Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to get serious

About weight loss that is. I did really well in June, but kind of fell off in July. I was down to the low 140s at the end of July, but have managed to gain a few lbs back. I really want to be back into the 130s asap, I have high hopes it will help my running improve. Ultimately I need to hit 125, but I know that will probably not happen again until I wean Harper. Anywho. Starting today I am going to write down everything I eat. I am going to do that through August, if it doesn't help, well then I will have to go to online food logging and calorie counting, which I loathe. So, hopefully just writing it in a notebook and being more mindful will help. Also, putting my weight here in numbers I think will help, shame me into getting back down, LOL. No offense to anyone who sees my weight and rolls their eyes and wants to tell me to shove it. I have clothes that fit me from 125-133ish, not for 146! So, wish me luck. I have a wedding to go to on Aug 29th that will have a lot of high school friends at it. I really hope to be 140 by then. You might think 6 lbs is a lot to lose by then, but my weight has been fluctuating from 143-146 for a week, so it could just be 3 lbs to lose and some bloat.

As I said my runs are still a struggle. I get through them, I get my miles in, but I am having very few runs that I define as a good run. A good run to me is not necessarily fast (a relative term at this point) it's a run that I can get through and feel strong and like I could keep going when I am done. That happens maybe once a week for me. And I am blessed with the best summer running weather ever! I think a few things factor into this, 1 is my weight and 2 is that up until this post pregnancy running, I never ran alone. I always met friends, I always chatted my way through runs. Now I only run with someone once a week (my long runs) and I have nothing to do but be alone with my head and for some reason my head tells me that I should walk a lot on my runs. Grrr. I make it through my long runs without walking and yet I can't get through a 4-5 miler without walking. I seem to go out to fast, crash, walk a little, then run again. Oh well it is what it is. I told myself today that I am giving myself until 139 to still do these little walk breaks, then I am going to really concentrate on pushing myself. My feet...well that's just a whole different story. I basically hobble around, but it's manageable pain at this point.
Still haven't gotten on my bike, my mom was here last week and I never got around to it. soon, soon.
Harper is doing awesome. She is so so chatty. I love just sitting and "talking" to her. I wish she could stay this size forever.


Twila and Scott said...

I gained 43 pounds while I was pregnant. I only lost like 10-15 without trying. I swear my weight watchers because it holds you accountable. I also was in a group with some friends (one we did on our own without paying) and we posted everyday.

So you had to own what you ate everyday plus weigh in once a week. I was able to get down to 118, 2 lbs from pre-pregnancy.

However, since stopping weight watcher and starting running I am up to like 122. (I know you want to slap me right now)

SO I am going to start weight watchers when school starts back! Good luck with everything. It is much harder to keep off weight after baby for some reason.

justjoshfunk1 said...

Good luck with you're new plan, though I think you look beautiful no matter what. That's a nice picture of you - good color in your face! Smoochies!

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