Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big lady on the bike

I made it to spin class last night. Just barely. I left the house in plenty of time. Class was at 6;30 and I walked out my door at 6. I thought with the snow, it might take me awhile. Alas, I pulled into Legacy Village at 6:08 and was fretting about being so early. But it turns out it was a good thing b/c it took me 10 stinking mins to find a parking spot. It was awful. It didn't help that a snow plow had just plowed snow over several rows of spots. SO, finally I am rushing in the door to the gym around 6;20 and head to the locker room to change. I walk over to the spin room and YIKES all the bikes are taken and here I stand in my spandex padded shorts and bike cleats. I had forgotten to sign up. Yes, this gym is so popular you must sign up for spin class. I was so pissed. So I waddled up to the front desk and asked if there were by chance any spaces and left and was told no...but....there is a broken bike, you can ask the teacher if you can ride that. And I did and he let me. It was barely broken, the knob has just fallen off on the seat height adjuster. So, I got to spin. Woohoo, it would have stunk to have had to try and use some other cardio in my bikes shows, as I had no other shows but snow boots. Class was really good, really good. And I adored the teacher. In my mind I was saying to myself how I was going to come every Wed. Then at the end of class the teacher says he's having surgery and out for the next few months. Oh well. I guess he'll be back when I am back from the baby. It felt good to sweat and I hope the spinning isn't hurting my little bean in any way. I googled and found that a lot of people still did spin class when pregnant and hell I have seen accounts of plenty of gals doing marathons. So surely a 45 min spin class is okay.


triguyjt said...

so..let me get this right....all you need to get into class is "I'll ride the broken bike"

Jerry said...

I am an instructor in Hudson and last year there was a girl who came to class, with Doc approval, right into her 9th month. She even scheduled her C-section late on a Friday morning so she could come to class before...she did not get Doc approval for that. Baby and Mama are both fine!!

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