Monday, March 14, 2011


It's March 14th people and do you know what that means? My offical marathon training starts TO-DAY! Wow, I do not feel a bit like I am capable of running a marathon in 3 months. I picked a 12 week plan b/c I thought I would have my normal base mileage already ramped up. BUt if you read my last 5 whining, bitching posts about how I am constantly sick and never run you can find out how my winter has gone.

So, today I start off my marathon training with 3 5 milers and a 10 miler. So 25 miles. After running 9 last week, 10 the week before, 0 the week before that and so on. Basically this is a recipe to get hurt, but I am hoping the cross training I did this winter will carry me through. We shall see!

Monday - Weights, 30 min. spin on bike
Tuesday - 5 miles (hill repeats), abs
Wed - plyometrics DVD
Thurs - 5 miles (tempo run), abs
Friday - Weights, 30 min. spin on bike
Saturday - 5 miles easy, abs
Sunday - 10 mile long run

This weekend my friend and I went to see the Roller Derby. It was pretty entertaining and its always nice to do something new. We matched a match of the Cleveland Steamers against the Hellbombers. I so rarely do things on the weekends, aside from running, that it always feels foreign. It was nice to get out and do something with another adult that doesn't require running 10 miles. I had a margarita and popcorn, it was lovely.


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