Sunday, February 27, 2011

Toddler mom running

This is my first winter having a toddler and trying to stay in a running routine. I am finding it next to impossible. The only solution is to get a treadmill I am saddened to say. Here is my dilemma, weekends aside, I can only run when it is dark out. My running choices are either 5:30am or 8pm. I have to run before Harper is awake, that is my rule. I only see her about 3 hours a day and I am not going to "waste" one of those hours running. This winter has been the iciest and coldest in a really long time and it just doesn't feel safe. Now I will admit I let myself get out of the running habit and wasted a few decent days, but for the most part, it just hasn't been possible. So, in our new house I will be getting a treadmill for sure, so next winter I will have to learn to use it, ugh. I never run on the treadmill, I hate it with a ridiculous passion. I will do an alternate exercise before I get on that hamster wheel. But I will learn, I have to. In the spring I will just take Harper with me and not feel bad b/c we can sing songs and talk and it's good for her to get some fresh air. Do any of you have the BOB weather shield? If so, at what temp do you think its safe to take them running?

I have only been running 1-2 times a week for well over a month which is not acceptable. However, I do have to say that my longs runs have been going really well. I had an awesome 10 miler with my hometown friend Twila last weekend. I visited KY with Harper to see my family. We had glorious weather, a taste of spring was much appreciated. But I am really sore after these long runs. My hamstrings especially, I can totally tell how much running strength I have lost. I just hope I have enough time to get it back before my races. I have a 10 miler in April, a half in May and a full in June.

I am heading out for a 12 miler this morning. Fonzie got skunked first thing this morning. Luckily it was just his snout, but our whole house stinks. Poor guy. I inhaled so much of it that I found myself dry heaving over the kitchen sink shortly after bathing him. Good times! Here are some lovely pics from our KY visit last weekend.


Clare said...

i have the weather shield...we go out above freezing...usually because i won't go out colder! i think she would be toasty in there even colder, but i wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

No baby advice from this girl, but I have a LOT of treadmill advice! (: I use mine on really icy or freezing days (or if I run after dark), and it's soooooo nice because I have no excuse! Nice to see you (in passing) today!

Twila said...

I feel your pain! The treadmill is my best friend so I think it is the way to go. Trashy TV and I can get in 45 mins to an hour most nights. Not the best way to train but a run is a run.

Organic Warrior said...

We just got my MIL's old treadmill. I have been on it exactly once. My son on the other hand is running almost nightly.

N.D. said...

I can't believe how big she is getting ! wow!!

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