Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prepare to be bored - 12/6

In an effort to shame myself into not eating huge quantities of cereal and wendy's frosties on a daily basis I am going to start making a daily post about what I ate today. Not much is going to be off limits except for cereal and true junk food. Why cereal you may ask? Because I eat it 2-3 times a day, for real, small bowls usually, but still I want to completely give up cereal and have it out of my life. Years ago I never ever ate cereal, I picked up the habit when I was pregnant. I am going to post a food log for at least 14 days to try and make myself more conscious of the worthless food I put into my body. Not worried about calories at all, just about putting nutritious, clean fuel in. I get sick too much, maybe if I ate a little better that wouldn't be the case.

Breakfast (pre run) -
1 packet quaker high fiber oatmeal and 1/2 packet quaker simple harvest oatmeal, coffee with 1 stevia and silk soy creamer
8.15 miles run
Snack -
Cliff Z bar & banana
1 hour power yoga
Lunch -
1/2 cup quinoa prepared with chicken broth, carrots, celery & craisins, garden salad w/radishes, beets, chickpeas, goat cheese and balsamic vinagrette
Snack: True North pistachio crisps (yummy cracker alternative, check them out) & 2 slices of very holey deli swiss cheese, big pear
Dinner: 2 tilapia loins sauteed in orange juice and rosemary & green giant frozen veggie mix that had cauliflower, carrots and cranberries in a light butter sauce
Snack: newmans own simply salted popcorn & carnation instant breakfast (was craving chocolate) made with skim milk

I haven't had the popcorn yet, but that is my plan in a few hours. I need some sort of after dinner snack around 8, that's just how it is, usually its cereal. I would give today a B, I overdid it a bit with the true north crisps, but then again I excercised a lot. If you've never tried the True North products you are missing out, they are all really yummy. Target usually has them. You can get a $1 coupon on their website. Time to put Harper to bed!


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