the weather all last week and only had 2 ridiculously short lackluster runs under my belt. I was still feeling aches in my ankles and feet from last weeks 22 miler. But I got down to peninsula at 7, camelback on, granola bars and gus in my belt, tunes in my ear, garmin set (sheesh I run with a lot of stuff) and ready to go. This week I got to run with a very interesting guy that I haven't ran with in awhile, so that made the first half of the run fly by. We had absolutely perfect weather and b/c we started so far south on the towpath (due to construction by boston store) we ran allll the way to Akron. I literally ran 3 miles further south than I ever had, so I had some new scenery. Some of it bad, hello water treatment plant, ughgggg. I felt pretty good on the 10 down and kept an easy enough pace around 10:30, but when we got to the turn around my ankles and feet really started aching. So, the way back was a bit slower and more painful. But with a few walk breaks in there I managed to do 20 miles in a little under 4 hours. So, I really do think I can maybe run with a 4:30 pace group, if I get scared I'll stick with 4:45. What do you think? All my long runs have been around a 10:30-11 min pace, but I think I could go a bit faster for sure.

Now what to do today? I never know what to do with myself the day after a long run. I think I wil take the dogs for a 2-3 mile walk, see how the ankles feel and do some yoga later. I weighed 138 this morning, I have been stuck there for awhile, but I have had countless cookies lately, so I need to get back to watching it. I really want to be as close to 130 as possible for the marathon. It's hard as hell to diet when training for a full, not that I think you should, but I can clean it up a bit.

Oh and I am horridly, unreasonably scared of spiders, they make me cry, make me nauceous. But look was has been living in the window at the top of my stairs all summer. The only reason he's still alive is b/c he's on the outside and that window isn't near anything! He's huge.


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