Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Snowy Weekend

Boy do we have a lot of snow here in Cleveland this weekend, there is over a foot out there for sure. Thank goodness we got a snow blower this year or hubby would be on his own shoveling for the most part! I was supposed to go out of town this weekend, but due to my little mistake on Tuesday, decided to forgo the trip, as the moolah to be gone just didn't make sense after the week we've had. So, I am taking advantage of having no plans, which is so rare for me. I can't stand to sit still, I am overly scheduled. This weekend = relax. Well, relax and some quality gym time. Friday night we watched a movie. Well I should say we tried to watch it, we didn't finish it, it was the latest Indiana Jones movie, we quit half way through. On Sat I got up pretty early and cleaned the house and then headed to the gym. I did 30 mins on the arc trainer, then 15 on the ET, and then ran 2 miles on the track. It felt good to work up a sweat and the running certainly wasn't comfortable, but I did it nonetheless. 10 laps is a mile and I allowed myself to walk 2 of those 20 laps. The pressure I feel when I run on my bladder/belly is just annoying. The rest of the day was resigned to lounging, other than a trip to the grocery store and making some veggie/boca crumble lasagna. Hubby painted the ceiling in our office.

This morning I got up and went to spinning class. The teacher was an annoying one I remember from my old gym, I was disappointed to see her. But she led a good class, her voice is just so darn annoying and she counts down for no reason. Like she'll just count backwards from 8, but then you don't change anything or go to another move. She just likes to count. But I kept the resistance high and really gave my legs a good workout. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum the rest of the week. When I got back I took the dogs across the street for a play date in my neighbors fenced in yard with her dogs. They had fun and are now sacked out next to me in bed. I need a nap. I'm finding I can only do 2-3 things now before i feel like I need a nap. I am a week away from my last trimester. Crazy. Carrying around this weight is getting hard. My back really aches. But I am now starting to see the baby move, which is just crazy. I love it.


allanjel said...


If you are speaking of the lady from the JCC I know who you're talking about...we had her last Sunday & the counting drove me nuts too!! We would be climbing and she would count down to 0 and we would just keep climbing ;)

Trishie said...

Stay warm there preggy lady! And great job getting to the gym and to spinning. :)

justjoshfunk1 said...

Good job on keeping up with the workouts! No wonder you have such an active baby in there. She's gonna come out doin' jumping jacks!

triguyjt said... least you are getting those workouts in...that says alot.... good job

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