Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am having such a bad day at work and it’s only 9am. Can we start over? Go back to sleep and get back up and have it be Friday? I hate work stress. It just makes me mad. What I do is not life or death, but I still allow it to affect me negatively. In the end what does it really matter if XYZ happens at work. I wish I had a career that actually helped people and did some good somewhere. Okay rant over b/c I know it’s not safe to bitch about work online. Grrrr.

I overslept today. My cat was being a pain in the ass last night. Walking on my head, patty pawing the wicker furniture, pushing herself into my hand to be pet. Normally we make her stay out, but I had been letting her stay in the bed on good behavior b/c lately she has actually slept through the night a few times. Last night was a flashback to the old Dizzy and I could have thrown her through the wall by 4am. So, I didn’t make it to spinning. So, now I am stuck swimming and biking tonight. Oh yeah, swimming b/c I skipped masters yesterday. Sigh. I haven’t really talked about it, but I have some sort of problem with my stomach. And it was hurting yesterday and that doesn’t work well with swimming. I can just see myself vomiting in the pool, nice. I get heartburn/nausea/belly problems a lot. I kind of think I am lactose intolerant, and I will cut out dairy for awhile and then eat it (I had pizza Monday night) and get really sick. But it could also be fat that is making me sick. It’s hard to say b/c when I do break down and eat dairy it is nachos or pizza and they are fatty too. So, I am stuck between wondering if something is wrong with my gall bladder and wondering if I am just lactose intolerant. Gall bladder issues run in my family (dad and 2 sisters had to have their removed) and some dairy doesn’t seem to affect me. It has been a growing problem over the past year. I have never had heartburn in my life until a few months ago and it is a weird kind of heartburn, it feels like what I imagine a heart palpitation feels like. It’s hard to explain. I know I need to go see a doctor. But if I stay away from fat/dairy then I am fine. But I also find that if I eat a lot of sugar in the form of junk, like cake or something I get sick too. Although cakey type things usually contain dairy. Sigh, I just need to properly train myself to not eat fatty cheesy foods. I do well for a week or so, then have ice cream or pizza and pay the price. What’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result. That’s me.

But anywho. I am so geeked to go to Lake Placid next weekend! I need to hit the bike shop and pick up some extra tubes and CO2 and practice changing my tires before we go. My luck I will get a flat and I don’t want to be the person who can’t take care of my own bike. I also want to get a water bottle holder that goes behind my seat. I have 2 on my posts, but I use one bottle to hold my multi tool and Co2 supplies. So, that leaves me with one water bottle which is not enough on a 30+ mile ride. I am just counting down the days!


tracie said...

it for you to go to lake placid!!! we need to grab coffee after you get back so i can hear all about it! :)

triguyjt said...

crank hard in lake placid....
hope the tummy stuff settle down...

hope we stumble into you and tracie at one of the water stops.....

i'll scream "dead man walking" and you'll know its me..haha

someday tri said...

I know it's kind of the trendy thing lately, but have you looked into whether you might have an issue with gluten? I've read gluten and lactose intolerances are often linked, and symptoms can overlap. Just a thought -- I'm SO not a doctor :)

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