Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Look ma I can swim

Again my best laid plans are foiled by master’s swimming! I had a nice night last night. I got home and took the dogs for a 2.5 mile walk and thoroughly wore them out. Then I had a yummy PBJ and headed to Master’s swim. It was a tough workout, I did:
500 yds long
6 x 75 (kick, drill, swim by 25)
4 x 50 build witin
Main set
2 x 150 pull
1 x 300 free
2 x 150 pull
(I was supposed to do another set of the 1x300 but was running out of time so I skipped that and a 8 x75)
1 x 200 kick
1 x 200 EZ (I did breast)

It was supposed to be 3350, but I can’t do that many yards in 75 mins. So, my total was 2450. I was worn out afterwards, I feel like my swimming has really improved. But I still don’t have the stamina needed. I planned on getting up this morning for spinning or to lift weights, but I was so tired. I literally feel like someone ran over me the morning after master’s swim. I just don’t think the 8 hours of sleep in between is enough time to be ready for another workout since I get back from class at 9pm. Anyway, I was supposed to meet someone to bike tonight, but it looks like it is going to rain. If it does, I will bike on the trainer for 15 miles and do weights. I also need to wash both my dogs. So, it will be a busy evening. Tomorrow I am meeting Sara to run after work and then Tracie for a walk, so I think I will do a yoga DVD before work. Friday I am meeting Janet to lift and swim. I am hoping that will be my new Friday routine. So, I will swim long on Tuesday, short & fast on Friday and get another mid distance swim in on Sat or Sun. My goal is to do 4000-5000 yards a week, I don’t think I need more than that to be prepared for a HIM distance. Do you? My training plan only calls for like 2000-3000 yards a week, but since it’s my weakest sport I want to bump that up a bit.

And hey did you know they now make mini clif bars! They are my new fav snack. They are only 100 calories each, they are really tiny, but hit the spot when you want something sweet. I found a box of them at Target. Also, try the Zbars that Clif makes too. I get them at Target or Trader Joes, they have 120 calories. The brownie one tastes sooooo good. 2 thumbs up and no artificial grossness in any clif product. I have also been digging the Kashi frozen lunches. I've been having those most days. Sodium is the devil and all, but I try to limit it everywhere else. Besides the Kashi meals have between 400-500 grams of sodium; which is nothing in the world of frozen foods.


Dan Seifring said...

You have made great gains in your swimming Monica. Keep up the great work.

Not sure if you visit CK anymore but looks like one of our running buddies has decided to take up Tri's.

cdnhollywood said...

Regarding the swimming, you're better off doing a bit less distance in the pool and doing more work on shorter intervals and drill work. Of my 6000m per week of swimming, only 1500m or so is a long interval. Everything else is drill sets (usually 8 x 25), kick sets (8 x 25), and threshold/sprint intervals. All sprint intervals are no more than 50m, and all TI intervals are no more than 300m each.

Remember that for swimming, form is far more valuable than distance.

Keep it up! You're well on your way.

trishie said...

She knows, Dan ;)

Great swim Monica -- you've really come a long way since you started! I'm going on my first 'real' bike ride this weekend -- 65 min (followed by a 10 min run and a 25 min swim). Have a great Friday and love the pictures.

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