Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday procrastination

It's 5:56 am right now, I got up about 20 mins ago. I have 22 miles on the docket for today and only have company lined up for 10-12 of those miles. So. I am procrastinating. I will give myself until 6:20 then I MUST be on my way. My throat hurts and I don't wanna go! My goal is to only have 3-4 to do by myself after I meet my friend at 8 for the 10-12.

A few random notes:
  • * I did 20 miles last weekend with a friend. We kept our pace steady around 10:20 and it was a gorgeous, enjoyable run. I really think for South Bend since my training has been so spotty I am just going to run with this friend and not even worry about time. I will still finish in under 4:30. It won't be a PR, but I have not been training (aside from long runs) so I cannot complain.

  • * Today is day 3 of my cleanse. I didn't start on Monday like I was going to b/c I had the week from hell at work. BUt days 1 and 2 were not hard at all. There was even an amazing crepes buffet set up at work on Friday and I breezed on by it. Today we have a communion party and that will be tough, my plan is just to eat beforehand. I know they are having salad and veggies so I can load up my plate with those.
* Harper made me the most adorable card and little box with her picture on it that she painted at daycare. I about cried. I need to post pictures. That kid just gets more awesome all the time.

* I am so so so ready for all the house stuff to be done. Our home didn't appraise for what the guy offered to buy it for so now he wants some money off of our agreed upon price. It sucks though b/c we basically got screwed on the appraisal and they guy wrote that mold COULD form in our basement b/c we had water in our root cellar after about a month straight of rain and then it was a hot day so the walls were covered in condensation. We have never had mold or water damage. And the comparable properties he chose were not really comparable and they sold for less and sold months ago. The whole thing just stinks and I am ready to be done. We move on June 16th and I cannot wait!

* And this photo is of Harper and my monster cat. Harper has her on a diet of bananas (not really).


Anonymous said...

How did your run go? I only had 6 to run (ended up doing 7) and ran with my regular peeps one last time.

That pic is awesome. Ginormous cats are awesome.

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