Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funk Soul Sister

Anyone still here? I haven't posted in awhile, mostly b/c my life has been one huge jumbled ball of stress and negative attitude and I don't like to post when I am in a funk. So what's "wrong"

1. Well our house went up for sale 2 Saturdays ago. And in the one week it was on the market, we had 1 realtor open house, 1 public open house, 5 showings and 2 offers. The 2 p

eople bid it out with 1 guy being the victor. Now that sounds like good news right!? Well of course I am not going to complain about my house selling so quickly. But it was very stressful to have to run home from work to show the house. It was hard keeping it clean and it was torture driving around with Harper and the dogs in the car. To make matters worse it rained all week.

2. So, now the house is "sold" and we have a contract. Well on the contract we wrote in some comments on the date that the guy could have the house and then he said he wouldn't sign. So, long story short we ran around like idiots all day looking at our "favorite" houses on our list and we didn't like them. So, we told the guy to tear the contract up and he changed his mind. But it was the most stressful day.

3. We still have to get through inspection and I have a 1920s house and we are worried that something may come up that will be costly or scare the guy away. So, our house is not sold yet.

4. But if our house IS sold, we have to be out by June 30th. And we have nowhere to go. We haven't liked any of the houses we've looked at and I am getting really nervous. We are looking at 6 houses today, I hope something is better in person than it is online. But I certainly don't want to settle. The bottom line is that I am really second guessing our decision to move and I kind of wish I could take it all back. But it's not possible at this point, so I am trying to stay positive and just move forward.

5. All the house stress has made me fall into bad behaviors with my eating. Way too much sugar, way too much food. I feel gross and bloated and tired.

6. Bad eating leads to bad exercise habits.

7. So all in all I am a total mess. At least I have been for about 3 weeks. My marathon training is just ridiculous. I am running 2-3 times a week. Although my long runs have been okay. I did a half marathon last weekend, not a PR by any means, but I was able to stay steady at around a 9:30 pace.

8. This is the end of my list of whining. Tomorrow I start my mary training "again". I have to do 16 miles. It will be great, I just know it, lol.

In other news, Harper is almost 2!


Audrey said...

Why don't you guys put the majority of your "stuff" into storage and get a month-to-month lease for an apartment? Apartment living isn't ideal, sure, but it would relieve some of the stress of finding a house NOW and give you some leeway for finding the perfect house. Where are you looking, by the way? Both of my neighbors will have houses on the market soon! And since I've got it on good authority the one we share a driveway with (which has an inground pool) is being foreclosed'll probably be fairly affordable for this neighborhood. We're only a few blocks from the schools! Mass transit across the street! GOOD NEIGHBORS!! ;)

StarFish said...

Glad to hear from you! When is the marathon, btw?

Anonymous said...

I'm still here! Glad you were bold on my Google Reader today!

I'm amazed that your house is already sold-ish. How fast things so when we're not 100% ready.

Ah, "the best laid plans of mice and men/go oft awry." Maybe Robert Burns was talking about marathon training and selling houses?

Terrie said...

I'm still here, and I totally agree with Audrey. A new house is not something you want to feel rushed into. I had a friend do this a few years ago. Her old house sold so she moved into an apartmnet (she found one that took pets, so you can too) and stayed there for probably four or five took her a couple months to find the perfect place and another month or two for the sellers to move out but she ended up with her dream house.

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