Friday, November 18, 2011

Mic Check 1-2-1-2

Hello. Hello. Is this thing still on? It's been months since I blogged and I am contemplating coming back to it.

You see I lost my mojo for awhile. A lot has happened since I regularly blogged. We moved houses, but that didn't work out very well for us. We basically ended up buying a money pit and a lot has gone wrong. I was also not very happy in my work life. So, things were stressful at work, stressful at home and I let it derail me and get the best of me. However, I'm back, baby. And I think I may blog about it. I still have lots to do and many more races to conquer.

I am finishing up my last week at my current job and will soon be embarking on a new adventure. I have found my way into a work from home job and I cannot even believe it. I am super excited to get started and try my hand at a new career (sales!). Plus, the extra time at home is going to reinvent my workout life and give me more time with my daughter.

Today I "started over" for the millionth time in my life. I have put on about 6-8 lbs and look forward to getting them off. I recently bought a groupon for 6 weeks of unlimited bootcamp at BCOR. I am going to the Solon location. My alarm went off at 4:10am, groan, but I rolled out of bed ready to get back on the proverbial horse. The class started at 5am. It was a good workout. I am so out of shape. The trainer is good, the music was great and he kicked my butt. Nothing too out of the box, lots of lunges and squats and plyometrics. He essentially ran us through 2 different circuits and we did each one 4 times. The 45 mins flew by and I can totally feel that I am going to be sore with a capitol S tomorrow. But I miss that feeling and welcome it!

I have signed up for the Louisville marathon in April and will probably do the Wine Glass marathon in the fall. I want to do 2 others as well.

Hope all my bloggy friends are still out there and doing well!


Kirsten said...

It was a bright shiny suprise to see your blog in bold on my Google Reader today. Welcome back to Blogland!

What do you mean you'll "probably" do the Wine Glass marathon....we're doing it! I'm trying to convince my sister to run too.

BTW, I am doing the Salt Fork 10 Mile Trail Challenge on December 3, but I need to get some miles in on the 4, so I'm up for a running reunion.

And when I say "some," I'm pretty sure that means 20.

Tina said...

I missed you! Welcome back! Don't feel too bad, I gained 15 lbs. Over summer. The horse is eluding me so far...

Janet Edwards said...

Awesome...hope the new job is going well!!

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Ruby Cole-Eaton said...

Loved reading your blog and excited to see what races you do. It will be so much fun to stay in touch with you through your blog. My daughter is also considering doing the race in Louisville. Check out her blog as well when you get time I've also been given the opportunity to get back into the blogland and will be updating my own blog ''

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