Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Up before the sun and on my way

My alarm goes off at 5am. Usually my eyes pop open a few minutes before and I lay there debating trying to sleep for 8 more mins or just getting up so my alarm doesn’t wake up Gary. Fonzie seems to be able to sense as soon as I open my eyes and immediately he is up, ears perked, breathing in my face, wondering if today is his day. Today, will he get to run? I peel myself out of my cozy king size bed and tiptoe past Harper’s room down our creaky wooden hallway and stairs. Down to the bathroom to pop in my contacts, brush my teeth and get dressed. Grab a banana and leash up the dogs and I am out in the pitch black of my neighborhood streets by 5:06. I walk the dogs down the street and back home to allow them time to go to the bathroom and to get my system up and running, get my blood pumping, shake off the sleep. Some days I then go to the pool, other days I run. Today was Fonzie’s lucky day b/c Tuesday is a running day. By 5:23 we were in the car driving the mile up the street to the CVS parking lot where we meet our friend Bruce. Most days we head over to the track and run laps trying our darndest to go fast enough to call it speed work. But some mornings like today we head North up Fairmount, turn on Richmond and run into the Beachwood park. As the sun starts to come up we are greeted by rabbits, deer and the occasional skunk! By 6:20 we are heading back into the CVS parking lot, 5 miles under our belts, exhausted Fonzie at my side, I am ready to start my day. I get home and usually Harper isn’t even awake yet. I have just enough time to make a shake and grab a shower before greeting her. There is no greater joy in the world than seeing the genuine smile on your child’s face when they see you first thing in the morning. Today I was met with a huge smile, and a book being eagerly jammed in my face. So, we sat down in the rocking chair and read Brown Bear, Brown Bear before the crazy morning get ready for work in 30 min routine set in. Usually I have her and I ready by 7 and we then take the dogs for a half mile walk and I drop her off at daycare around 7:30. I am at my desk by 8.

I made it through day 1 of my cleanse! It was a little tough. I craved sugar at least 2 or 3 times, but here is what I ate, for anyone curious: protein shake (hemp powder, almond milk, unsweetened PB), 2 slices whole grain toast with Earth Balance soy “butter”, banana, pear, 2 veggie burgers dipped in some olive oil salad dressing, carrots, a few mary’s gone crackers flaxseed crackers, popcorn, dinner – scallops w/corn on the cob and roasted potato/fries, peach. Not so bad right?


Nitsirk said...

Sounds a lot like my schedule. What kind of shake do you make? I am in a cereal rut and a shake seems like it would be something portable I can carry around the house while doing other stuff.

Organic Warrior said...

Holy crap-you do so much before I even get out of bed-you make me feel lazy. Not lazy enough to get up earlier, mind you! That first morning smile is the best. Or even when they're crying & see you come in and instantly stop.

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