Friday, October 15, 2010

Big Loser. I hope.

Bloggy friends I’m sure you are sick of reading this. I have made this declaration many a time in the past. But I am making it yet again. I have to lose some weight. Pronto. Before the holidays creep up. I had really hoped to get to the starting line of my marathon a slim, lean, running machine. When I started back at work full time in May I was 125lbs. I’m only 5’2 and this was honestly the lowest my weight has been in a long time and guess what…I was fast! And I felt and looked great. Seriously I had an amazing 10 miler and half marathon while I was weighing in at 124/125. Never in my life had I held a pace under 9mins at that distance and all of the sudden I could. Then I went back to work and then I started marathon training and the next thing I know I am back up to 131. 130-132 seems to be my natural weight. I don’t have to do much to stay there, but unfortunately I have to work hella hard to stay below it. I am so sad to see that I have managed to gain almost 10 lbs. And I can feel it. I feel gross b/c all my clothes are tight. I am sitting at my desk today with my stomach is just hanging over my jeans. I know some people are reading this and rolling their eyes b/c I am perfectly aware of the fact that I don’t look that bad and there are plenty of people who would be happy to be in my jeans. However, when you factor in that I run 30-40 miles a week it is really annoying. So, I am announcing it here. I weighed 132.7 lbs this morning and I fully intend to get down to 125 before the New Year, hopefully much sooner. Watch me. I am bound and determined and it’s going to take some serious work on my part. Here’s how I’m going to do it:
1. Stop JUST running. I have been awful about cross training lately, so I will make sure to hit the pool and my bike once a week
2. Ab work, I will do an ab routine off of exercise tv 2-3 times a week
3. No more junk miles, each run has a purpose and I forget this and run the same pace every time. I will run 4 days a week, one long, one tempo or speed, one hill repeat and one recovery.
4. Quit being a lazy vegetarian, I eat an endless stream of carbs and have gotten very lazy at making salads, etc for lunch
5. No snacks after dinner, I will “fast” for 12 hours, so if I eat dinner at 7pm, I can’t have breakfast until 7am
6. No more diet coke or splenda, I truly believe the fake sugars are way worse for you than the real stuff, yet I continuely let it back into my diet. For shame

I am always down with weight loss buddies, if anyone wants to join me on a 10 lbs pre holiday bust ass lose weight plan, just let me know. Every couple of days I will check in with my progress. I think I will make Monday my official weigh in days. I am hoping to get down to 130 pretty easily, that a few lbs are just bloat. I’d like to be 128 by Nov 7 for my first marathon and 125 by Dec 11 my second marathon. We’ll see! Then I start seriously training for my HIM and I really hope to see some changes in my body. Wish me luck.
ooohhhh and i'm totally getting that bike! yikes.


Organic Warrior said...

I'm such a lazy vegetarian lately! All carbs all the time is no good for anyone! I could stand to lose 5-6 pounds before the holidays as well. But I'm going on a mini vacation with my SIL & I don't want it to suck! So maybe when I get back I'll make a big effort to stop being a fatty!

Trisaratops said...


I am hoping to shed around 12-15 before May, so I'm definitely down for some accountability with you. I just bought a nice little journal so I could record everything. I need to eat totally clean (my sweet tooth is my tragic flaw) so let's email and keep each other on our toes, shall we? :)

KimZepp said...

Hmmm. I think I should join you in this journey. As of today my HIM was 6 weeks ago, and I am up 6 pounds! :( The whole week before the race I was right where I wanted to be. Amazing how quickly I gained it all back.

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