Saturday, August 1, 2009

Coffee talk

You know I really don't miss sleeping in. I always was a bit of a morning person. But I love getting up at like 7 in the morning, Harper super happy b/c she just got up and sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee. Good times. This morning sitting on my porch we saw a deer in our front yard! Which is both cute but also sad b/c they are in town. Which is of course not good for the deer. But boy were my dogs confused.

Last night Harper slept from 8ish to 6 am! I call that sleeping through the night. Okay, when I got back from a party (pure romance party, oh sheesh, I just got shaving cream!) at 10, I fed her, but she never woke up it was a dream feed. But even 10 to 6 is great. She had a big couple of days. On Thurs we took her to her first movie! I had been wanting to do this, I figured if I saw something a few weeks old during the day no one would be there, so what would it matter. We went to see the Orphan and there were only like 2 other people in there. She didn't make a peep and she also didn't go to sleep, which I thought she would. She just stared at the screen mesmerized. I guess I will pick funny movies from now on, certainly didn't mean for her to watch a stupid scary movie. Yesterday we took her to the farmer's market and for the first time pointed outwards in her baby bjorn. She had so much to see and loved it. One of the guys working the stand gave her a mini banana and she just sucked on it and seemed so impressed with herself, also gave her a piece of mango to gum on. She's getting so big.

My mom has been in town since Tuesday, she leaves today. It was great having a visit with her. But also great b/c I got to take 2 really great runs. I ran on Wed and Fri. Like I said I am going to run every other day. Wed I had a great 5.3 mile run right after it stopped raining, perfect weather. I didn't have my garmin b/c the battery had died and it turns out I ran way faster without it! I finished the 5.3 at about a 10:00 pace and that is with stopping at stop lights. So I was pleased with that. On Friday I took Fonzie with me and he ran 3 whole miles with me. Running with a dog is great, but you do have to stop for them to pee sometimes. I find I run really fast with Fonzie, about a 9 min pace, but that we take a few walk breaks, that's okay I'll call it interval training. Then when I got home I took old man Mushi out for his own run, but only .5 miles. But he did really good. I haven't ran with him in a long time b/c he only sprints, but he stayed with me pretty well. I really need to start taking Fonzie for at least a mile a few times a week. He really enjoys it. Tomorrow I am doing 13 miles. I am looking forward to it, my feet still hurt, but it is manageable.


Trishie said...

sounds like things are going well :) fonzi is such a cutie !

justjoshfunk1 said...

Wow. Harpers already drinking coffee?


Angela and David Kidd said...

I am too scared to see the Orphan and Harper's already seen it. I'm a wimp.

And that is sleeping through the night! Hope it continues to last.

Natalie D said...

that is a great sleep! sitting on the porch in the morning sounds delightful!

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